Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 609 A Shadowed Defeat [4]

Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 609 A Shadowed Defeat [4]

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LiuYue looked at the scene. This enthusiastic atmosphere really led to some emotion.

On that day when she won first place in HuoJin kingdom, that scene was already very big but with today’s spectacle, it paled into insignificance by comparison. It was not comparable.

Such a wild atmosphere can excite anyone.

She swept her eyes over the circle below on the field of the competition. More than thirty miles of mountain wall paths and they were back in less than one incense stick’s time.

The speed and power of the horses were amazing.

Xianbei’s strength was already self-evident.

“Regent, you are also interested in giving us a show?” As she was looking at the warriors below and recalling the past, the Xiongkuo Chief next to her suddenly smiled.

LiuYue came to and realized the Chief was misunderstanding the reason behind her looking down at the arena. She immediately smiled and shook her head, “Benwang can…”

“Really?! I have long heard that Beimu Regent has extraordinary skills. Show some off for us today and give us a feast for our eyes.” LiuYue’s words weren’t finished when Xiongkuo Chief and the three Great Chiefs suddenly shouted.

“Good, good.” The clamor was heard by the other Chiefs from a distance. They too suddenly shouted.

The noise immediately attracted everyone’s eyes over to the high platform.

LiuYue smiled and said, “Today is the time for Xianbei seventeen clans’ warriors to show off their skills. Benwang is a guest. How can Benwang join the liveliness?”

At this point, she smiled and spoke to the silent Ouyang Yufei behind her, “However, Benwang cannot disappoint everyone’s excitement. Benwang doesn’t have many skills. The next round of the competition is accuracy. My subordinate’s accuracy skills are passable. I will let everyone see a joke.” She turned to Ouyang Yufei and lightly nodded.

Xiongkuo Chief and the others paused for a bit then agreed.

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