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870. Nameless Counselee

Is it okay for me to ask for a consultation now?

871. Nameless Negative Karma

Go ahead.

It seems that you were timing it well, I think it’s very good.

872. Nameless Counselee

Thank you very much. So, this is what I want to consult about.

Actually, I was cheating on my boyfriend in secret.

But, my karma has not reduced for some reason.

Does this mean that God also allows it?

873. Nameless Negative Karma

No, it has been confirmed that cheating, especially physical relationships, usually reduces karma. It decreases considerably when someone who is married before God does it.

However, in the former case, karma does not decrease under specific conditions.

874. Nameless Counselee

What are those specific conditions…?

875. Nameless Negative Karma

If the other person is also cheating, or if he doesn’t care about you and using violence, these are the specific conditions that are known so far.

Is this applicable?

876. Nameless Counselee


To be honest, I felt like that.

So I……

877. Nameless Negative Karma

For now, part with him.

And then go out with me.

878. Nameless Counselee

No, I don’t want a person with negative karma anymore…

879. Nameless Negative Karma


880. Nameless Negative Karma

In the future, will our karma gonna be checked first…?

881. Nameless Negative Karma

N-no, there are a lot of women who like outlaws, if we aim for those…!

882. Nameless Negative Karma

Are you outlaw?

883. Nameless Negative Karma

Will I get selected for a role to rebuke a woman knight with a thin book?

884. Nameless Negative Karma

What’s that, how bold!

885. Nameless Counselee

Err, thank you for the consultation.

886. Nameless Negative Karma

Y-yeah, do your best!

887. Nameless Counselee


888. Nameless Negative Karma

Amazing, we’re being thanked on the bulletin board!

889. Nameless Negative Karma

Right! We’re usually being abused.

890. Nameless Negative Karma

Not enough stimulation…!



《In the next thread》



121. Nameless Counselee

Can I consult?

122. Nameless Negative Karma

Yes, go ahead.

123. Nameless Counselee

Unlike you guys, I’m an elite, but my karma is damn low. What’s going on?

124. Nameless Negative Karma

Oh, sorry, I’m going to sleep today because it’s already late.

125. Nameless Negative Karma

Go look at karma log.

126. Nameless Counselee

‘Look at the log’, I don’t have time to do something bothersome like that. Unlike you resident here, I’m busy.

So, what I need to do to make it plus? Teach me briefly.

127. Nameless Counselee

Hey, write a reply.

128. Nameless Counselee

This is a consultation thread, isn’t it? I’m a counselee, you know.

129. Nameless Counselee

Ha? Really, what is this?

Things like karma and God, are you insane?





The net residents, who sensed the smell of sensitive land mines, went away like a scattering spider’s child. Those nameless negative karma people gritting their teeth.

However, now that the karma system has appeared in this world, a dangerous bridge cannot be crossed.

Their karma was negative, but somehow they could adapt to the new world. And the negative karma people who can’t adapt will disappear one by one.

From bulletin boards, and from the surface.

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