Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 610 A Shadowed Defeat [5]

Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 610 A Shadowed Defeat [5]

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Beimu Regent was not someone who would perform cheap tricks for them. Letting her subordinate execute would not be belittling them and acceptable.

Ouyang Yufei had been leisurely sipping alcohol on the side. He was admiring the fast horses and sharp arrows with excitement.

At this time, he heard LiuYue’s words and his eyes smiled. His lowered voice entered LiuYue’s ears, “You think I’m a performing monkey?”

LiuYue’s mouth secretly hooked up. But there was not a hint of suspicious behavior on her face. She quickly stood up, “Yes.”

She saw a dish of shelled peanuts on the table in front of Ouyang Yufei. He waved his hand and thirty or forty peanuts were sprinkled in mid-air.

Slowly putting down the dish in his hand, Ouyang Yufei lightly moved his hand again. The peanuts in his hand shot after the previously scattered peanuts.

“Peng, peng, peng.” These small minor collision sounds were inaudible among the tens of thousands of people.

Fine powder started to fall from the air.

The peanuts which had been thrown haphazardly by Ouyang Yufei and the latter peanuts which he shot afterwards collided in mid-air.

Two strong forces collided. The peanuts instantly shattered and fell onto the ground.

On the high platform, someone immediately bent down to look for peanut remnants. But he could not find a whole peanut. He only found that the ground was filled with crushed peanuts.

Two forces collided and neither one was weak.

The noises of the competition were loud but the whole platform was silent.

The seventeen Chiefs knew how much strength and power were behind Ouyang Yufei’s seemingly random fling and collision.

Hitting one or two peanuts was not difficult. What was difficult was to accurately hit all the peanuts and not one less. It required accuracy and penetrating force.

Ouyang Yufei smiled. He wasn’t arrogant and respectfully bowed to LiuYue before he sat down.

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