DOTA Madness Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Both Sides Have Hidden Cards

They must make Viper stop his Poison Attack!

Realizing this, Zeus took the lead, casted Lightning Bolt directly on Viper. Feeling that his HP was suddenly fallen, Viper subconsciously stepped back two steps, but then came up again!

He knew that as long as he retreated, Soul Keeper would be in danger. On the contrary, the other party was fighting on their own high ground. As long as this wave of cannon fodder, who absorbed the firepower of the tower, all died, follow up by Vengeful Spirit and Sniper’s returning, they would be able to keep the high ground, even the anti-kill!

“Silencer, ultimate!”

Old Li, who has been so deeply isolated, knows that the situation was wrong, called Zhao Dingguo through nameplate communication function.

To be honest, he did not want to let Zhao Dingguo used the ultimate so early. The original plan was that he rushed to stun Soul Keeper, and then use Global Silence to ensure that the other party could not use the ultimate. But now, he couldn’t Soul Keeper, thus it’s useless to keep Global Silence!

By his urging, Zhao Dingguo immediately activated his ultimate skill!

An invisible aura radiated from his body and instantly spreaded across the map. At that moment, the surrounding killing sounds, the sound of the wind blowing… all disappeared, quietly as if they were in the silent room of the real world!

Viper’s orb effect attack was also an active skill, so it’s also affected.

Three seconds was not long, but just enough for Old Li to catch up with Soul Keeper. He released Hoof Stomp at an extreme distance, just stunned Soul Keeper in place.

Double Edge!

Old Li did not hesitate to throw out his second skill, and then began to use ordinary attacks, and shouted: “Zeus, use your ultimate!”

He knew that this two seconds of Stun was the best time to kill Soul Keeper. If they missed this chance, Soul Keeper could turn the table with his own ultimate!

Of course, Zeus also knew this, so he did not hesitate to launch his ultimate Thundergod’s Wrath. The five Scourge heroes, no matter where they were, have been hit by a huge lightning column on their heads. Later, he raised his hand and threw an Arc Lightning. Although the initial target was not Soul Keeper, the arc lightning could jump, and the damage did not decrease. After hitting several ghoul soldiers in succession, it finally jumped to Soul Keeper!

Zhao Dingguo also threw a Curse of the Silent, and then started his own orb effect skill Glaives of Wisdom, and fully focused on Soul Keeper!

Glaives of Wisdom was the main damge output of Silencer in the late stage. It could deal additional damage based on his Intelligence in the normal attacks. combined with the skill Last Word which could can steal Intelligence of any enemy hero that died around Silencer, this skill was quite scary. However, with the current Intelligence of Zhao Dingguo, the damage of this orb effect could only be said to be ‘better than nothing’!

In the short two seconds, the damage dealt by three of them was close to a thousand points!

In the normal situation, Soul Keeper, who was only level 8, was far from being able to withstand this damage. But the main difference of Death Match was that players could bring their own abilities in. Soul Keeper may have a few pieces of equipment to increase HP. Anyway, after a round of skill, they could not kill him!

The situation on the high ground seemed to be stagnant for a moment.

The next second, Old Li, Zhao Dingguo, and Soul Keeper all showed their smiles.

The hero of Sentinel laughed because eventhough Soul Keeper did not die, but the halo that represented his HP also became black, which meant one normal attack was enough to end his life. At this moment, the horseshoe of the Centaur Warchieft has been lifted up. Even if Zhao Dingguo’s Global Silence was over, it’s too late for him to use any skill!

However, Soul Keeper who knew that he were facing a crisis also laughed.

His expression made Zhao Dingguo instinctively feel a little uneasy, but immediately he understood where the confidence of Soul Keeper came from. A strangle light flashed on his body, then his HP was instantly restored. Zhao Dingguo estimated that it’s at least 200 points! And it’s definitely not the effect of Mekansm!

Despite his doubts, Zhao Dingguo realized that this 200 HP could change the situation. Old Li certainly realized this, but his knowledge was more than Zhao Dingguo. After the horror in his heart passed, he immediately reacted. Unfortunately, he can’t do much at this time.

Soul Keeper, who finally could use his skills again, activated his ultimate: Sunder!

The effect of this skill was to instantly exchange the percentage of life on both sides, but the target hero retained at least 33% of his HP. Old Li, who had roughly 80% of his HP, immediately fell into one-third. The almost dying Soul Keeper’s HP has skyrocketed a lot, his HP halo roughly restored to green!

“Magic Wand? I didn’t expect you to have this thing!”

Although the situation has changed drastically, Old Li’s face still remained normal. Seeing that Soul Keeper was smiling, he talked casually.

“There are so many things you didn’t expect!”

Soul Keeper laughed and instantly activated Metamorphosis.

At this moment, he was covered in a black mist. Subsequently, the hero soul that had been attached to him changed greatly, forming a demon, and there were two more identical illusions appeared!

This was the strongest form of Soul Keeper!

Facing three demons standing side by side, Zhao Dingguo could not help but panic.

The situation was now very unfavorable to Sentinel, and Vengeful Spirit and Sniper were about to arrive, and may join the battlefield at any time.

If we continue to fight, I am afraid…

However, Old Li’s reaction was beyond his expectations.

Not only did he not retreat, but he went up more firmly! At the same time, his body has a translucent defensive shield with six ring-shaped mysterious magic runes!

This is…?

Zhao Dingguo shocked for a while, he was surprised to find that this shield was Abaddon’s Aphotic Shield!

It turned out that in Death Match, after summoning hero’s sould, players could also bring in other skills they have!

In DOTA, there were more than 100 heroes, it meant there were more than 400 skills. With so many skills combined, it’s a headache to think about the variety of possible types!

This would undoubtedly bring more variables to the Death Match!

“Aphotic Shield!”

Soul Keeper was a veteran BG user. At one glance, he called the origin of this skill, and Zhao Dingguo has a little self-satisfaction with his good memory.

Aphotic Shield: Summons dark energies around an ally unit, creating a shield that absorbs a set amount of damage before expiring. When the shield is destroyed it will burst and deal damage equal to the amount it could absorb to an area around it. Removes certain types of negative buffs and stuns on cast.

This skill was very useful, and absorbing damage was roughly equivalent to adding HP to yourself. The inferior heroes who were originally disparate in HP could gradually pull back to the balance of power. Soul Keeper’s attacks quickly broke the shield, and he was immediately hurt by the damage of his own output. Moreover, during this small period of time when he attacked Old Li, Old Li’s HP did not decrease.

This undoubtedly won the most precious time for Old Li.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhao Dingguo and Zeus were also desperately attacking. Especially Zeus, he once again released Arc Lightning, this skill’s cooldown was very short. After jumping one by one, the three Soul Keeper suddenly appeared different. Because the illusion was far more fragile than the real body. Therefore, with this skill, Zeus directly distinguishes the illusion and the real body of Soul Keeper!

At this time, his Lightning Bolt has also cooled down.

This time, he did not hesitate and directly threw the second Lightning Bolt on Soul Keeper. Unfortunately, he had no initial equipment. After putting a whole round of skills, his mana was exhausted. Under such an attack, the HP of Soul Keeper once again dropped to a dangerous level.

At this time, Centaur Warchief finally waited for his own skills cooling down!

The expression of Soul Keeper has finally changed.

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