Earth-san Level Up v1c3 side2.1

Chapter 3 Side 2 Bulletin Board 《Skill Compilation》

【I-is this】 Thread talking about skills PART1 【Power?】

1. Nameless Skill Master

This is a thread to talk about skills.

For dungeons and karma, please go to another thread.

Please make a new thread after reaching 1000.

2. Nameless Skill Master

>1 Good work

3. Nameless Skill Master

Oh, so fast. Good work!

Have you got any good skills?

I got the skill that emits invisible light from my hand that makes flowers bloom!

4. Nameless Skill Master

>3 That’s not good! You did nothing but bad things, right? Good grief.

Ah, I got the skill to grow a small flower in the designated place!

5. Nameless Skill Master

Wait, wait! Number 1 and 2 skills in this thread are 【Flower】, that’s not good www

I want something that has romance.

Ah, by the way, mine is also a 【Flower】.

6. Nameless Skill Master

You too! www

Those who got 【Flower】 just go to the Karma thread, not here. Go find a way to atone.

Mine is【Spear Technique】!

7. Nameless Skill Master

Mine is 【Plant Harvesting】.

I’m almost unrelated to plant harvesting though.

8. Nameless Spearman

I’m also unrelated to a spear.

I’ve played swordplay before, not a spear.

9. Nameless Skill Master

So, how is the 【Spear Technique】 works?

10. Nameless Spearman

It’s like using a killer technique.

11. Nameless Skill Master

Detail please!

12. Nameless Spearman

It seems that you can make a strong thrust when charging with all your strength.

13. Nameless Skill Master

Kind of attack boost?

14. Nameless Spearman

I think no?

I haven’t tried it because I got it on my way to the company.

I found a clotheshorse at the garbage collection place, but I couldn’t do it orz

15. Nameless Skill Master

 Coward! Try it with a resolution!

16. Nameless Skill Master

What if the result is unexpectedly amazing, and then you open a hole on a person’s chest (; ^ ω ^)

It was correct not to do it.

17. Nameless Axeman

Sup! I got 【Axe Technique】!

I used a similar killer technique!

18. Nameless Skill Master

Oh, did you try it!

How is it?

19. Nameless Axeman

I used my gramps’ little hatchet, but the firewood exploded www

20. Nameless Skill Master

What is that, isn’t that super strong?

21. Nameless Axeman

I dunno.

I think at least most of the creatures on earth will be killed, but I think it can be done with a normal attack too.

22. Nameless Harvester

That’s obvious. If a polar bear does nothing and let you attack it, you should be able to kill it with a hatchet.

Did you know what the mechanism was?

23. Nameless Axeman

I think it’s more like the magic power dwell in the axe rather than my power went up.

The proof was that there was no correction of my own movement when using the killer technique. Then, the magic power became 0 after using the skill.

24. Nameless Skill Master

Hee, so it means that magic power also affects martial arts skill?

25. Nameless Skill Master

By the way, how much magic power do you have?

26. Nameless Axeman

It’s 8.

27. Nameless Skill Master

One above me huh. I’m 7. A flower user tho.

28. Nameless Quick-san

Sorry, I got 【Agility Up small】, but I only have 5 magic power.

Are there any other people like this?

29. Nameless Skill Master

“Nameless Quick-san” www

30. Nameless Swordsman-san

I also have low magic power. It’s 3.

I got a 【Swordsman’s Body Build】 skill.

31. Nameless Skill Master

【Swordman’s Body Build】….

Did you get that kind of body?

32. Nameless Swordsman-san

No, it’s still fatty.

33. Nameless Skill Master

Change your user name! It’s a scam www

34. Nameless Seamstress

Mine is 【Seamstress’s Fingertips】.

My magic power is also 5.

35. Nameless Skill Master

What with that business-like skill series.

36. Nameless Muscle-san

 Sorry for the wait! 【Muscle Strength Up small】 and magic power is 4!

37. Nameless Water Magician

I’m 【Water Magic】 and magic power is 8.

38. Nameless Skill Master

(゜ Д ゜) My jealousy can’t stop.

39. Nameless Skill Master

From here, let’s examine the relations between skills and initial magic power.

Please report both of them!

Ah, mine is a flower and my magic power is 8.

40. Nameless Skill Master

Those flower guys have a lot of magic power, huh?