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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Song Wuyou, I Can’t Sleep

Ah De nodded, smiling, “Yes. Young Master said Young Madam likes horse riding, archery and also likes to eat beggar chicken. That’s why Young Master bought the surrounding area, to construct the place for Young Madam.”

“…….” The corner of Song Wuyou’s eyes and mouth twitched, being rich can be so unrestrained.[T/N: Imagine her face with this look > this ]

Even if she likes archery and horse riding, there is no need to waste so much energy to buy down this area and rebuild the whole place.

How much does all this cost!

When she wants to ride horses, isn’t it ok to just went to Mu Gu place for it? 

Still want to reared chicken, Gu Yanhao this man is really, simply unimaginable.

“Secretary Zhang, let’s continue to discuss how to speed up the construction work.” Ah De said while looking at Secretary Zhang.

“Okay.” They then continued with their discussion.

Song Wuyou listened for 1 minute from the side. They are probably talking about where to build the horse ranch, where to build the archery training ground, need to buy how many horses, keep a few chickens and what to do after the chicken lay eggs…….

Song Wuyou can’t continue to listen anymore, she totally can’t keep up with the way of how they think.

She went back upstairs to clean her face and change her clothes. By the time she went back downstairs, both Ah De and Secretary Zhang also no longer there.

She went into the dining room, Sis Song then served her breakfast.

Xu jing entered the room as soon as she sat down.

Now, Xu Jing is Song Wuyou’s assistant, as long as Gu Yanhao is not in the villa, Song Wuyou will ask her to dine together.

“Miss, the construction team is here, there’s a lot of them.” Xu Jing started to chat as soon as she entered the room.

“En.” Song Wuyou responded lightly, the large number of construction workers was not spectacular.

Xu Jing looked at Song Wuyou mysteriously, “Miss, Master Gu treat you so nice, next time you don’t be so cold to him. ”

“Eat.” Song Wuyou stared at Xu Jing.

“I just want to see miss happy. You need to cherish this unexpected change from Master Gu. Don’t wait for him to revert back to the old Master Gu who do not care for Miss, you will be sad again. ” Xu Jing said sincerely.

“I know, nosy.” [T/N: She called her nosy in an endearing way.]

Xu Jing smiled, she looked at Song Wuyou in anticipation, “Miss, after the horse ranch is completed,  can you teach me how to ride a horse?”

“Sure.” Song Wuyou nodded.

Sis Song who went out earlier now came back, she said to Song Wuyou: “Mrs. Gu, there’s someone looking for you.”

When Song Wuyou heard this, she guessed it must be Mrs. Jier.

She then put down her chopsticks, got up gracefully and walked over to the living room to pick up the antique landline.


“Wuyou, it’s me.”

When she heard Mrs. Jier voice, Song Wuyou smiled and said: “Ah Yi.” [T/N Mother’s sister. Can be used on older female to indicate closeness.]

Mrs. Jier did not like Song Wuyou to called her Mrs. Jier nor Mrs. Cheng, saying it sounds too distance and insisted on Song Wuyou calling her Ah Yi.

“You didn’t have time to attend Junhua’s birthday party, today I want to ask you to join me for shopping, are you free?” Mrs. Jier asked softly.

“Yes, I’m free.” Today is weekend, 

“Then I will directly pick you up from your house.”


After hung up the phone, the phone rang again before Song Wuyou manages to walk more than 2 steps.

Song Wuyou turned around and pick up the receiver, “Hello.”

“Song Wuyou, I can’t sleep.”

Song Wuyou raised an eyebrow, Gu Yanhao?

Song Wuyou’s eyes flashed, “If you can’t sleep then just get up, what time is it already?”

“Silly, I’m in England, there are time differences.”

“Oh.” Song Wuyou suddenly realized, so she pursed her lips, “Then count the stars. It’s easy to be sleepy when you count the stars.”

“I’m a math genius, counting stars will only make me more alert.”


“Why didn’t you ask me ‘why I can’t sleep’?”

“Then, why you can’t sleep?”

“……miss you.”

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