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DOTA Madness Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Confrontation Between Two Carry

“If we don’t do something, the second tower on the top lane may soon be…”

The action of the rookie made Zhao Dingguo slightly frown.

But he also knew that the Scourge top lane should have a veteran user like Old Li. It’s not realistic to expect the rookie to go when he knew that he is going to be killed. Moreover, this was a real DOTA game

Even if you knew that you can be resurrected, the real feeling of being killed was still very uncomfortable.

“It doesn’t matter, let him come over!” Old Li was a little addicted, and his brow stretched out: “Even if he defended the top lane, it will only be a little delay, but the opponent will have another kill. On the other hand, if the four of us work together to push, the speed may not be slower than the top lane!”

The development of the war situation was similar to the analysis of Old Li.

The time from Scourge destroyed Sentinel tower had not passed two minutes, heroes of Sentinel also destroyed the first tower of Scourge.

With the money from destroying the tower and the previous Assists, Zhao Dingguo successfully made Power Treads, then purchased a Headdress of Rejuvenation with the Animal Courier. This equipment had an aura that could increase HP regeneration. However, its more important role is to make Mekansm, the team equipment that could instantly restore 250 HP of units around the user.

With this piece of equipment, playing a team battle was always easier.

“Continue to push to the second tower?”

Zeus looked at the wave of creep and felt that it was not bad. So he proposed to Zhao Dingguo and Old Li – in fact, he mainly looked at Old Li. After all, the strength and experience of Old Li among the five Sentinel heroes were ranked first.

Old Li nodded and said: “Why don’t? Push! We just want to break them down!”

Under his steadfastness, Sentinel heroes began to approach the middle tower of the Scourge!

Vengeful Spirit and Sniper, who have been slain many times, were not willing to come to defend. They chose to go to the middle lane to farm. In desperation, Viper, who was going to farm on the top lane, had to go to the second tower and prepare to participate in the defense.

It’s a pity that his placement was not very good. He appeared in front of the second tower after the transfer.

This location was only three steps from the Centaur Warchief!

“There are so many people?”

After landing, Viper saw the situation nearby, and he could not help but terrified. Being sieged by four heroes, he had no chance to escape. Even it’s under his own defensive tower, it didn’t play any role!

This time, the head was taken by Zeus.

His Lightning Bolt had high damage, and the cast distance was also far. Just need to raise a hand and released a skill, the money easily fell into his pocket.

From the killing record of both sides, Sentinel has far surpassed Scourge.

Without the defense of heroes, the second tower was nothing more than a paper tiger. After the two waves of treant who served as cannon fodder, the second tower of the bot lane also collapsed. The road to the Scourge’s high ground became clear!

“Continue to push!”

Under Old Li’s command, Zhao Dingguo did not leave after they succeeded but prepared to directly púh to the high ground.

At this time, the Scourge veteran who was still struggling with the Sentinel’s second tower was finally unable to withstand it.

Honestly, his strategy was very similar to Old Li: completely crush a lane when facing a newbie opponent. However, the effect he achieved was not as good as the Sentinel. It’s mainly because on his side, the heroes each occupied a lane, didn’t bother to the others. On the other side, under the leadership of Old Li, not only Scourge was continuously defeated the bot lane, and but the middle lane also had a breakthrough!

The current situation was that the durability of the Sentinel’s second top tower was only less than a quarter. It’s a pity to give up. However, the four heroes of the Sentinels have already pushed to their high ground. Even worse, the two idiots in the middle lane were still farming, didn’t have even the slightest intention to return and defend. Viper who just resurrected was far behind and did not dare to go up. If he and his companion did not immediately return, even if he took off this tower, his own highland tower will be broken!

Exchanging a second tower for a highland tower, the Sentinel was naturally making a big profit.

“Damn it!”

The Scourge veteran also got the Dawn nameplate, he just hesitated for a moment and decided to give up to push. He stepped back a few steps and quickly went to a safe place, then directly TP to his own high ground. At the same time, he also called the two idiots through the nameplate.

“We’re coming!”

Hearing the carry called, Vengeful Spirit and Sniper hurriedly cleaned the wave of creep and began to turn around and go home.

However, neither of them had TP. The distance from the middle lane to the top lane was not far, but it still took time to arrive. Taking advantage of this gap, Zhao Dingguo and three others have already started to attack the high ground of the Scourge!

Aside from the two rookies, there were only five real participants on both sides!

On the Sentinel side, it’s Old Li’s Centaur Warchief, Zeus and Zhao Dingguo.

On the side of the Scourge, it’s Viper, and the veteran BG user, the hero soul he summoned was Terrorblade – The Soul Keeper!

This was the first confrontation between the two side’s carry since the beginning of the Death Match!

Soul Keeper was an Agility late hero. This hero could be very powerful in the later stage. Not only did he have an AoE slow skill, but he was also able to transform into a demon that could attack remotely while creating several illusions. As for his ultimate, it’s extremely powerful: instantly exchange the percentage of HP of the other party and his own!

Thinking about it, when you threw all the skills to him, made him almost dead, he just used one skill and then you found his HP was full, while you’re the one who’s almost dead…

This was a skill that’s enough to reverse the situation in an instant!

Of course, such a hero was not without its shortcomings. First, he’s relatively fragile, being easy to be killed by several skills together, before even having a chance to exchange HP. The second one was even simpler. Using a few CC skills like Silence, which always kept him from using his ultimate!

On the Sentinel side, Hoof Stomp of the Centaur Warchief was undoubtedly a powerful control. Zhao Dingguo’s Global Silence was also one. The three-second full map silence could definitely make the Soul Keeper unable to release any skills!

However, as a veteran, of course, the Soul Keeper was also clear his own shortcomings. So, the key was still how to take the initiative!

Under the leadership of Old Li, the Sentinel side did not have too much temptation, directly rushed up with the accompany a wave of creep. They wanted to end the battle before Vengeful Spirit and Sniper arrived because the two also had CC skills. And even if they’re just cannon fodders, they could always help to block some damage. In that case, the Sentinel would have a hard time.

“Should we fight?”

Viper was worried. Although he was also not a rookie, he wasn’t a good player. The initial equipment he brought in is only a Boots of Speed and a Wraith Band. Compared with the four pieces of equipment of Old Li, it’s too much difference!

“Try to delay for a while!”

Soul Keeper certainly knew Sentinel’s intention to do a quick battle. Therefore, he released his first skill Reflection. This skill could create a dark reflection behind the enemy in a certain range ahead, which not only slowed down the speed but also caused certain damage.

However, he obviously underestimated the determination of the Sentinel and the speed of the Phase Boots that Old Li equipped!

The decelerated Centaur Warchief was still rushing to him, and the goal of the Sentinel was obvious, that is, to kill the Soul Keeper. Without this carry, Scourge couldn’t stop their attack!

Of course, Viper also realized this. He naturally would not let his carry to be killed. So he directly opened his first skill Poison Attack. In addition to DoT poison damage, this orb-effect could reduce the target’s movement by up to 40%. The speed of the old Li, who had activated Phase, was immediately reduced. As soon as he saw the Soul Keeper, the distance was once again widened!

For a melee power hero, being unable to get close to the opponent means that being unable to attack!

This situation was not what Zhao Dingguo’s Silencer and Zeus hope to see!

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