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DOTA Madness Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Continuously Pressing


Realizing that she had made a low-level mistake, Vengeful Spirit didn’t even have time to regret it. She hurriedly turned around and ran away, leaving Sniper who had only Boots of Speed behind.

“I don’t need to outrun the danger, just outrun my friend”, it’s the mentality of Vengeful Spirit in this moment!

The impoverished Sniper apparently did not notice this, still fighting bravely at the forefront. Facing such a dish delivered to the door, the three heroes of Sentinel obliviously din’t refuse, and have collected him neatly. Until he’s near the death, Snipers found that he was betrayed by his teammate. On the entire high ground, he was alone!

Soul Keeper, who has just resurrected, hurriedly rushed there.

However, he didn’t arrive in time, and now he had to face three people on the opposite side!

Soul Keeper remembered clearly that Zeus still kept his Thundergod’s Wrath, apparently for him. If he came to fight now, it’s most likely result in his death. Maybe he could take one of them with him, but Old Li had Aphotic Shield, so it’s unrealistic to target him. Targeting someone else, he felt it’s not worth it!

In desperation, he could only stand far, didn’t dare not go forward.

“Quiclky demolish tower and barracks, leave him alone!”

Old Li ordered, and then the heroes of Sentinel worked together with the creeps to destroy the buildings. Although the high-defense tower has a high durability, it was quickly collapsed by the joint attack of the three heroes and a catapult. The heroes went one step further and immediately attacked the melee barracks!

In DOTA, there were two barracks in each road, which correspond to melee and long-range creeps.

Because in each wave of soldiers, the number of melee was roughly twice that of the long-range soldiers, so once the opponent’s melee barracks were destroyed, their melee fighters would be upgraded to Mega creeps. Although it’s not completely broken all the way, it could be counted as 90% work is done!

Therefore, Zhao Dingguo’s goal was first placed in the enemy’s melee barrack.

Compared to the defensive tower, the barracks were undoubtedly much weaker.

Under the attack of Sentinel, the melee barracks were quickly blasted. Seeing that other heroes of Scourge have to be resurrected, the three did not dare to fight, quickly retreated!

“Try to push another wave as soon as possible. If we can break through another lane, the victory will basically ours!”

Although there were already advantages in the bot lane, Old Li wasn’t careless. Because the later the fight, the stronger Soul Keeper would be. If they couldn’t beat him after a round of skills, it’s hard to kill him!

In Death Matches, no matter how careful you were, it never be too much!

Although this was the first time Zhao Dingguo participated in, no one liked failure. So after back to base, he bought Mekansm with his money, and then came along with the creeps to the top lane.

Both the tower and the inner tower of Sentinel top lane were destroyed. If left unchecked, the soldiers of the other side were likely to push directly to the high ground and brought some pressure to them. Now pushing directly from this lane, the problem would automatically be solved. For the middle lane, there were two towers remain. The melee soldiers on the bot lane were Mega creeps, thus there was no need to worry about this lane!

“Is Sentinel coming again?”

Just after the attack on the bot lane ended, the heroes of the Scourge had not had time to catch their breath, and then they found that their enemies had come back from the top laneroad. While complaining about it, they had to walk reluctantly to the second tower, ready to defend! In order to ensure victory of this team battle, the four heroes were all gathered here. As for another newcomer of the Scourge, his presence didn’t matter.

The main force of Sentinel was still the three heroes, they lacked in number, but has an advantage in equipments, so the chance to win was still quite big.

However, when they pushed forward to the second tower, Zhao Dingguo found that there was a problem with the original plan. In the previous battle, Old Li’s Centaur Warchief were the initial. But this time, Soul Keeper had learned a lesson, and he clearly specified that Vengeful Spirit should keep a certain distance behind him. In this way, once Old Li blinked and prepared to stun him, Vengeful Spirit would rush from behind and use Magic Missile to counter! Or if he was focused by other Sentinel heroes, Vengeful Spirit could save him by her ultimate Nether Swap!

