DOTA Madness Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Old Li’s Influence

A man who was alive and healthy not long ago, in a blink of the eye has been erased from the world. Moreover, no one knew his true cause of death!

This was the result of not following the rules of the Beyond Goldlike platform!

Or, after failing in the death group battle, it will . Unless he has enough deductible points on his body!

After leaving the man’s home, Zhao Dingguo’s heart was heavy. If there was still a little doubt in his heart before, then now he fully believed in the power and cruelty of the BG platform. If he lost the Death Match, he would be obliterated like this. If he wanted to live, he must work harder, gained more WP, and then tried his best to win in the Death Matches!

However, who can guarantee that they will always win?

Shall I end up being obliterated one day?

On the returning trip, Zhao Dingguo’s thoughts unconsciously fell into such a chaotic state. In the end, he had to shake his head hard and forced himself to let go of these things. For now, the most important task was to consider how to quickly upgrade his DOTA level in a short period of time!

Yes, there was still an invitation from Old Li.

After realizing that the WP was directly related to his strength and life, he had some doubts about Old Li’s initiative. He asked 200 WP for information before. Why would he unconditionally tell him some more useful news now?

Obviously, the other party must have some ideas.

Zhao Dingguo knew that there was no free meal in the world. If he wanted to get something, he had to pay something else. However, he only joined the BG platform and he really needed a senior user like Old Li to guide him. After calculating it for a while, he still couldn’t resist this opportunity!

After the strength of the night was not a practical night, Zhao Dingguo got up very late the next day.

After thinking about the situation that he may have been encountered, he took out the other party’s business card and dialed the number above. To his surprise, it was not the voice of Old Li, but a slightly awkward female voice: “I am the secretary of Boss Li, may I ask who are you?”


Zhao Dingguo was a little surprised by this title. He did not expect that the round-faced man with a slap on his forehead was actually a boss, and had such a nice secretary.

He quickly replied: “I am looking for Li Boss for businesses. Please tell him I’m the one whom he gave the business card to yesterday!”


The female secretary was surprised, but she didn’t ask, instead shouted with a little magnified voice: “Boss, boss? Someone is looking for you, claiming to receive your business card yesterday…”

The next thing, the sound is a little vague, and Zhao Dingguo could barely hear the laughter. About half a minute later, Old Li coughed and took the call: “Is that yesterday…Silencer?”

Zhao Dingguo said: “That’s me.”

“Good.” Old Li nodded and immediately told the female secretary went outside. After a while, he continued: “Let’s just talk about it, or find a place to meet?”

Zhao Dingguo asked: “What different between the two choices?”

Old Li smiled and said in a brisk tone: “Of course! You must know that BG users can also attack each other in the real world. Once you kill each other, you may get the skills, equipment or items of the other party! Therefore, in reality, senior BG users are strictly confidential about their identity. Unless they think the other party is trustworthy, they will not easily reveal their true identity!”

It turned out to be the case.

Zhao Dingguo was a bit stunned, but he was also a little scared by Old Li’s words. This meant that the BG platform encourages BG users to kill each other, and at least it’s a tacit attitude. He could imagine that there were many BG users survived the Death Matches, but finally fell down in the real world!

“If you want feel insecure, of course, you can still contact by phone. If you can trust me, it would be better to meet up directly.” Old Li set out the car and gave Zhao Dingguo a multiple choice question.

Zhao Dingguo only thought for a moment, then made a decision: “Where can I find you?”

This was not because he easily believed in a stranger, but that he has not experienced any reinforcement. Old Li had taken 200 WP from him. Even if he really killed Zhao Dingguo, he could not get any benefit. Zhao Dingguo believed Old Li was not the kind of people who kill for fun. Moreover, Zhao Dingguo was negligent and used his own mobile phone to call. If the other party really had malicious intent, sooner or later he couldn’t escape!

Counting the team battle yesterday, Old Li has experienced four Death Matches. This meant that he brought at least four pieces of equipment or skills to the real world. In the Death Match, Zhao Dingguo could temporarily borrow the ability of heroes, may he had a chance. In the real world, if Old Li wanted to kill him, it’s a piece of cake!

“No need to. Tell me your address, I will send you a helicopter to pick you up!”

Old Li’s words were understated, but Zhao Dingguo was shocked. He had a helicopter in use. It’s not only a huge amount of wealth, but also a sufficient position! If he didn’t have authority, even if he had money to buy a helicopter, he couldn’t fly it!

Old Li on the other side of the phone seemed to feel his surprise and smiled. “Don’t be so surprised, I don’t have such a big influence, just acknowledge that a senior BG user who is a colonel of a field force. His family is in the military for three generations. Borrowing a helicopter is not a big deal.”

Hearing his explanation, Zhao Dingguo was relieved.

Since Old Li mentioned the person, most of them were reliable, so he quickly reported his address.

Two hours later, a painted helicopter descended from the sky and landed on the rooftop of a building not far from him.

Although Zhao Dingguo was not a military fan, he could also see the extraordinariness of this armed helicopter. Its full length was about 13 meters and was about 4 meters high. It had a five-blade single-rotor, a tandem cockpit, and a rear three-point anti-collision landing gear. A multi-barrel aircraft gun was mounted under the helicopter, which seemed to give a cold chill. The above-mentioned accompanying soldiers are also very skilled, with guns in their hands, apparently elite soldiers in service!

The security guard of the building, who ran up to check the situation, was dumbfounded.

Facing a submachine gun and soldiers who were cold as ice, giving the feelings of “executing military missions”; the frightened security guard did not dare to say anything, and immediately turned around and ran. However, they were quite polite to Zhao Dingguo, and the driver also squeezed a bit of a reluctant smile on him.

This also made Zhao Dingguo realize that the power of the old colonel may be higher than he thought.

This also reflected the extraordinariness of Old Li to some extent.

After Zhao Dingguo boarded the plane, the helicopter quickly re-taken off. He was riding the helicopter for the first time, especially since it is from the military field forces, it’s not something that ordinary people can touch. After looking for a while, he asked: “Where are we flying?”

A soldier looked at him and apparently asked him some strange questions. Only the order he received was to pick up the person at the designated place, so he also put away his strangeness and said: “East area of ​​Pearl City!”

Pearl City was the economic and cultural center of the South and an internationalized and prosperous metropolis.

The city where Zhao Dingguo’s living was only a second-tier city inland, and there are four or five hundred kilometers away from the Pearl City. At such a long distance, it took less than two hours to reach the helicopter at full speed. Seeing the bustling Pearl City below, Zhao Dingguo could not help but be a little surprised.

He met Old Li in the top floor of a commercial building that was not too eye-catching.

Of course, this “not too eye-catching” was relative.

If taking this building to the city where Zhao Dingguo lived, it could be regarded as a landmark-level building. But in the Pearl City, it’s really not so high-end.

Perhaps it was the instructions of Old Li, and the two female secrets that looked quite a bit have already greeted him at the door. When Zhao Dingguo came over, the two men looked at them carefully and took him back after confirming that they were correct. In order to express their attention, the two took him to take the VIP elevator, which also made the white-collar workers in and out curious about Zhao Dingguo, a well-dressed young man.

“Tight here!”

The two female secrets took him to the place and then gestured.

Zhao Dingguo said his thanks, took a deep breath and gently pushed open the door.

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