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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Want You

Translated by Awe [ @ialls ] at foxaholic.com

Proofread by Daed [ @itsanotherreader ]

As soon as Song Jiuyue heard it, there was a tug on her heart.

Was the Song family really going to decline?

Has it gotten to the point that they have to sell the house?

Song Jiuyue felt so powerless. She was the eldest daughter, but now she can only standby and watch the downfall of the Song family.

She frowned slightly and swore secretly that she must become the wife of the eldest young master of the Cheng family!




At this time, the big screen was playing a very good, romantic and sweet love story movie.

Before the movie was aired, the movie marketing did a lot of publicity.

Those who came in here were virtually all lovers or married couples, entering in pairs.

Because the story was romantic and sweet, not only were the male and female protagonists young and good-looking, even the supporting actors were good-looking too.

Everyone in the cast also had great acting skills. It was pleasing to the eyes to watch their expressions.

However, Song Wuyou yawned frequently and looked very sleepy.

Compared with Gu Yanhao, who watched with interest, she seemed out of place.

In the end, she fell asleep leaning against the chair.

Suddenly, there was a heart-throbbing scene.

As the male lead was teaching the female lead to swim,  they unconsciously started embracing each other.

A passionate kiss, from the middle of the pool to the side of the pool.

The kiss was so passionate. The man was only wearing a swimming trunks, revealing a fit figure.

The female lead wore a bikini that emphasized her chest. When she hugged the male lead, her breast was squished as she moaned.

The scene made the viewers blushed and their hearts throbbed. Some couples seated in dimmer lighting couldn’t resist hugging and kissing each other.

The foreign couple sitting in front of Gu Yunhao were kissing as if there was no one else around. The man’s hand went straight in from his partner’s V-shaped collar.

Seeing this scene, Gu Yanhao raised his eyebrows slightly. His eyes looked up at the big screen.

The camera turned to the male lead’s bed.

The main leads kissed from the pool to the bed. They began to roll together under the sheets, the blankets covering their bodies from view.

But their expressions were executed well. That woman’s dazed and charming appearance——

Gu Yanhao suddenly thought of what Secretary Zhang said, “The wall is thumping, the bed is thumping.”[1]

“Song Wuyou, is it good?” Gu Yanhao looked over with interest.

It would have been fine if he hadn’t looked over. Once looked, Gu Yanhao’s raised lips froze momentarily.

This woman … actually fell asleep!

 It was just halfway in the movie, and she fell asleep?

This was a romantic love story!

Originally, he had wanted to create a little romance and make her look at him differently.

Seeing her sleeping now, Gu Yanhao felt like he was beating on the pillow. He felt aggrieved.

He wanted to wake her up, but he couldn’t bear to wake her up when he saw that her sleeping appearance in the dark was as quiet as a cute little girl.

Except that she didn’t lean on his shoulder when she wanted to sleep. She slept on the back of the chair, which made his gaze deepen.

Silly woman, is she this on guard against him?

He really wanted her to hug his arm when she felt sleepy and say coquettishly, “Honey, I’m sleepy. I want to sleep on your shoulder.”

Gu Yanhao stretched out his arm and gently put his arm around her shoulders. He gently moved Song Wuyou’s body over.

As soon as Song Wuyou’s head had just rested on his shoulder, she suddenly startled. She quickly raised her head and looked at him: “Is the movie over?”

“…” Gu Yanhao turned to look at her, tightening his thin lips.

Did her head touch his shoulder?

Ahhhh, why did she wake up so easily?

He really wanted to try the feeling of embracing her as she slept with her head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, he felt that the idea just now was very presumptuous——

Gu Yanhao’s face sank. “It’s not over yet, but I don’t want to watch it anymore.”


[1] The bed scene. You know what I meant ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)

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