Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 307

Chapter 307: My Heart Will Ache For You

Translated by Awe [ @ialls ] at foxaholic.com

Proofread by Daed [ @itsanotherreader ]

Gu Yanhao smiled, his gaze falling upon her pale, slender hands. “If your hand gets a cut from the shrimp shell, my heart will ache.”

    Song Wuyou snorted: “There are so many stabbed wounds in making embroidery. Wouldn’t you die of heartache?”

   As soon as Gu Yanhao listened her words, his eyes narrowed. “It seems that I’m going to stop you from doing these kinds of rough jobs.”


    Song Jiuyue’s face became paler and paler. Every word that Gu Yanhao said to Song Wuyou cut through her heart like knives.

  These kind of words, did they really come out of Gu Yanhao’s mouth?

  Is Song Wuyou really so important in his heart?

    After they finished eating, Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou left the restaurant and went to see a movie.

Song Jiuyue raised her head, her dim and saddened gaze watching the direction that they left in.

“Going to watch a movie–”

Something that Gu Yanhao had once considered as the most boring thing to do, but now he can’t wait to do it with Song Wuyou.

He’s really completely fallen in love with Song Wuyou.

Song Jiuyue lost completely to Song Wuyou.

Even the identity of the Song family pearl, has lost.

And she has lost so utterly——

At this time, her phone rang. She answered it. It was from the first hospital.

Song Jiuyue’s heart tightened, “hello…”

    “Miss Song, Mr. Song had a sudden heart attack. He is now currently under rescue…”

    Without waiting for the other party to finish talking, Song Jiuyue hurriedly got up and rushed out to the hospital.

    When she arrived at the hospital, Song Nan had just been rescued. He was sent back to the ward.

    The doctor told her that if she wanted Song Nan to have a better life, he will need to undergo heart-replacement surgery.

    This was a major operation. The surgery cost is about five hundred thousand yuan[1].

    After the operation, various observations and medications are required. The cost for a month should be at least a thousand to ten thousand yuan.

    Song Jiuyue thought that she had some jewelry to sell at home. She agreed to Song Nan’s surgery.

The doctor told her information about the operation and went back to work.

    Not long after the doctor left, Song Nan woke up.

    Song Jiuyue told him about the operation.

    “If I fall down, can Song Company still be saved?” Song Nan is always concerned about his company.

    “Dad, your health is more important. If the company is gone, then it’s gone.” Song Jiuyue looked at him sadly.

    Song Nan’s eyes flashed with hatred. “It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault for raising tigers [2].”


    “I, Song Nan, raised a good daughter for others.”


    “If I had known at that time that Song Wuyou was not my daughter, I would have trampled her to death!”


    Song Nan looked at Song Jiuyue with guilt. “Jiuyue, it’s all dad’s fault. If I hadn’t brought Song Wuyou back, Ah Hao is yours.”

    Song Jiuyue does hold hatred for Song Wuyou in her heart, but what’s more important right now is to comfort Song Nan, “Dad, things are in the past. You don’t have to feel guilty anymore.”

   “Others might not know, but I know how much you like Ah Hao.”

    Song Jiuyue’s eyes are full of sadness. “The person he loves is Song Wuyou.”

    “Jiuyue, how is your progress with Cheng Junhua?” Song Nan looked at Song Yuyue and asked.

    “I received an invitation card to his birthday party.” Song Jiuyue said. Mrs. Ji had sent people to give it to her. She will use this opportunity to have a good talk with Cheng Junhua.

    Song Nan’s eyes flashed with a gleam, “You take good care of him. As long as you become his wife, even Song Company’s closure is temporary.”

    “So, Dad, you must take good care of your body. While the green hills last, there’ll be wood to burn[3] . If something happens to you, I am afraid I will become depraved.” 

   “I promise you. So, take good care of yourself. If there’s really no money left, sell off the Song family villa.”


[1] Yuan is a China currency

[2] 养虎为患 yǎng hǔ wéi huàn means to nurture a tiger invites calamity

[3] 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧 líu de qīng shān zài , bù pà méi chái shāo means Where there’s life there’s hope