Earth-san Level Up v1-c3.2

The level is a mystery. Even if the level goes up, she doesn’t feel become stronger. Only the maximum amount of magic power is slightly increased.

However, Meiko thinks speculation.

The level went up to 2 and I walked around the dungeon for about 2 hours.

I walked, used my feet, struck the magic book with the scissor in my hand, moved the magic book, and sometimes ran. In that case, it seems that various abilities have improved rather than the moment of level up.

In other words, 『the level is not an immediate effect, it raises the person limit and training efficiency』, Meiko thought that’s the level role.

Of course, she doesn’t know the actual fact.

The level-up might be a delayed-effect and you will gradually get used to it so that your body is not surprised. Well, it’s for a great person to think about, so she keeps it in the corner of her head.

There’s a change other than level 3.

First, she got a second magic book. She tries to see if she can equip it, but she can’t equip the second one. She thinks about combining it with the first book, but she decides to put it in the pouch as a spare.

The other is the mini scissor is maxed. The attack power is clearly increased, it can defeat the magic book in no time. The mini scissor is no longer a small fry weapon. You’ll think that it might be originally a weapon.

The other equipment is…


・ Magic book A 『11/125』

・ Magic book B 『0/125』 ※a spare

・ Mini scissor 『100/100』

・ White parka 『10/100』

・ Denim pants 『5/100』

・ High socks 『5/100』

・ Sneakers 『3/100』


Like that.

The equipment other than the mini scissor has no matching material, and make do with paper scraps or balloon debris.

The white parka is no longer goes up with one of the balloon debris. That is because not only the category is different it’s also a thrash item.

Three hours have passed since the dungeon exploration started, and the map is filling up steadily.

Now, she’s able to fight with ease, she takes monster pictures with her smartphone. But she doesn’t put her guard down, she takes it within the safety margin.

However, she still can’t find anything that looks like an exit. Instead, she found a treasure chest.


A treasure chest that suddenly appeared at the dead end. It is not gold and red extravaganza… it is a wooden box.

Of course, she takes a picture.

Meiko’s tension is rising, but at the same time, she thinks is it okay to take it or not.

Meiko has never seen a treasure chest in reality, and she’s a good girl that if she picks up a wallet, she will deliver it to the police. Even if she finds a treasure chest here, her brain is confused about who owns it.

However, there is no option not to take it. She’s already taking all items dropped by the monsters.

Meiko opens the treasure chest. She opens halfway and noticed the possibility of a trap, but nothing happened so it’s all right.

Let’s be careful next time.

Inside it is a thimble glove.

「T-this is……!」

Meiko’s tension is rising.

She looks around and make sure that there is no one, and secretly put on the glove. The slightly larger glove changes its size and becomes fit in her hand as soon as she uses it.


Meiko opens her hand in front of her face.

It’s regrettable that there is no mirror.That’s right, I can just take a photo with the smartphone.

Meiko takes a liking to the thimble glove.

However, the effect is not yet known!

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