Earth-san Level Up v1-c1.1

Chapter 1 Dungeon Right Away After The World Changes

Was it only herself that was dropped here, or did the whole earth become like this? Either way, this a dungeon. Suddenly dropped in such a place without any prior information, Meiko trembled.

The dungeon structure is made of stone on the floor, walls, and ceiling. It’s a mysterious space where you can clearly see the surroundings even though there is no light source.

However, since the shadow falls down, the light feels like it is coming from the ceiling. Of course, Meiko can’t notice such details because she’s in a confused state.

Meiko looks back and notices that the backside is also a corridor.

So far, there are no enemies.

The straight passageway is wrapped in a painful silence, which turns into heavy pressure and makes Meiko sweats.

Meiko immediately takes out the smartphone and do searching. But, there’s no signal.

「What should I do…… that’s right!」

Meiko remembers a hint that might break the current situation and imagine it. Then, something appears in front of Meiko.

The status that Earth-san said.


Hitsujiya Meiko

15 years old

Job None

Karma + 1286

Level 0

Magic Power 20


【Enhancement Synthesis】


【Person who blessed Earth-san】


「Probably weak…!」

Meiko was shocked. She was excited to the word “Magic Power”, but her level is 0. She was very happy with the skill, a fantasy ability. But it seems to be a manufacturing ability.

Is it really useful in a dungeon?

「Or rather, how can I use――!?」

――The skill.

When Meiko tried to ask herself, *splash* *dong* something amazing run about in her body.

The impact makes her look like a cat with a flehmen reaction. However, something amazing is happening in that cat’s brain.

After a while, she comes to her senses.

Because of that impact, she learned how to use 【Enhancement Synthesis】.

According to it, 【Enhancement Synthesis】 is a manufacturing skill as expected. However, if she can use it well, there is a possibility that she can get through the current situation.

Furthermore, the aftermath of the impact also spread to the other. Rather, she understands how to use the status window.

She then imagines about wanting to see the title 【Person who blessed Earth-san】.

Then, she comes to understand the details in the response.


【Person who blessed Earth-san】

Thank you for your blessing!

For those who gave me a blessing, +10 magical power!


「Is +10 big or small? Anyway, I’m glad that I clapped at that time.」

Meiko thanked the animals for telling her the blessing mood.

Come to think of it, I remember that all the animals gave a blessing. The animals in the world may be a step ahead than humans.

Just like what Meiko guessed, only a few people actually blessed Earth-san at that moment. Of course, it was appropriate from a global scale.

Most of them were alone. They applauded to Earth-san’s growth who might make the gray world become fun. Or a person with a pure heart.

「W-well, then what should I do?」

Meiko thinks.

This place definitely is a dungeon. Will a rescue come here immediately? Will I encounter a monster before help come? How strong is the monster?

She doesn’t know anything.

Meiko that lives in a modern society who can understand most of the situation on the internet, this situation where there is no guidepost is very stimulating for her.

In the end, Meiko decides to move. She doesn’t like this place above all.

A 50m passage with corners at both ends. Meiko is in the middle. It’s difficult to tell if this location is good or bad, but it’s a very scary place.

Therefore, Meiko decides to go to one side.

Let’s explain about Meiko’s equipment.

First, a clean white parka. The lower body is denim short pants and striped high socks with different colors on the left and right. Her shoes are sneakers. The accessory is her favorite pouch.

Hitsujiya Meiko, 15 years old, wearing such equipment. Her height is less than 145 cm. You can guess her physical strength. You can also guess her chest size.

Her initial equipment is, paper. Her initial status too, probably paper.

The concerned dungeon travel has begun.

First of all, Meiko takes out things from the pouch.

A girl’s pouch can contain anything!

She takes out a scissor from the mini sewing set. Keeping such things is the basic for improving girls’ ability.

It’s a small scissor, but it’s better for the loli-musume, Meiko than fight barehanded. She can give a serious injury if aiming for the throat skilfully.

With a wild thought that you can’t think it’s from a loli-musume, Meiko equipped the small scissor.

Hold it with a backhand grip and swing it.

Hold it with a backhand grip and swing it.

She rehearsed with full of motivation.

Next, she takes a dungeon picture with her smartphone. She considers continuing when she can afford it. It’s not a laughing matter if she dies because she’s aiming for a Winsta photo.

During the preparation, she glanced around warily. A dungeon is a place where a careless person will die earlier.

She’s already thinking like a dungeon traveler. Even though she hadn’t moved even a meter yet.

In the pouch, the others are a notebook, tissues, handkerchief, pouch candy, and PET bottle tea. Especially food and drink, I must consume it carefully.

After completing the preparations, Meiko starts to walk. Somehow, she headed to the direction she was facing first.

She approaches the corner slowly and peeks stealthily into what is ahead. There’s a straight line that continues for about 20 meters, but there is nothing.

「Should I draw a map?」

Meiko takes her notebook from the pouch. She had a notebook because it seems that it added the girls’ power value fairly high, but she hasn’t used it that much.

She draws a straight line map on the notebook’s memo page. Since it is a graph paper, she decides the rules herself. Mark the start point so that she can see it.

After she draws a map, she put back the notebook.

It’s troublesome, but maybe the map will be useful after this, and it’s better to draw while I can.

Like this, Meiko advance through the dungeon.

The first encounter is at the next corner.


Just like before, she peeks ahead. There’s an unknown creature. In addition, It’s very close.

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