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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 318

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Chapter 318 – Would You Like To Go Back With Me

“If he hurt someone, I’ll take responsibility.” Song Wuyou slightly raised her jaw, like a noble queen, insufferably arrogant.


The department head felt awkward, “The person who sent him into our hospital already told us, no matter what happened also cannot let him run away. He had a tendency to self-torture and violence.”

“I don’t care who sent him in. Now, I definitely will not let him go back with all of you! Also, I’m Gu Yanhao’s wife.”

When the department head heard the words ‘Gu Yanhao’, he was startled for a while and looked at Song Wuyou in astonishment.

Song Wuyou continued: “You operate a psychiatric hospital and made money from the patient’s family, but you still couldn’t protect the patients’ well-being. The 2 wounds on his body were deep and long, and you also didn’t give him any medication. You, acting as the department head was really very amusing.”


“Do you think that just because he was mentally ill, therefore you looked at him differently and ignore their life and death?”

“Mrs Gu, you cannot make an irresponsible remark.” The department head saw that there’s a lot of onlookers looking at him and he was also hit by Song Wuyou’s evaluation, he felt somewhat ashamed and unable to show his face.

“All of you can go away. I wanted to apply some medication on him.” Song Wuyou did not wish to waste more time with them. When she thought of the wounds on the man’s body, she felt very upset.

“This…..” Whatever the department head wanted to say also no use as Song Wuyou had already ignored him completely.

She turned around and looked at the man gently: “Are you willing to follow me to go home?”

The man timidly looked at her and nodded his head.

Song Wuyou smiled, she linked their arms and lead him away.

“Mrs Gu, this was absolutely impossible. If he beat someone or hurt anyone….” The department head didn’t give up and even wanted to catch up to them.

Liu Zhiming and his 2 brothers step out and blocked the department head and his people.

Liu Zhiming coldly and sullenly looked at the department head, he warned: “You dare to run forward some more? I don’t mind to beat up some people!” 

The department head was someone that was afraid of death. After being warned by Liu Zhiming, he no longer dared to chase after them again.

Liu Zhiming turned around and looked towards Song Wuyou.

Seeing her leading the man and walk further away, Li Zhiming’s eyes flashed with a resolution.

“That was really Mrs Gu? With such a distinguished status, she unexpectedly also know how to sympathize with a mental patient?”

“Thinking of this, didn’t she admit it herself that she was the wife of Gu Yanhao?”

“Who was Gu Yanhao?”

“Are you from the moon? You don’t even know how was Gu Yanhao? He’s the richest man in M city and also 1 of the top 3 most beautiful man. He was very handsome and also very rich. Furthermore, I heard he had a very solid background and possessed a formidable power.”

After Liu Zhiming heard the assessment by the onlookers on Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao, his eyes suddenly brightened up. He called his 2 brothers, “Let’s go.”


Song Wuyou took the man to a clinic.

The doctor prescribed some medication for him.

This man seemed to have received some serious psychological shocked that cause him to be timid.

The strangest thing was, no matter who he saw also he will show fears. 

The only exception was Song Wuyou.

When the nurse wanted to apply medication on him, he would dodge and avoid from being touch by the nurse.

He only inflicts damage on people who go near him. When he looked into other people eyes, it was full of warning. As if wanted to tell the other party, ‘if you approach me, I will bite you’.

Neither the nurses nor the doctors were able to go near him. Without any other option, Song Wuyou can only personally cleaned and disinfect his wounds, then applied the necessary medication.

Song Wuyou sat beside the man and helped him to deal with the wound on the arm.

Song Wuyou looked at the man with a smile and gently asked: “What’s your name?”

The man only looked at her and didn’t answer her.

Song Wuyou smiles again: “My name is Song Wuyou, can you tell me your name?”

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