Being unable to kill Soul Keeper instantly, Sentinel’s combat plan would undoubtedly fail.

“How should we fight?”

The three were somewhat worried. Under the guidance of Soul Keeper, the other party’s positioning was indeed good. If he carelessly blinked in, Old Li would be in danger. Even if they fought head-on, they would receive loss and unable continue to push it to the high ground.

After a little hesitation, Old Li spoke up: “Wait!”

Only one word!

At the moment, there was only one possibility to win. That was, the other party took the initiative to get out of the second tower and then disrupt the original positioning. However, how could the opposite side give up their home field atvantage and fight without the firepower from the tower?

Zhao Dingguo was not optimistic in his heart.

However, since the core of the party has decided, Zhao Dingguo has no opinion. As a result, the two sides were deadlocked under the second tower. Zhao Dingguo’s three dared not to attack easily, but Soul Keeper’s four were also unwilling to take the initiative.

The first few wave of soldiers have been cleared, and Zhao Dingguo has not seen any abnormalities. But for a little longer, he gradually understood the intention of Old Li. Unknowingly, the Mega creeps have already re-attacked the high ground and were tearing down the long-range barracks. Once the long-range barrack was gone, the road to the Frozen Throne would be opened. The follow-up waves of soldiers could calmly go deep into the Scourge base and directly attack the Frozen Throne!

That’s it!

Old Li wants to rely on the strength of the soldiers on the road to kill the patience of the natural disasters, forcing them to either retreat or take the initiative.

Soul Keeper was not an idiot. He initially thought that Sentinel would not be able to attack it for a while, but he soon discovered that the other party was intentionally dragging them. Initially, he was able to be patient. However, as the soldiers began to attack the last two defensive towers before the Frozen Throne, Soul Keeper could not sit still!

In contrast, the creep wave of the middle lane was slightly more favorable to Scourge. However, the two towers of Sentinel middle lane were still there, thus Scourge couldn’t wait!

After a minute of consideration, Soul Keeper realized that he had to make a decision!

“Give up this tower!”

Although this decision was somewhat difficult, for the final victory, Soul Keeper could still make up his mind.

But when he wanted to speak, Vengeful Spirit who had been waited for a long time finally couldn’t help it. For a long time, she did not hit a penny behind Soul Keeper, which undoubtedly made him very dissatisfied. At that moment she saw two soldiers with low HP in front of her. She took a few steps forward and then threw a Wave of Terror to last hit!

Old Li’s eyes, which have been staring at it all the time, suddenly went all bright!

Because of her greed, Vengeful Spirit disrupted the original position, and the distance from Soul Keeper was much closer. At this moment, as long as he blinked to the correct point, he could use Hoof Stomp to stun both of them!

Without Vengeful Spirit’s Stun skill, all the original plans could be implemented smoothly!


He yelled and then blinked to the middle of Vengeful Spirit and Soul Keeper. This time, because Aphotic Shield was no longer a secret, he buffed to himself firsthand. The next moment, he released Hoof Stomp + Double Edge!

Zhao Dingguo and Zeus followed up at the same time!

Lightning Bolt , Arc Lightning , Thundergod’s Wrath , Curse of the Silent!

Four skills were thrown out in an instant, and the damage from Sentinel side was terrible. The HP of Soul Keeper instantly fell to the bottom, and after two seconds of Stun, Zhao Dingguo promptly opened Global Silence. Everything was the same as expected, even if Soul Keeper used Magic Wand in time, it would not help!

The next dead was Vengeful Spirit!

After killing Soul Keeper, Old Li took the opportunity to turn to him. At this time, although Sniper and Viper had poured firepower on him at the same time, it was not an easy task to kill a Centaur Warchief who had the advantage in level and equipment!

What’s more, Zhao Dingguo has made Mekansm!

With the vitality skills attached to it, the surrounding units recovered 250 life points, and the same armor was added in 20 seconds. With this, Centaur Warchief was even tougher, he tanked the attack of the two to kill Vengeful Spirit!

Viper and Sniper lost their calm.

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