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679. Nameless Water Magician

The summary this far.


・ Martial arts skills, magic power is 7-10

You can use one killer technique. Uses 8 magic powers.

A person with 7 magic power can’t use it.

・ Body strengthening skills, magic power 3-6

The effect is just like the name.

Quick-san’s body has clearly become lighter.

・ Magic skills, magic power 7-10

You can use the attribute name’s magic. 5 magic power required.

I get the magic to generate water, flying water balls.

Also earth magic discovered. Earth magic also a similar magic.

・ Gathering skills, magic power 7-10

It seems to be usable in the dungeon. I don’t really understand.

・ Growth skills, magic power 3-6

Something that has a job’s name like【Swordsman’s Body Build】【Magician’s Knowledge】.

Apparently, when you do training, you’ll get an optimal body for that job.

There is no immediate effect, and the one who gained 【Swordsman’s Body Build】 at present is a fat guy.

・ Arts principle skills, magic power 5-8

There are something like 【Sword Art Principle】【Seamstress’s Fingertips】.

Apparently, it’s like an art version of growth skills.

It is unknown how effective it is.

・ Special skills, magic power ・ around 7?

Discovered 【When Equipping a Spear, Raise Attack small】.

Probably the meaning is as it is. Magic power is unknown because the sample is few.

・ Flower, magic power 7-10

The person who has negative karma possesses it.

You can make flowers bloom on soil and your belongings.

It cannot be bloomed at living things or other’s belongings.

However, if it’s soil, you can bloom it even it’s other people’s things.

* Note that the magic power is not certain because the sample is few.


680. Nameless Skill Master

> 679 Thanks for the summary  ^^) _旦 ~~

681. Nameless Spearman

If you look at this, isn’t the person who has the body strengthening or growth skills have less magic power?

682. Nameless Compounder

Is it okay to talk about my thoughts? It’s reasoning without any proof though.

683. Nameless Skill Master

>682 Go on.

684. Nameless Skill Master

Just who do you think you’re www

685. Nameless Compounder

Perhaps, everyone has about 7 to 10 magic power from the beginning, right?

And, if you get a passive skill, you’ll always be in a state where you need huge magic power to strengthen your body, right?

688. Nameless Life Magician

T-that’s it! I thought so too!

689. Nameless Axeman

I see, the strengthening system certainly is permanent.

690. Nameless Earth Magician

Then, if I have a chance to learn a strengthening system, do I need to be prepared for my magic power to be reduced?

691. Nameless Compounder

It’s still not certain, you should wait for further information.

Anyway, I haven’t even found a way to get skills, for now just train your earth magic in the garden.

692. Nameless Earth Magician


693. Nameless Skill Master

You’re too obedient! www

694. Nameless Appraiser

Still, what about us who have no way to fight?

I want to play an active role in the dungeon if possible.

695. Nameless Blacksmith

>693 You still have it better.

I’m a salaryman, you know? And now, I have the 【Blacksmith’s Fingertips】 skill, it’s too late for me.

696. Nameless Flower User

Sure, Appraiser is better.

Rather, depending on the specifications of the dungeon, he might be in high demand.

As for Blacksmith… If you’re popular, it seems you’ll be invited for long-term exploration.

697. Nameless Seamstress


698. Nameless Blacksmith

I’ve been waiting, Seamstress!

699. Nameless Water Magician

The event so far.

I asked Seamstress, who had been there since the beginning of the thread, to verify the sewing skill.

Seamstress has 【Seamstress’s Fingertips】.

700. Nameless Flower User

>699 You sure are diligent.

Does the karma rise if you’re useful for everyone? Memo memo.

701. Nameless Spearman

You should go to the Karma thread and learn how to atone.

702. Nameless Blacksmith

So, how was it, Seamstress?

703. Nameless Seamstress

Look at this! >>> Image

704. Nameless Spearman

……What is this?

705. Nameless Flower User

Is that Guro image?

706. Nameless Earth Magician


707. Nameless Seamstress

It’s a dust cloth though?

708. Nameless Axeman

Is your house dust cloth a ball-type!?

