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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: I’m Pregnant

“Mom, you don’t have to worry about my marriage.” Cheng Junhua retrieves his gaze. His smile that seemingly have no warmth fall on Mrs.Jier, “My marriage, just let uncle arrange everything for me.” [T/N: Must be that Mr.President uncle]

Mrs.Jier smiles slightly: “So many girls here, one also you don’t like?”

Cheng Junhua coldly clenched his lips: “They’re all dress up too beautifully. I can only see their performance, unable to see their hearts. What is the difference between me simply choose 1 here and let uncle arrange for me?” [T/N There is a hint of mockery in his words.]


“Mom, since you invited them over, you just entertain them. I still have something to do and need to go out.” After the end of his talk, he passed his goblet over to Mrs.Jier.

“This child, today is your birthday, why do you need to go out when you just reach home?”

“I’m going to Dragon Palace”

[T/N: Dragon Palace – Most probably a restaurant. “Dragon Palace” is a very common name used in a lot of restaurants. ]

When heard he wanted to go to Dragon Palace[1], Mrs.Jier who originally wanted to keep him here stopped.

It should be the President who is waiting for him at the Dragon Palace, to celebrate his birthday.

The President had a daughter in his twilight years, therefore she is still very young. Even though he had an adopted daughter, but they have no blood relation.[2]

[T/N: It’s talking about 2 different daughters, 1 blood-related daughter which is very young and another which is an adopted daughter that should be an adult. ]

He has loved Cheng Junhua since he was a child. After became President, he pays even more attention to Chen Junhua.

It is often said that, when he stepped down, he will let Cheng Junhua take over.

Therefore, Cheng Junhua regards the President and his wife more important than his parents.

His time spent in the Dragon Palace and President Residence was more than his time spent at home.

Looking at his back as he went out, there was a flash of loss in Mrs.Jier eyes.

This son has grown up, and the affection with this son becoming more and more distant.

The departure of Cheng Junhua, disappointed all the present ladies, causing all the elegance and gracefulness earlier to go missing. [T/N: They stop pretending. LOL] 

The usually pampered rich ladies felt that they’re being neglected.  Feeling unwilling, yet they dare not show their feelings on the face.

Song Jiuyue catches up from the villa and blocked Cheng Junhua from entering his car

Cheng Junhua looked at her sinisterly: “Your courage sure is big, how dare you to block my way?”

Song Jiuyue actually came in anger, but seeing his dangerous and murderous look, she’s terrified. She continued in low breath: “I have something to tell you.” 

Cheng Junhua sneered: “Let me marry you?”

“I’m pregnant.”

Cheng Junhua was surprised.



In the 2 days Gu Yanhao was not in M city, Song Wuyou went to work and leave work on time.

This morning, she was woken up by a sound like an earthquake.

She quickly got out of bed and went to the window to look outside.

Oh god, that villa in front, why did it suddenly collapse?

She turned around, needed to go down to see properly. Suddenly she heard the sound of buildings collapsing again.

What happened?

Looks like another neighboring villa had also collapsed, will her current villa also collapse?

As she hurried downstairs, she saw secretary Zhang and Ah De was discussing something. 

Hearing her footsteps sound, secretary Zhang and Ah De turned their head, wanted to greet her morning.

“Why did those villas collapsed?” Song Wuyou asked.

Ah De replied: “Young Madam, they are being demolished.”

Song Wuyou stunned: “Demolished?”

Ah De: “Yes, young master planned to complete the project as soon as possible.”

Song Wuyou was confused. She has totally no idea what is happening: “Those villas belong to Gu Yanhou?”

Before this, she remembers seeing someone living in the villas.

“Few days back, it does not belong to young master but it is now. ”Ah De replied.

“Even if it is so, there is no need to demolish them, what a pity.”

“Young master planned to build a horse ranch and archery training ground. He also prepared to raise some chickens.” Ah De said.

When Song Wuyou heard this, her heart tighten, looking at Ah De in surprise: “Horse ranch and archery training ground?”

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