Earth-san Level Up v1-c1.2

Chapter 1 Dungeon Right Away After The World Changes (2)

Meiko holds her breath and withdraws her face. She leans her back on the corner wall and takes a small breath so that the enemy can’t hear her.

She said about taking a photo with a smartphone when she can afford it, but she completely forgets about that and just suppresses her heartbeat.

Like that, Meiko shows her face again after calm down.

The distance to the enemy is about 3 meters. The enemy is like a balloon with a spring arm. A sphere is attached to the tip of the spring.

It floating on the spot and doesn’t notice her.

Can I do it?

Meiko swallowed her saliva.

There is a possibility that it is not an enemy, like it’s cute or something, but she doesn’t have time for that.

As Earth-san said, the dungeon appeared and the status became visible. That means, that advice about being ready to die if you enter the dungeon is also true.

If that is the case, then there is no other way than to recognize that is a creature that’s very likely will come to kill her.

She can choose to go back and go to the other direction, but there is a possibility that there is an enemy there as well.

If so…

The enemy is one, right away from the corner. It’s doesn’t notice Meiko.

She thinks this situation is the best at present.

And it looks like it’s not so strong. It’s the first encountered enemy, and it shouldn’t be an impossible game spec.

If so, there’s no choice but to do it!

Meiko resolved herself. She bites her lips and forcibly pushes her shivering. Then, she grabbed the small scissors and jumped out of the corner.

Meiko doesn’t hesitate, she thrusts down the small scissor from above the balloon’s head.

Unlike the rehearsal, the scissor handle is pushed into the hand that holding the scissor when attacking. The pain runs around her fingers and palm, but she doesn’t have time to care about that.

The balloon that was attacked by Meiko fell to the ground with a single blow.

At that moment, the spring arms began to rampage.

She steps on one of the arms with her foot and frantically thrust the scissor. The remaining arm hits Meiko’s calf and dull pain runs around.

It hurts to the point tears come out.

Even if the attack is received while the enemy is down, Meiko received damage this much. If she releases it, she will be killed.

Understanding that, Meiko swings down the scissor at the balloon while bearing the pain.

She swings it many times. One digit is not enough and it reaches two digits. Even so, it doesn’t fell down and she keeps swings the scissor.

Every time she swings it, what transmitted to her hand is an inorganic feel, just like when making a square bottle dent.

And yet, the act of it resists by moving its arms, it’s like a living creature.

When she started to wonder if this killing was right, spring balloons stopped moving.

The spring arms fall to the ground, and after a few beats, it becomes a grain of light and disappears.

After that, what remains is a spring and a small red stone.


Meiko cried.

Was it really an enemy? Perhaps, I have done something very cruel.

That feeling overflow in her heart, although it’s late, she became scared.

An unknown space called the dungeon. No one has verified it and does not know what the enemy is.

Meiko, who got lost in such a place, had to do everything at her own discretion.

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