DOTA Madness Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Magic Wand Is A Good Thing!

A Power Treads (Strength), and a Planeswalker’s Cloak were the two most important pieces of equipment brought in by Soul Keeper.

Power Treads (Strength), in addition to increasing the speed of movement and attack speed, also added an additional 8 points of Strength. In DOTA, the Strength attribute was directly linked to the HP value. Coupled with the magic resistance of the Planeswalker’s Cloak, Soul Keeper could barely resist a full round of Sentinel’s output damage!

As for Magic Wand with 15 charges, he kept it as the hidden trump card.

Before the high-ground battle, he estimated the damage of Sentinel in his heart. The result of his calculation was that he should be able to bear a round of damge, and then activated Sunder to anti-kill one person. However, he has not counted that Old Li also has his own hidden trump card, which was a skill!

In the BG space, it’s not difficult to get some basic equipment, but it’s not easy to get a skill.

Soul Keeper obviously did not expect that Old Li had also hidden a trick in his sheeves. This sudden emergence of Aphotic Shield, made him a mistake in the damage calculation. In addition, Old Li’s Centaur Warchieft was slightly tougher than he expected. The direct consequence was that he thought he could quickly kill the Centaur Warchieft, but the fight was dragged to the point Sentinel could release the second round of skills!

Double Edge!

Because it has already been raised to level 4, Double Edge has caused 400 damage to Old Li and Soul Keeper at the same time! Although Old Li himself only had a little bit HP left, which was far from enough to bear 400 self-injury damage, Double Edge also has the advantage that when the user’s HP was insufficient, it would be forced to drop to 1 point, but the skill could still be released!

It’s equivalent to Old Li used more than 100 HP to directly exchange with Soul Keeper’s 400 HP!

The real HP loss was deducted by magic resistance, but for Soul Keeper, this damage was enough to kill him again. Although right after that, the two illusions next to him also immediately killed Old Li who had only 1 HP left, the originally advantageous situation was turned by Old Li, Soul Keeper would undoubtedly feel unacceptable!

However, no matter how dissatisfied, he could only wait for resurrection.

The core carry of both sides were mutual killed, which was unacceptable for both Sentinel and Scourge. Without the commandship of Old Li, Zhao Dingguo and Zeus looked at each other and considered retreat.

However, this time Vengeful Spirit and Sniper have joined the battle!

Because of the damage of Viper, the remaining HP of Zeus was not too high. Seeing the opportunity, Vengeful Spirit rushed straight up and threw a Magic Missile at him. At the same time, Viper also turned back and intended to release his ultimate to get rid of this enemy!

Zeus, who was caught in the fire, quickly lost HP, and likely unable to run away.

Realizing this, Zeus also gave up escaping, turned and fought with Viper – he alone certainly couldn’t beat Viper, because Viper had the passive skill Nethertoxin: the lower the target’s health was, the more damage it dealt. However, with Zhao Dingguo’s Silencer next to him, it’s a different case.

Curse of the Silent!

After eating an ultimate of Zeus, plus a Lightning Bolt and two Arc Lightnings, the HP of Viper has actually fallen low. Zeus desperate resisted with Zhao Dingguo’s help, so he successfully killed Zeus, but he himself was killed by Zhao Dingguo!

After a high ground battle, the final result turned out to be each side lost two heroes!

As the senior users of the two camps all died, the team battle would naturally come to an end. Zhao Dingguo and the newcomer who absorbed the firepower retreated from the high ground, Sniper and Vengeful Spirit found that they couldn’t catch up, also retreated. These two heroes ate a loss, except for an Assist, they basically played no role, but also spent much time to run back to the high ground from the middle lane!

Despite the fact that in this battle, the attempt of Sentinel to push the high ground did not succeed, it was not useless.

The biggest beneficiary was Zhao Dingguo!

In addition to getting an Assist and a Kill, his skill Last Word have successfully stolen 3 points of Intelligence! Counting the Intelligence acquired from Sniper and Vengeful Spirit’s deaths before, Zhao Dingguo has now stolen more than 10 points of this property!

This was undoubtedly a fairly high number!

To compare, a Staff of Wizardry that gave +10 intelligence, was costed 1000 G!

The only pity was that the power of this hero soul, after all, was borrowed power. The Intelligence that was stolen now, although being marked “permanent”, would disappear with the end of Death Match. After a brief sigh, Zhao Dingguo also determined his early determination to acquire bloodline.

The power gained by summoning the soul of the hero was not his own!

Thinking that, Zhao Dingguo returned to the Fountain. Old Li and Zeus had resurrected and began to sum up the gains and losses of this group battle.

“It should be my fault.”

Zeus first opened his mouth and self-reviewed: “My first Lightning Bolt was given Viper. I wanted to scare him, but it seems to be a mistake. It should be thrown directly to Soul Keeper, so the first round may be directly kill him, ans he won’t get the opportunity to use his ultimate!”

Old Li waved his hand and did not care. “It’s nothing, I just didn’t expect him to have a Magic Wand with 15 charges in his hands. He won’t have such good luck next time!”

To be honest, although this time they failed to rush to the high ground, they did not lose too much. Although he died, the opposite side’s Soul Keeper also died, and he died a moment earlier than Old Li. Don’t look down on this small detail, it meant he got the experience of killing Soul Keeper, but Soul Keeper couldn’t get the experience of killing him!

From this point of view, this time was at best a tie.

Although in the late stage, Soul Keeper would be more difficult to deal with, Old Li was not afraid. He has already made a decision: “The main thing is that there is no invasion skill… I need a Kelen’s Dagger! With a Kelen’s Dagger, I can directly blink to Soul Keeper’s side, thus I won’t be afraid of the slow of him and Viper!”


Zeus nodded and assigned the task: “I’ll see if I can make a Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse. Silencer brother, you will try make Mekansm as soon as possible.”

The so-called Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse, the biggest use was its active skill Hex: turn a hero into a lamb 3.5 seconds, roughly equivalent to the Demon Witch’s Voodoo. Once being Hexed, the target hero was slowed, unable to attack, cast spells and use active item abilities, which was equivalent to abolished!

Although the price of the Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse was very expensive, if it could be completed, it would be much easier to deal with Soul Keeper!

After determining their respective tasks, the heroes quickly moved out.

Because of the advancement of Soul Keepers, the situation of the soldiers on their own top lane was very bad. In order not to let the ghoul soldiers of Scourge destroy the second tower and push to the high ground, Zeus had to go on the lane to clean the soldiers. Zhao Dingguo and Old Li came to the middle lane to farm, also looked for an opportunity to take off the other side tower!

“Can I ask you a question?”

After cleaning up a wave of soldiers, Zhao Dingguo recalled the battle just now and could not help but talked to Old Li.

Old Li glanced at him and said, “What is the problem?”

Zhao Dingguo organized the language and said: “It was just the highland war. Soul Keeper suddenly recovered more than 200 HP. How did it happen? I heard you say that it is a Magic Wand. What equipment is that?”

“Oh, you said that…”

Old Li thought about it and explained to him: “Accurately, it has a skill called Energy Charge. It gains 1 charge every time a visible enemy unit casts an ability around you, and it can store 15 charges at most. When used, Energy Charge restores 15 HP and mana for each charge. This is a very cost-effective, but often be overlooked by low-end BG users!”

Hearing his words, Zhao Dingguo had a vague impression.

In the previous DOTA game, he also accidentally saw this item and its predecessor Magic Stick. Because Magic Stick itself did not add any attributes, even the more advanced Magic Wand only added three full attributes, and it looked far worse from Bracer which had the same price, so like Old Li said, he did ignore this equipment.

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