Earth-san Level Up v1-c2.2

Chapter 2 Last Ray of Hope, Enhancement Synthesis (2)


Although she could predict that it will use magic, she couldn’t prevent it. She was simply stunned. She didn’t know how the magic phenomenon is invoked. There was fear that it might shot out suddenly when she’s rushing, and it made her unable to move.

As a result, she missed a big gap and now finds herself in a dilemma.

Meiko steps back one, two steps, trips her leg and falls on her backside. At that moment, a mass of water run through at a tremendous speed to the place where Meiko’s face was.

It was a speed that seemed invisible to Meiko, but if you looked at it from the side, you could follow it. It was as fast as a professional baseball player could throw. That being said, it is difficult for an ordinary girl to grasp and deal with it herself.

Meiko, who miraculously avoided the attack, gets up in a panic and start to run.

The magic book also didn’t think that the attack will miss, it hurriedly turns the page again.

Their distance is not far away, Meiko arrives first and swing down the scissor toward the magic book that turning the page. With that single blow, the magic book is struck to the ground like a fly that was struck.

However, it hasn’t been defeated because it still turning pages.

Meiko puts her both knees on the floor with no regard to her appearance and swings down the scissor vigorously toward the magic book.

Was its defense power is lower than the spring balloon, the magic book disappeared as a grain of light immediately.

The guilt is less than when she defeated the spring balloon. Or rather, there’s none. The reason is that in this battle, she understood that the monsters that appear in the dungeon are clearly coming to kill her.

Meiko is a girl who looks like a young girl that goes all smiles when given a sweet, but when she does it, she does it!

Now, what remains is a book and a magic stone.

「Haa haa…… maybe it’s a spellbook?」

She takes the book while breathing.

Before she looks at the book’s details, she looks at her main weapon, scissor conditions. Despite being used crudely in these two battles, the scissor doesn’t bend and maintain its brilliance.

Is this also the result of 【Enhancement Synthesis】?

It can be used to cut, but she hasn’t used it for now. She uses it by thrusting it with the blades aligned.

Now, check for the loot.

Meiko opens the book. It’s a book with many complicated magic circles drawn on it.

「Water, come out! Aqua Ball!」

She tries to recite the book with one hand, but nothing happens. She also tries to turn the page at the same speed as the magic book, but this also has no effect.

「Maybe it’s equipment?」

Magic books as the equipment is a common story.

「If so, I wonder if it’s okay with just holding it? Nnn, equip!」

When Meiko makes an intention to do so, the magic book floats by itself.

「Fueee, seriously!?」

In front of the fantasy phenomenon, Meiko’s tension raised.

She saw the magic earlier, but it was a magic that pointed at her head, so it’s no count.

「Okay, I’ve solved all the mysteries. Something like that? Magic book, shoot a water ball!」

Meiko’s reasoning shines brightly.

It must be like this! or so she thought, but nothing happened.

「Umu, I don’t understand at all!」

After that, she tried many things, but the magic wasn’t activated.

Since it was an enemy using water magic, she used water as the main, but it still no good when she tried other elements.

However, there’s a discovery that Meiko can make the magic book move freely with her will to some extent. Approximately, it can be moved within 2 meters with Meiko as the center. It is quite fast and perhaps can be used for attacks.

「Will the magic attack increase if a magician uses it?」

First of all, she concluded that and finished the verification.

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