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DOTA Madness Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Unintelligible Mentality

After recovered from shocks, Scourge realized their core Soul Keeper has died, also Vengeful Spirit the only source of CC.

What can we do?

Facing three heroes of Sentinel, Viper and Sniper all have a deep sense of powerlessness. To be honest, their damage output was not low, as long as they could attack and attack for a few seconds, the damage would be enough to instantly kill a hero. But Sentinel did not leave them any chance!


Viper let out a word in and turned to escape. Sniper threw a Shrapnel to block the way, and then followed Viper to escape.

“Do not chase after them, first destroy the second tower!”

Zhao Dingguo and the other two agreed on this point. If the escape one was the carry, they would naturally have to chase after him. But Viper and Sniper were just two guys who are scared and timid, so that their life and death didn’t matter!

Without the protection of Scourge heroes, the second tower on the top lane was quickly destroyed by Sentinel.

They gathered with two waves of creep, once again set foot on the high ground of the Scourge!

Seeing that Viper was still a little bit unwilling, Old Li saw an opportunity. He walked a few steps in a quiet way, then using Blink at the limit distance, and then instantly turning on Phase, speeding up to rush ro Viper!

What waiting for Viper was a round of skills!

However, the location of Viper was relatively close to the base of Scourge. Coupled with the sudden outbreak of the battle, Zeus and Zhao Dingguo were late one second to keep up with. Viper who was really scared quickly gave Old Li his ultimate, which could slow attack and movement speed for five seconds. He escaped, but Viper and Sniper were scared back and only dare to come out when the Soul Keeper were resurrected!

At this time, the high ground buildings on the top lane have been destroyed!

Two high ground have been broken through , and the situation of Scourges is undoubtedly bad.

Soul Keepering was very angry. The blue veins of his hands bulged, and his body also released a murderous temper. However, anger couldn’t help him win.

“A bunch of idiots!”

Watching the Mega Creeps continue to push into their own high ground, Soul Keeper finally could not help but opened his mouth.

In fact, the failure of the high ground wasn’t entirely his fault. The heroes of Sentinel has been targeting him, and the entire combat plan was to kill him as fast as possible. Although he also made arrangements, his comrade’s implementation was weak and he could not do anything about it. If it wasn’t for Vengeful Spirit’s greed, how could the situation be sharply degraded to such a point?

“You aren’t an idiot? Then why are you always the first one to die?”

Vengeful Spirit was a little dissatisfied and whispered a word.

“You still dare to speak!”

The wrath of the Soul Keeper was completely detonated by Vengeful Spirit, and his mouth blew out a roar. In the current situation, unless Sentinel make mistakes in succession, it is almost impossible to reverse. Knowing that he basically lost thsi Death Match, Soul Keeper also lost his calm. If he didn’t leave enough points to deduct before entering, he would be dead!

“You dare to swear at me?”

Vengeful Spirit was also on fire. She squinted at him. “Another word, and I will go to Sentinel to feed and see how you win!”

“You! Good, very good!”

Soul Keeper was stunned by Vengeful Spirit’s altitude. Up to now, he has finally lost his last hope to win. Before this, although the situation was very bad, if the party could play well, it would not be possible to make a comeback. In the high-end bureau of the BG platform, there were case when the three lanes were broken through but the disadvantage side could still turn the table. However, the words of Vengeful Spirit completely shattered his hope.

“Do you think I fight for myself only? Very good, go, I will watch you feed! Who don’t dare is a dog! I have Dawn rank, how can I still be assigned tothe same match with a bastard like you? Count as I am unlucky!”

Soul Keeper said sarcasmly, so that Vengeful Spirit was also on fire.

“I don’t dare? Let open your eyes to see how I do it!” Saying, Vengeful Spirit jumped and rushed straight to Sentinel. She felt that she was being provoked, so she wanted to prove it to him – without my help, let’s see how can you win!

“Go, I want to see how many times you can feed!”

Soul Keeper coldly watched her go.

Before the match he has already talked about the authenticity of Death Match, why did she not believe it? Still thought this is just a game?

You want to die, why should I stop you?

Obviously it’s not the first time Vengeful Spirit did this. Immediately afterwards, the battlefield statistics function of the nameplate prompted that Vengeful Spirit was killed by Sentinel. This means that he was not killed by the hero of Sentinel, but died in the hands of the defensive tower or the creeps.

What an idiot.

The Soul Keeper shook his head and leaned against a building on the side. He lost, so didn’t want to waste the efforts.

Compared with the fighting spirit on the side of Scourge, Sentinel’s atmosphere was a harmonious one.

With the advantage of breaking two lanes, they just needed to push the middle lane, even if they dragged, they would still win. In the low-end battles, such tactics were difficult to counter. However, just as they were preparing to leave, the death of Vengeful Spirit made them somewhat surprised.

“Killed by Sentinel?”

Whether it’s Zhao Dingguo, Old Li or Zeus, they were confused. Sentinel heroes were all here, and Vengeful Spirit was killed by Sentinel. This was a little unbelievable!

However, the more incredible was still behind!

Not long after, the resurrected Vengeful Spirit came over again, and the second time the system prompted she was killed by the Sentinel!

“Wait a minute, don’t fight!”

Old Li waved his hand and prevented Zhao Dingguo from attempting to break the middle lane in one fell swoop. Sure enough, after a while, the battlefield statistics came to the record of the third time Vengeful Spirit was killed by Sentinel. And these killing rewards were equally divided among all the heroes of Sentinel.

“What is this?”

Zhao Dingguo was a bit puzzled. If it’s one times, maybe that was careless. Three times in a row, even a fool knew something was wrong!

Old Li had already determined what was going on at this time. He sneered and said, “What else? The opposite side definitely have a civil war! In the previous team battle, they were defeated because of the mistake of Vengeful Spirit. It seems that she is blamed, so she wants to feed! What a newcomer, she is really stupid enough to do that!”

“Is there such a person?”

Zhao Dingguo felt unbelievable. Because a small argue, deliberately come to death and let the enemy get the head. What is this mentality?

Old Li shrugged and said: “In reality, there are people like that, but it is rare on the BG platform. After all, this is the matter of life and death, no one will do this, it is equivalent to suicide. Compared with her, our sleep guy’s behavior is already excellent!”

Zeus also nodded in agreement, saying: “Such a situation only happens in the newcomer’s match. Basically, among the ones who have experienced a Death Match, you will not encounter such an idiot!”

“This is also good. Since Vengeful Spirit has decided to sacrifice herself, we win for sure.”

Saying that, Old Li first set foot on the lane.

Under his leadership, Zhao Dingguo successfully pushed the last lanes of Scourge. Soul Keeper stood far away from the crowd, as if the battle had nothing to do with him. Seeing that he did not resist, Zhao Dingguo did not deliberately find trouble. Viper was quite unwilling, but Soul Keeper didn’t want to play. What could he do alone?

Soon, the barracks in the middle lane were also destroyed!

The Sentinel now has Mega Creeps!

Compare to normal creeps, Mega Creeps were superiors, both in terms of HP and attack. It can even be said that a Mega Creep was roughly equivalent to a level 1 hero without skill. The three lanes dispatched Mega Creeps together, the fall of the Frozen Throne of the Scourge has entered the final countdown.

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