Earth-san Level Up v1-c2.1

Chapter 2 Last Ray of Hope, Enhancement Synthesis

Carelessness is a taboo in a dungeon.

Although Meiko was crying, she immediately picked up the items that spring balloon dropped and returned to the way she came.

「Su~…… Fuu~……」

She sits in the passage and takes a deep breath.

Calm down, you need to calm down, Hitsujiya Meiko.

She says so to herself and forcibly changes her mood.

「For now, status.」

Meiko imagines it.


Hitsujiya Meiko

15 years old

Job None

Karma +1316  《Intention to live eagerly + 40》

Level 1

Magic Power 21/21

Skill 【Strengthening Synthesis】

Title 【Person who blessed Earth-san】


「Karma is going up. Also, 《Intention to live eagerly》. Was it systemically a right thing?」

There are many things I don’t understand about the karma system, for now, let’s ignore it.

After that, she looks straight down, she notices that the level and the magical power have increased by one, but there is no real feeling being stronger concerning the level.

There is no sense of overflowing power even if she held her hand.

「Is level 1 not a big deal? More importantly…」

【Ehancement Synthesis】.

Meiko’s strong point is this.

Meiko learned the skill details from the impact some time ago.


・Enhancemet Synthesis is a magic that enhances an object by sacrificing material. When using, it also consumes magical power separately from the material.

・To synthesize, both the enhanced item and the material must be non-living. Also, it cannot be synthesized if the item is not your property or the owner does not allow it.

・Enhancement is basically easier to obtain a higher effect for a material with a category similar to the enhanced item. Also, between above ground and dungeon products, the dungeon products are overwhelmingly more effective. For example, if you want to strengthen an iron sword, use a sword or metal from the dungeon as a material.

・The enhanced item is essentially the same as the original. Even if an orichalcum used to an iron sword, it won’t become an orichalcum sword. The iron sword remains an iron sword and only the performance is improved.

・Everything that can be enhanced has an enhancement limit.

・ The person that has this skill can use 『Synthesis Appraisal』, which makes the user know the enhancement value and the enhancement limit, and can use 『Favorites』 to avoid mistakenly using materials.


That’s the rule.

「Is it something like a game item enhancement? Anyway, with this…」

Meiko stares at the spring she got earlier. It is a spring that has a wide inner circle so that her slender arms can go inside.

The metal itself is thin, if you push it on both sides with you both hands it goes myonmyon.

It’s somewhat fun. I can’t, it’s a time robber!

Meiko decided to use 【Enhancement Synthesis】 after shaking off its myonmyon temptation.

【Enhancement Synthesis】 seems to be more effective when the material is in a category similar to the enhanced item. This scissor is some kind of metal, and the spring is some kind of metal. Therefore, this should have a fairly high effect.

Note that no matter how much this scissor is enhanced, it’s only a mini scissor. Even if the spring is combined with this mini scissor, it will not evolve into a cutting scissor, and the metal won’t be replaced with the spring’s metal. Only the performance that goes up.

With that, Meiko uses the synthesis appraisal to the mini scissor first.

The window doesn’t come out, it makes her understand like 『Oh, this scissor’s enhancement value is 0/100.』. The denominator is the synthesis limit.

On the other hand, the spring value is 『0/50』.

「Synthesize this spring to this scissor! Oh, before that, register the scissor as a favorite! Eei!」


When she imagines it, she understands that the scissor has become a favorite. The appearance does not change.

Next is the main event. But before that, look around and confirm that the enemy is not approaching. You can’t be careless!

She once again imagines it, synthesizing the spring with the scissor.

Then, the spring turned into light particles and sucked into the scissor.

The mini scissor is becomes stronger! or so she feels.

When she’s using the synthesis appraisal, the scissor is now become like this,『Enhancement value 25/100』.

Although the numbers are surely going up, the appearance doesn’t change. And I can’t understand the change in attack power with the synthesis appraisal.

「Ehehe! Is this ability okay?」

Meiko can only feel anxious. However, she will live strongly with this skill!

She puts the magic stone that she got in the pouch. Apparently, magic stones cannot be used as a material for 【Enhancement Synthesis】.

Then, she resumes her dungeon exploration.

Because there is no sign of other people yet, she started to think that her surroundings didn’t become a dungeon, but she’s in a dungeon right now because of some unexpected circumstances.

She passes through the place where there was a spring balloon and draws it on the map. She once again tries to turn at the corner carefully, but the second enemy comes from the corner ahead.

This time, the enemy is a book.

Meiko hes played some RPGs before. In RPG, non-living enemies such as books often appear. There were also swords and armor.

Immediately after that possibility pass by Meiko’s mind, she sets a fighting posture without thinking something optimistic like 『A mysterious book that will give her power』.

It floats lightly like the spring balloon, but as soon as it sees Meiko, it opens the book and turns the page with tremendous speed.

Books that appear as enemies in games are often a magic type.

The Magic Book (named by Meiko) also the same, after it finishes turn over the pages. it constructs a magic.

Above the opened book, a water ball appears.

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