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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 309

Chapter 309: No matter who you are, you can only be my wife

Translated by Awe [ @ialls ] at foxaholic.com

Proofread by Daed [ @itsanotherreader ]

“Oh, then let’s go.” Song Wuyou got up.

Gu Yanhao looked at her and smiled bitterly. She was really frank and direct.

In the car.

Gu Yanhao controls the steering wheel steadily and asked Song Wuyou, who was sitting in the co-driver seat, “Was the movie good?”

Song Wuyou pursed her lips and looked at him. Was he asking her on purpose?

If it was good, would she leave in the middle?

“Not bad.” Song Wuyou did not make too much comments.

Every movie had its own value.

If she evaluated it, she only said if she likes or dislikes it. She definitely wouldn’t say if it was good or not.

“Do you support the love between the male lead and female lead?”

Song Wuyou stunned: “Ah?”

Love between male lead and female lead? What kind of love did they have between them?

“The female lead is very willful and pushy.” Gu Yanhao said.

“Oh, it seems so.” Song Wuyou thought for a while and nodded.

She hadn’t watched much. She was too sleepy sitting there, so she fell asleep.

“The male lead pampers her a lot, but she loves the supporting male lead.”

“…” Song Wuyou glanced at Gu Yanhao. What did he want to say?

“The supporting male lead also likes the female lead, but she’s already became the male lead’s fiancee.”

“…” Song Wuyou listened quietly.

“The female always thought about the good of the supporting male lead. She didn’t see what the male lead did for her. Fortunately, the male lead worked hard enough to move her heart with his actions and they finally got married. “

” How did you know the ending if you haven’t finished the movie?” Song Wuyou asked.

Gu Yanhao glanced at her coolly. “I knew the general plot before I bought the tickets.”

Song Wuyou blinked and smiled at Gu Yanhao. “Gu Yanhao, are you trying to tell me something?”

Gu Yan raised his lips, “Yeah, I want to tell you that I will move your heart with my actions.”

“What action?”

“An action that you will not expect.” 

Song Wuyou snorted, “Isn’t your action just pressing me on the bed? Gu Yanhao, women hate coercion the most. The more men treat her like this, the more she hates him. “

Gu Yanhao’s eyes shone with a strange gleam.

He pursed his thin lips and said lowly, “Who said I would only press you on the bed? You wish. “

“…” No, she didn’t wish for anything.

After returning to the villa, Song Wuyou took a shower comfortably. She dried her hair and laid down on the bed to rest.

Gu Yanhao was busy in his study, holding a video conference with the other party in Britain.

It’s almost 12 o’clock when the meeting ended.

When he returned to the bedroom, Song Wuyou was sleeping soundly. He took his bathrobe and went to the bathroom next door to take a bath.

She was a light sleeper. He was afraid that if he took a shower in their bedroom bathroom, the sound of the water would wake her up.

Standing under the showerhead, Gu Yanhao couldn’t help but remember the scene of the male and female protagonists kissing in the swimming pool. 

Originally, they had been fighting. The male lead seized the female lead’s weakness. He knew that she liked swimming, but could not swim. Then, he taught her how to swim. Finally, they started kissing and made up.

Gu Yanhao raised his lips, his smile is very mischievous.

Didn’t Song Wuyou say that she wanted to work out?

Swimming was also a way to work out. And she can’t swim… Hehe. He has a chance to wall-slam her in the pool.

He looked wild and sexual in the bathrobe that he had donned after the shower.

Back in the bedroom, he sat in front of the bed. His gaze was fixed on the woman on the bed.

Beauty truly was in the eyes of the beholder. As he looked at her now, she became more and more beautiful.

He raised his hand and gently stroked her hair on the pillow. His deep voice was tender, his gaze gentle but complex. “Song Wuyou, no matter who you are. You can only be my wife in this life.”