Earth-san Level Up 0

Earth-san Has Leveled Up


One day, the sound suddenly rang around the world.

At the same time, the sea shook with white waves, vegetation shook like dancing, and the clouds began to flow at tremendous speed.

People who walked spontaneously freeze from fear, those who sat down fell from the chair, and those who slept woke up with astonishment.

That day, in Japan was still noon, astonishment screams raised in many places.

While people screamed, animals began to cry in unison. The howling of the dog was particularly noticeable because of the loud voice, but the cats, birds, and rats also continued to cry happily as if singing songs to God.

Japan is a place with many earthquakes, everyone that witnessing that unusual phenomenon had a premonition that was the start of a great disaster. At this time, nobody has the slightest idea that it was happening all over the world at the same time.

However, contrary to the premonition, the earthquake itself was only a slight tremor that was not noticed even by those who were standing.

Hitsujiya Meiko is a small build girl who is less than 145 cm tall.

She has cherry-colored lips and cheeks that move well according to the eyes and facial expressions that are energetic, and has short hair that matches well with its lovely face.

If 10 men see her, all of them will think of her as loli-musume.

Such Meiko graduated from junior high school and enjoyed the spring break until high school started.

She puts the smartphone that she received as her high school entrance congratulatory gift is in her favorite pouch and taking a walk aiming for Winstaframable photo. Her older sister plays Winsta, so Meiko who becomes a high school student also plays Winsta.

However, Meiko has not installed the Winsitafram app. She shoots with the smartphone’s camera as it is. Meiko didn’t know much about Winsta.

The place is close to the house. She’s doing Winsta to the Shiba inu tied to a pole in front of a post office and then goes to next place after satisfied.

Like the people around the world, no, all creatures around the world, Meiko also encountered this mysterious phenomenon.

『Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! 』


The sudden heavy bass sound that she has never heard before shakes her body. Meiko stiffens her body and looks around restlessly. Was it because her defense instinct, her figure of folding arms in front of the chest was actually that of a girl.

Many people get out of buildings or from cars near the edge of the road. Everyone’s gaze was fixed to an unusually fast cloud movement.

Many people set up their smartphone like flow movements, Meiko who just had her smartphone for about a week set up hers in a hurry.

When Meiko doing it tardily, ‘that’ voice was heard out of nowhere.

『Fuoooooo, everyone~! Earth-san has leveled up!』

Not only Meiko who had a blank-face while blinking their eyes. About twenty percent of the people all around the world went “fueee”.

The remaining people are losing interest, thinking it’s some stupid person’s mischief. After all, they think that it’s a mischief that happens only in their area.

When humans have a question mark on their head at that voice, the animals with strong instinctive thoughts raised their tension.

Woof, nyanyan, chirpchirp!

Humans were terrified by those cry, but that’s it.

The mysterious voice begins to talk again.

『Now I will start a serious announcement! Everyone, please listen carefully!』

Meiko listening to the speech while tilting her head, and suddenly noticed the Shiba inu that waiting for its owner in front of the nearby post office. When the mysterious voice begins to talks, they stop their cry, in no way that’s something normal.

The Shiba-inu that she’s watching is waving its tail while sitting down. In another place, two cats sit down with a listening posture. In addition, birds that normally do not approach because of fear of people are closing their wings on the roads and fences while listening.

Perhaps, animals fully understand this speech?

Meiko realized that only some people in the world had guessed.

It’s not ‘so what?’, but she feels a little relaxed after realized. The animals are happy, so she thinks of it as nothing scary.

『Because Earth-san’s rank has risen, Earth-san will start a new principle from today! Everyone who lives on Earth is also strongly affected! So, what kind of principle will be newly added to Earth! I will explain from now on!』(TL: Earth-san calling itself with 3rd pov, Earth-san)

Then, the mysterious voice started explaining.

In the event of an emergency, there are very few people who do not stop working, and many people are confused, irritated, and listen carefully.

『First of all, Earth-san’s freedom will increase! Using this power, all weapons made by humans will be returned to the ground! Earth-san’s fashion will be spoiled if something like a nuclear weapon being launched! Earth-san doesn’t like it so much, sorry!』

Many government agencies frowned upon the beginning of the tremendous announcement.

A certain big country makes an order to restrain the idiot who does the mischief, and then becomes despair the next moment a person came to jump in to report.

That thing that happened around here started to happen all around the world.

『Next, we will release a new element of mana to the world! This will make the children who live on Earth-san more diversified! Earth-san too can be even more wonderful!』

Some people who are familiar with the word mana, are enthusiastic about the convictions around the world. In many cases, that enthusiastic form is in a single room. (TL: hikikomori)

Of course, even if there were those who enthusiastic about their hobby, there were many people who sneered at it. They think it’s a prank.

『Dungeon appears on Earth-san as a device to generate this mana! Hey, this is that. The people that live on the dragon’s dead body create many of those stories, right? That’s the dungeon.』

Hearing ‘People that live on the dragon’s dead body’ words, many Japanese people saw the ground all at once. Because they are Japanese, everyone knows the shape of the country where they live.

『Now, please do your research on the dungeon. However, if only the dungeon that appears, it will be dangerous, so I will release the status system! This is a karma status system created by God! It’s a popular system among the stars, Earth-san’s senior.』

Many religious people frowned on the words karma and god.

The government officials are quick in information, but the general public and they are all thinking that this is a『mischief done only in their own area』.

Later, they know that all of this happened all over the world at the same time, and some of them who knew that karma really existed would turn their faces blue.

『If you think it in your mind, your status will come out in front of you. If the karma is positive, you get one initial skill. If the karma is negative, you will be given a “flower” skill』

Meiko had heard about the word karma. Rather, she investigated it a little. After reaching the second year of junior high school, the word karma is the favorite food for her burning heart.

According to it, karma is a Buddhist term, referring to “deeds accompanied by results”.

She recognizes that both good and bad deeds are going around and will return. And the timing that those backfires come around will spread not only in this world but also after the next world.

She doesn’t know if this perception is correct, but she only needs to know for when her friend asks her to make a smug face, so this level of knowledge was enough.

However, she doesn’t know if the mysterious voice said about karma is that karma.

『Dungeon is also a device to make everyone stronger. So, monsters will go out and you will be given many trials! Everyone should take the initiative to go in and become a wonderful life form! But of course, if you challenge the dungeon, you need to have the resolution to die, you know?

Well then, Earth-san’s presentation is over! Everyone, Earth-san did it!』

Animals began to cry again while humans were confused by the joyful voice of the mysterious voice.

As expected, it was not a threatening cry, but a blessing.

If they had dexterous hands, they would have applauded. When Meiko saw the Shiba Inu in front of the post office and the birds on the fence, she thought so.

That’s why, she was applauding naturally.


In a small voice, Meiko said so.

 Thank you thank you!

The mysterious voice said that after received the praise.

『Well then, please enjoy Earth-san’s new stage! See you~!』

At the moment she was told so, Meiko was wrapped in light. When the light was settled, a stone-built passage extended in front of Meiko.

The mysterious voice had been saying a while ago, so she immediately understands.

This is, the dungeon.

She doesn’t know why she suddenly entered the dungeon, but for the time being, Meiko…

「Mya, myaa….」

From the inside of the throat, a miserable voice that resembled of begging for one’s life was leaked.

The arm that was folded in front of the chest, after all, it was that of a girl.

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