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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 315

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Chapter 315: Wish To Hit Song Wuyou

 “I’m just an orphan, without parents, friends and relatives. Money is not the most important thing.” Xu Jing smiled and looked at Song Wuyou, “Since Miss changed, I realized that following Miss made me very happy. Coming to the office here to work, I even learned a lot of things. The colleagues here also very respectfully called me ‘Sister Jing’. This was all thanks to Miss’s blessing. Every month the company gave me a salary of 20,000yuan, this was also a blessing given by Miss. As far as I’m concerned, the 20,000yuan I received every month was already enough. As long as I can follow Miss, money was not a problem. If I still sell out Miss, am I still a human?”

Song Wuyou smiled, lifted her head up and looked at Xu Jing with relief, “You are truly my good sister.”

When Xu Jing heard this, she embarrassedly smiled, “Miss, you will spoil me.”

“Currently, both of us also received a salary from the company. Therefore, there are no master or servant between us. So, we’re now sisters. You also know, I don’t have any friends and only have you that is trustworthy.”

Once Xu Jing heard this, she was very touched. But at the same time, she felt sad for Song Wuyou also.

That’s right. Since young, Miss did not have any friends at all.

Even her 2 half older sisters that’s from different mother also never regard her as their younger sister.

Thinking about it, by her side, it seems that she(SWY) really only had her(XJ) as a friend.

Xu Jing looked at Song Wuyou deeply, “Miss, I’m going back to work now.”

“En, I’ll give a call to Sister Song so that she won’t prepare our dinner tonight. Today, we’ll have our dinner outside before going back.”


Xu Jing went back to her work and Song Wuyou ate her dessert slowly and worry-free.

Holding the spoon, she ate it bit by bit.

A frown can be seen on her face and her gazes were cold.

Song Juiyue…….

What did she actually want to do?

After work, Song Wuyou and Xu Jing went to a Sichuan restaurant to have their dinner.

When Gu Yanhao was around, he did not allow her to eat any food that was too greasy or had a strong taste. 

After having light dishes for so long, she suddenly wanted to eat something that had a strong taste.

She ordered mala stinky tofu, prince chicken, beef brisket with red pepper, and lion head.

Xu Jing also ordered a few Sichuan dishes that she likes to eat.

The 2 women eat with gusto, Song Wuyou was quick but she did not lose her gracefulness. She even emitted a heroic bearing and boldness.

As Xu Jing ate, she keeps looking at her Miss with sparkles in her eyes, “Miss, I really like you more and more.”

Song Wuyou said with a smile: “Please don’t like me more and more, you will give me a fright.”

They talked and ate, and it didn’t take long for them to finally finish their meal.

After paying for the bill, they came out of the restaurant.

“Miss, do we go back now or stroll around first?” Xu Jing asked.

Song Wuyou pointed to the left side, “There seems to be a flower market, let’s go over there.”

Xu Jing smiled happily: “Yes.”

They walked towards the left side and when they reached a crossroad, they then stood by the side of the road while waiting for the green light to cross the road.

Suddenly, there was a motorcycle that came from behind like a blast. 

The motorcycle sounds were very scary.

Song Wuyou and Xu Jing consciously stepped towards the inside of the walkway. But the motorcycles seemed to be opposing them for it flew towards them like a cheetah.

When Song Wuyou saw it, she suddenly felt a sense of incoming danger. She then wanted to pull Xu Jing to get out of the way, her arm was pulled hard by someone. Both she and Xu Jing then suddenly retreated backwards.

At the time when they retreated, the motorcycle whistle past, passing right in front of them. With it, it left a pungent gas smell. 

When the motorcycle reached the intersection on the opposite road, it swiftly stopped. The man on the motorcycle even turned back and looked at Song Wuyou. He made a contemptuous gesture towards her before speed away.

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