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Chapter 3 Side 3 Bulletin Board 《Karma Thread》

【Urgent】 Negative Karma Is Scary, Someone Please Help PART10 【Urgent】

1. Nameless Negative Karma

This is a thread to discuss and investigate about karma.

Please talk about dungeons and skills in another thread.

A lot of people are really in trouble, so be careful when writing.

※Please don’t write false information. Also, writing slander may reduce karma.

For the 1000th person, please set the next thread.

If you don’t know how to do it, please refrain from writing near 1000.





271. Nameless Negative Karma


【What we currently know about karma】

・ ※※※ First, it was noted that if a person with negative karma commits a heinous crime, they will become a pitch black corpse without a doubt. ※※※

・ If you want to know about karma on your status, you can see the log of past karma regulations. You can see what kind of action that affected it, so let’s check it.

・ Karma is basically not a law, but it is easy to fall if you go against humanity.

・ A crime that generally sensible people consider to be vicious will have a tremendous reduction in karma.

・ Be careful because you cannot make an excuse that you do not remember because of drinking alcohol. However, if you’re forced to drinking by other people, it will be judged differently.

・ In criminal acts, the reduction value of karma changes depending on the process leading up to it.

Example 1 ・ If you accidentally bumping your shoulder with another person and that person dies because of falling, your karma reduction is not significant. Conversely, in the case of a pleasure murder, the karma is dramatically reduced.

Example 2-If a girl that can’t even eat bread that day is stealing, the karma hardly decreases. Conversely, if you steal when you have other means, such as a part-time job, your karma will be significantly reduced.

・If you go against what you have sworn to God, karma will be considerably reduced depending on the matter’s significance.

・ “B” defends “A” who is clearly found to have committed a crime, and if the defense is successful, then 10% of the karma from A’s action will spread to B, both plus and minus. However, bonus points for childbirth and marriage that will be described later are not added.

Example ・ If a lawyer defends a criminal who has been arrested for the current offense and reduces his crimes for three years, the lawyer will get along with the offender’s karma subtraction for three years of the crime that has been alleviated.

・Pig farms or poultry farms, the executioners won’t reduce their karma as long they don’t kill brutally. Also, no matter how many insects are killed, karma does not decrease. However, it decreases when killed brutally.

・ Joining the five major religions in the world will double the karma subtraction. If you continue to be poor, something might happen.

・ If you use God’s name to deceive and swindle, your karma will decrease extraordinarily. It may be considered a betrayal. Don’t do it.

・ Karma subtraction performed by a person who seems to be brainwashed will be replaced by the brainwasher or his commander by 90%.

・ Politicians or leaders of such as company officers seem to have special karma fluctuations. It’s too complicated, I give up.

【Event that will certainly increase karma】

・ When you are born, you will receive +500 karma as a blessing.

・Plus karma will be given when you marry before God.

※There are reports that marriages between childhood friend were high.

【Caution】 If you marry before God and divorce your partner even though doesn’t have a mistake, the given karma will be returned. Also, if you have a fault, such as cheating, there will be an extra cost for the karma that’s returned.

・ A woman who gives birth to a child will be given plus karma. ※women only.

【Caution 1】 If the child is severely abused, the karma will be greatly reduced.

【Caution】 【Caution】 I don’t know what will happen if you do it just because you want karma after reading thins! 【Caution】 【Caution】

【What people with negative karma should do】

・ First, reflect from the bottom of your heart.

・ If you swear to God here, your karma will be 『Reflection State』. When you’re in 『Reflection State』, you will get a headache when you try do something bad.

・ Improve your daily life and reexamine your bad aspects (bad habits, temperament, etc.). If you’re not sure, let’s consult to a decent person. Please note that you might just lick each other wounds if you consult to someone similar.

・ It is not necessary to apologize to the victim. Frankly, that’s just self-satisfaction. Even if you apologize at this time, the other person will feels uncomfortable and the karma won’t work. If you still want to make up for it, turn yourself to the police and let the police convey it to the person you want to apologize.


272. Nameless Negative Karma

>271 O-oh, thanks for the summaries.

273. Nameless Negative Karma

I just read a little and feels like it’s difficult (;^ω^)

274. Summary Manager

I guess that’s it. Do you have anything else?

275. Nameless Negative Karma

Wait a minute, I’ll read it.




399. Nameless Negative Karma

Is a lawyer really going to get 10% of the criminal’s karma?

400. Nameless Negative Karma


401. Nameless Negative Karma

Right now, the Lawyers Association seems in an uproar.

402. Nameless Negative Karma

But, isn’t this bad?

With this, no lawyers gonna defend anyone, right?

403. Nameless Negative Karma
Rather, you’re now able to see karma logs, so you might not even need a lawyer.

404. Nameless Negative Karma

You’re right!

405. Nameless Negative Karma

>403 Not really. If the defended person repented and then piling up good deeds, if he gets plus karma the lawyer will get that too.

406. Nameless Negative Karma
T-that’s right(; ‘∀’)

But, they are in an uproar, right?

407. Nameless Negative Karma

It seems so….

Well, I’m looking forward to their good deeds.

It is said that even lawyers unwillingly defend heinous criminals. As for those that defend for the money, isn’t it okay to just leave them be?

408. Nameless Counselee

Excuse me, is it okay to ask for a consultation?

409. Nameless Negative Karma

Go ahead.

410. Nameless Counselee

I was an underwear thief, what should I do?

411. Nameless Negative Karma


Did you steal panties? Or milk guards?

412. Nameless Counselee

No, trunks and briefs.

Briefs were especially favorite.

413. Nameless Negative Karma

S-so, you’re a woman (; ^ ω ^)

414. Nameless Counselee

No, I’m a man.

415. Name of minus karma

…… (゜ ∀ ゜)

416. Nameless Negative Karma

F-f-f-for the time being, reflect on it.

And vow to God you won’t do that again.

417. Nameless Negative Karma


That way, if you want to steal briefs, that’s out of the question.

418. Nameless Counselee

But, if I reflect on it here, I feel like I’ll lose something important in myself…….

419. Nameless Negative Karma

T-that’s a demon that must be exterminated.

Instead of stealing, let’s find a boyfriend who will take off his briefs for you.

420. Nameless Counselee

No, it’s not that I’m homosexual.

I can’t help but want to let my beloved dog wear the stolen briefs.

421. Nameless Negative Karma

(; ゜ д ゜) Gulp……

422. Nameless Negative Karma

What a poor dog…….

423. Nameless Negative Karma

Let’s turn yourself in

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