709. Nameless Swordsman-san

Damn www

710. Nameless Water Magician

 (; ・`д・´)

711. Nameless Blacksmith

Oi, Water Magician, your personnel selection is a failure.

It took about an hour and a half, and what came out is a trash.

712. Nameless Water Magician


But, Seamstress is going to be a famous man after this, right?

713. Nameless Seamstress

T-that’s, I am a woman.

714. Nameless Spearman

I forgave everything.

715. Nameless Blacksmith

If I look closely, I think it’s a tra――dust cloth that has a good vibe.

716. Nameless Appraiser

If you use this, you can play baseball in the cleaning time!

717. Nameless Swordsman-san

>715 That’s it!

718. Nameless Water Magician

S-so, did Seamstress has a change, for example, you became better at sewing with 【Seamstress’s Fingertips】?

719. Nameless Axeman

Although it is obvious if you look at the image, I think that your attitude to ask the person properly for verification is splendid (;’∀’)

720. Nameless Seamstress

Umm, as usual!

721. Nameless Water Magician

I see. As usual huh.

The difference from ordinary dust cloth… can you understand if you see it, Appraiser?

722. Nameless Quick-san

At least, I can see the difference between a round and flat surface clearly in my eyes, you know?

723. Nameless Appraiser

I think it’s impossible because mine is 【Armour Appraisal】.

For this tra――dust cloth…… perhaps item appraisal might do?

724. Nameless Swordsman-san

It seems there’s someone who has item appraisal, but no one writes it.

Still, the world becomes fun!

725. Nameless Blacksmith

>724 You must lose your weight first.

726. Nameless Skill Master

Is there a magical skill report instead of this plain skill?

There’s only water and earth magic.

Frankly, isn’t my flower production skill more magical than those skills?

727. Nameless Appraiser

Certainly, 【Flower】 could become a century magician if the times were better.

728. Nameless Synthesist

Everyone, listen to me!

I got 【Weapon Enhancement Synthesis】!

Ah, my magic power is 9.

729. Nameless Swordsman-san

A new skill is it. What is the effect?

730. Nameless Synthesist

You can enhance something that can be used as a weapon with another item.

When enhanced, the material turned into light and disappeared.

This is the video #####

731. Nameless Skill Master

Eh, what’s that, how enviable.

732. Nameless Water Magician

You seem to have enhanced the kitchen knife, but how strong does it become?

733. Nameless Spearman

How strong?

734. Nameless Spearman

Sorry, it doubled.

735. Nameless Synthesist

As the skill set, I can see the enhancement value, but until now I have been synthesizing various things and finally, it became 『1/100』 (; ^ ω ^)

There’s no change in the sharpness!

736. Nameless Flower User

Is it a trash skill?

737. Nameless Skill Master

At least it’s a skill that can erase trash www

738. Nameless Singer

Re-re-re-reporting! My cat jumped about 5 meters!

739. Nameless Axeman

When I thought that I didn’t see you for some time, you sure hammer in with something amazing, Singer.

740. Nameless Spearman

It’s not a lie?

741. Nameless Singer

Now I’m scared of karma, I won’t lie!

My cat jumped from my garden to the second-floor roof in one go.

742. Nameless Water Magician

I was concerned about animals too.

Did you notice the dog’s and cat’s situation at the announcement time?

743. Nameless Appraiser

There’s no way I didn’t in that clamor.

I was really scared that a great disaster might come.

744. Nameless Blacksmith

Perhaps, animals also have skills?

745. Nameless Water Magician

That voice said it not only to humans.

Maybe all creatures are bestowed.

746. Nameless Flower User

Eh, maybe I’m lower than a dog and cat?

747. Nameless Swordsman

>745 Is that alright?

748. Nameless Water Magician

I don’t know. At least, it’s better to be careful.

Also, just in case, I’ll report it to the police after this.

749. Nameless Flower User

W-w-wait! Give that duty to me!

750. Nameless Appraiser

You’re desperate www

751. Nameless Flower User

Of course I’m!

752. Nameless Spearman

I said go to Karma thread quickly!




>>>> Their posting about the fantasy power they got is continuing.

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