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DOTA Madness Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Counter Attack

Old Li’s words gave Zhao Dingguo a general understanding of the division of the BG platform strength.

Undoubtedly, the highest-level nameplate should be Dusk. The strength of this level of users, Zhao Dingguo didn’t know, but he knew it must be very scary. As for Old Li , he got Dawn nameplate not long ago, so his AP should be roughly 800-900!

Zhao Dingguo scored 684 points in the first Regular Match, it seemed that the gap with Old Li was not as big as he thought.

Old Li himself admitted that this is the case.

“I almost never played DOTA before joining the BG platform. After the first Regular Match, the initial AP was less than 500. Later, I played a little bit more, but I still had to experience three Death Matches! With your initial AP, plus your luck is better than me, maybe only after four or five Regular Matches you can break through 800 AP standard!”

The “luck” he said, naturally meant that he has dialed Zhao Dingguo.

When Old Li started, no one told him about the BG platform, he mainly relied on his own exploration. Some secrets, such as choosing the soul of the hero, he only learned after he had Dawn nameplate, from an expert who had some relationship with him. Now, Zhao Dingguo learned about this with just 200 WP, it’s undoubtedly enviable in Old Li’s view.

In this regard, Zhao Dingguo was also thanking Old Li for his care.

“Forget it for now, we must focus on killing the opposite heroes!”

Old Li was a little bit uninterested, waved his hand and pulled the topic back to the team battle.

Since the previous battle, the waves of crep has now automatically advanced to the first bot tower of Scourge. Zhao Dingguo and Old Li certainly got the chance to destroy it, but it also made Vengeful Spirit and Sniper much safer. Unless Zhao Dingguo and Old Li dare to rush past the tower, otherwise it’s difficult to find a chance!

Old Li looked at the two Scourge heroes who were afraid to come out from the tower and frowned. “First let them be free for a while, go, sneak out from our jungle to gank the middle lane!”

“Got it!”

Zhao Dingguo did not say much, and quietly followed Old Li.

Although his own AP may only be 200 points lower than Old Li, Zhao Dingguo knew very well that Old Li’s experience was far more abundant than him. When it came to the grasp of the battle’s situation, he was still a lot worse. Therefore, Zhao Dingguo was more concerned with the mentality of learning, and he has written down the solutions and ideas that Old Li said when he encountered difficulties.

This was another good habit of Zhao Dingguo.

Know how to communicate with teammates, and know how to learn the strengths of others at any time, such people would grow up as long as they could survive!

Because Zhao Dingguo and Old Li started from their own jungle and sneaked through the river to the middle lane, the two Scourge heroes on the bot lane did not know where they were going. Although they were somewhat puzzled by the disappearance of Old Li and Zhao Dingguo, they did not expect that the two would roaming, which directly led to the tragedy of the heroes of the Scourge in the middle lane!

As a long-range hero with defensive skill, Viper was still quite strong on line. It’s for this reason that Zeus, who was more fregile, could be slightly pressed. Although the situation in the middle lane has been a stalemate, Viper still has some advantages. In this way, it’s not impossible to find an opportunity to kill Zeus once. However, the arrival of Old Li and Zhao Dingguo completely shattered his fantasy!

“Zeus, go!”

Seeing that they could attack the Viper at any time, Zhao Dingguo quickly reminded Zeus through the nameplate.

“Roger that!”

At this time, Zeus also saw two heroes rushing out from the shadow of the river, and could not help but feel the spirit raising. Although having not much mana left, he still rushed up in time and gave Viper a Lightning Bolt!

Although his Lightning Bolt skill was only level 3, the damage has been as high as 275 points. Even if deducted by magic resistance, the damage done was still considerably good. Viper was shocked by the radical action of Zeus. In his thought, Zeus only had enough mana for one skill at most. At this time, he rushed up, it’s certainly suicide!

Is it…?

Vaguely aware of the unfavorable situation, Viper glanced at the back, and what he saw naturally scared him badly: Two Sentinel heroes were rushing toward him.

One on three, and it is very likely that there is a veteran user. I have to run!

Not far behind me was a tower of Scourge. As long as I run, there may be a chance to escape.

With such thoughts, Viper fled quickly. It’s a pity that Old Li’s Centaur Warchief was faster than he expected. After activated Phase, Centaur Warchief arrived first.

Hoof Stomp!

Being hit by this skill, Viper was stunned right on the spot, and Zhao Dingguo, who came over later, also made up a Curse of the Silent in time, and easily gained an Assist. Needless to say, Old Li did not even use Double Edge, but directly relied on the ordinary attack of three heroes to kill Viper.

The only price paid is that Old Li was hit twice by a tower, and nothing more.

For a Strength hero with a Stout Shield to resist damage and a Bracer to increase HP, two or three attack from towers was not that hurt. What’s more, Centaur Warchief’s ultimate passively increased Strength by 15 points, which undoubtedly made him super tough!

After killing several heroes of Scourge, the situation of Sentinel was relatively better. Zeus decided to go back to the base to replenish mana, then TP to the bot lane. Zhao Dingguo and Old Li also quietly came back from the river.

This time, they ambushed Vengeful Spirit and Sniper with three people!

When Zhao Dingguo and Old Li just went to the middle lane, the two Scourge heroes were still worried. Although they couldn’t see anyone on the line, they thought Old Li was still there, waiting for ambush them, so they didn’t come out. After Viper was killed, the two of them were cursed through the nameplate, they determined that enemies had left. Although being cursed by a companion was very uncomfortable, but they sighed with relief.

Finally, they could safely farm money.

Under the lax, the two men’s tight nerves relaxed a lot. They did not expect that Zhao Dingguo and Old Li quickly made a counter attack from the middle lane, the goal was still both of them!

Moreover, this time they had the cooperation of Zeus!

After killing Viper, Zeus’s level has risen to 7. His Lightning Bolt skill also rose to level 4, with 350 damage. Coupled with Arc Lightning, and the cooperation of Old Li and Zhao Dingguo, killing two Scourge heroes was a piece of cake!

The unlucky Sniper died again in the hand of Old Li.

Centaur Warchief is Dominating!

It can be said that the previously envisioned plan has been achieved. Both Scourge heroes have been killed three times, and the bot lane of the Scourge has been crushed. With the advantage in level, if Vengeful Spirit and Sniperdare to show up, Old Li could kill them by himself!

The next step was to take down the tower of their way!

There were three heroes here, and two Scourge heroes didn’t defend, thus the advancement was almost unstoppable. However, the situation on bot lane was exactly the same as the top lane of the Sentinel, only reversed. The rookie was killed for the third time under the tower, and the Sentinel top tower was destroyed!

The Sentinel’s first top tower became the first defensive tower to be destroyed in the match!

“It’s no way, the opposite is too strong. I have been hiding under the tower, yet I was still killed! Whoever loves to go can go. Anyway, I won’t go to the top lane!”

Because the level was very low, the newcomer was resurrected very quickly. However, after appeared in the Fountain, he complained about the situation and would not go on the top lane anymore, no matter what his companion said. Instead, he came to bot lane, intending to follow the three people to secure his head. It’s obviously that his morale was completely collapsed.

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