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DOTA Madness Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Mighty Kelen’s Dagger!

From Old Li, Zhao Dingguo learned the true power of Magic Wand.

In DOTA, the price of Magic Stick was 200 gold coins. The maximum number of charges it could store was 10, and no attributes are added. Magic Wand was created from Magic Stick, three Ironwood Branch and a recipe. It had the same skill as Magic Stick, and it not only added three full attributes, but the upper limit of charges also increased to 15!

“The key is in the skill Energy Charge!”

“Can you tell me in detail? What is the use of it?”

After all, Zhao Dingguo has contacted with DOTA for only a few months, and there were many thing he’s unclear about.

This piece of information was actually easy to find on Baidu, therefore, Old Li didn’t intend to hide. He explained: “The restoration of Energy Charge is instantly. Using it good can surprise the enemy!”


Old Li said this, Zhao Dingguo suddenly knew the power of Magic Wand.

If it had full 15 charges, then using Magic Wand was equivalent to instantly recovering 225 points of HP and MP, which can be seen as a personal version of Mekansm. Although the latter not only added a lot of attributes, but also benefical to teamates, Magic Wand had a better price/performance ratio, and it could also recover MP!

“This thing, you may feel normal at first, but the more you use it, the more you feel it is easy to use. Especially when the enemy lineup has some mage heroes with many active skills or short cooldown skills, then Magic Wand is a mandatory item. In short, I highly recommend this to you. If you can use it properly, at least you can increase your AP by 100 points!”

Old Li’s attitude was very solemn, which also made Zhao Dingguo realized that Magic Wand seemingly an inconspicuous item, but was truly practical. He found that there is still a lot to be mastered on the BG platform.


In the next few minutes, the situation was relatively stable.

After the last battle, Old Li found that he needed a Kelen’s Dagger, so he squandered his head to farm for money. On the opposite side, Keeper was a late hero, so naturally he didn’t mind dragging it long. Thus, there was no large-scale team battle for a while!

However, this didn’t mean that there was no fight.

On Scourge side, Viper aimed at the newcomer, waiting until he went to the lane, rushed out from the shadow of the Fog of War and forcibly killed him. On Sentinel side, Zeus was also not to be outdone. When crossing the river, he found a Invisibility rune which has just spawned. After consuming this rune, he sneaked to behind Sniper, then with a combo Lightning Bolt + Arc Lightning + Thundergod’s Wrath, directly killed him!

The dissatisfied Soul Keeper found a chance, sneaked to top lane, activated Metamorphosis and destroyed Sentinel’s second tower.

A minute later, Zhao Dingguo’s Silencer also blew up the second tower in the middle lane!

From the scene, it could be considered that each side has its own merits.

If it continued like this, the disadvantages of Scourge in the early period may indeed be decreased. However, Old Li’s farming speed was not slower than Soul Keeper. He got the key item one step ahead before the other party!

This dagger worth 2150 gold coins!

From the point of view of attributes, it didn’t add any, which was quite uneconomical. However, the only skill that came with it makes the Kelen’s Dagger worthy of its price!

With this, he could launch a surprise attack on Soul Keeper, completely ignoring the other’s slow skills!

“Quickly gather, immediately attack!”

The moment placing his hand on the dagger, Old Li did not make any pause. Under his call, Zhao Dingguo and Zeus all came to the road, and rushed to the Soul Keeper who was farming. Under the reminder of Old Li, they chose to go through their own jungle, wich proved a full concealment!

Unless the Soul Keeper himself to be aware of the danger by feeling, he will die!

“If his nameplate was one rank higher than me, it may be possible for him to realize. But in rank Dawn, he has not that consciousness to view overall situation!”

Old Li slowed down a little, waiting for Zhao Dingguo and Zeus to keep up.

At this moment, Soul Keeper were still farming.

Old Li, who had already negotiated the order, no longer hesitated. The moment Soul Keeper saw him, he blinked!


This thought just flashed through Soul Keeper’s heart, he already found that Old Li appeared behind him. The shadow of the centaur’s hoof was raised high, apparently about to release his stun skill – Hoof Stomp!

Kelen’s Dagger’s ability of surprise enemy was fully reflected in this moment. Soul Keeper realized the danger, but before he could respond, he was stunned for more than two seconds. Then, Old Li’s double-edged sword also shot, then a normal attack!

“Lightning Bolt!”

Zeus also came out from the jungle.

The HP of the Soul Keeper began to drop rapidly, but he still had a little hope in his heart. However,…

“Global Silence!”

At the end of the stun time, Zhao Dingguo promptly opened his own ultimate. Although he opened it a little earlier to make sure, it didn’t matter. Soul Keeper couldn’t use his ultimate. More crucially, this time his Magic Wand has very few charges, and the restored HP was limited!

Three vs one, if this didn’t kill the enemy him, Zhao Dingguo and the other two should surrender.

The Soul Keeper was desperate, but he was killed in one fell swoop without any accident. When the stolen Intelligence went to Zhao Dingguo, Global Silence was just over.

“Advance, push their high ground!”

Old Li and Zhao Dingguo realized that the best opportunity was coming. Without Soul Keeper, the heroes of Scourge couldn’t stop them anyway.

Once they broke through the high ground, the advantage of Sentinel was obvious!

The three quickly rushed to the high ground of Scourge with a wave of creep. Although this time, Vengeful Spirit , Sniper and Viper have been waiting, but Soul Keeper still needs 7-8 seconds to resurrect. And even if he was resurrected, it would take a little bit of time to get there.

This time difference was the chance for them to conquer the high ground!

Zhao Dingguo’s ultimate has already been released. If they couldn’t defeat other heroes before Soul Keeper resurrect and re-enter the battle, then they could only choose to retreat when facing a Soul Keeper who still had the ultimate. But if the three Scourge heroes were killed in advance, the Soul Keeper alone could do nothing to change the situation!

Therefore, the second round of high ground battle did not have any delay, and the moment the treats rushed up, it started directly!

The initial was till Old Li’s Blink + Hoof Stomp!

This time, the target was Viper!

Hoof Stomp, Double Edge, Lightning Bolt, Arc Lightning… A series of skills instantly killed Viper. Facing Kelen’s Dagger, he couldn’t do anything at all!

Centaur Warchieft pwned Viper!

The promt and the momentum of the three heroes of Sentinel made Vengeful Spirit somewhat flustered. In a hurry, after released Wave of Terror, she subsequently made a terrible mistake, used the most critical stun skill – Magic Missile, on a creep!

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