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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 321

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Chapter 321 – Don’t Kill Me….

His wound was already infected because he didn’t receive treatment early on. If he wet his wound, it will be even more difficult to heal.

Lui Zhiming helped Ban Jianing to take bath on the 1st floor while Song Wuyou waited in the living room.

“Miss, you suddenly brought a man back. If Master Gu knew about this, he will kill someone.” Xu Jing looked at Song Wuyou anxiously.

Song Wuyou pursed her lips and didn’t say anything.

According to Gu Yanhao’s temperament, he really will kill someone.

But she couldn’t care anymore. Who asked this man to looked exactly the same as Jiaxi.

“If he wants to kill someone then just kill me.” She casually said after a while.

Xu Jing looked at Song Wuyou, “Miss, why do you treat Jianing so good? The way you looked at him is very different.”

Song Wuyou smiled and looked at Xu Jing with interest, “How do I look at him?” 

“Very gentle and very soft. Your eyes when you looked at Jianing were different when compared with how you normally look. If Master Gu was here, he will definitely be very jealous. ”

Song Wuyou frowned slightly. After a while, her expression turned somewhat sad and she softly said: “I also don’t know why. When I looked at him, it felt like I’m looking at my own younger brother.” 

He not only resembles. It simply felt very real. This feeling is very clear and distinct to her.

Xu Jing was surprised, “Miss, you do not have any siblings. Why do you have this kind of feelings?”

Song Wuyou glanced at Xu Jing, “You won’t understand.”


At this moment, Liu Zhiming and Ban Jianing came out of the bathroom.

Ban Jianing was in Gu Yanhao’s pyjamas. It looked a bit too big for him but after cleaning, he became a handsome young man.

Looking at Ban Jianing now, he didn’t look like a mentally ill person. Why did his family so heartless and sent him to that kind of place.

Liu Zhiming brought Ban Jianing to Song Wuyou side and she let him sit down beside her.

Liu Zhiming was someone who had a sense of propriety. So he wanted to leave after giving his contact number to Song Wuyou.

“I want to know who is targeting me earlier.” Song Wuyou suddenly said.

This kind of thing, if let Ah De or Mu Gu go investigate will be faster.

Song Wuyou decided to give this task to Liu Zhiming because she wanted to test his team’s ability.

Liu Zhiming patted his chest and vowed to Song Wuyou, “I will definitely pull out the person behind it.”

After Liu Zhiming left together with his 2 brothers, Song Wuyou looked at Ban Jianing with a smile, “Jianing, do you know where your family live?”

“………..” Ban Jianing only looked at Song Wuyou without saying anything.

Song Wuyuo asked again: “How old are you?”

“………….” Ban Jianing still did not answer her.

“Why did your family sent you to a psychiatric hospital?”


“Who wants to kill you?”


Ban Jianing who had kept quiet all this while suddenly reacted to Song Wuyou’s last question. He emotion suddenly became out of control. He held his head and collapsed on the sofa.

He looked all over the place. His gaze filled with terror and anxiety.

His clean and handsome face suddenly became very pale.

“Ah……don’t kill me, don’t kill me……” He bent his knees in a fetal position and use his hands to cover his head, trying to make his own body as small as possible. His trembling voice rattled the heart of those who listened to it.

“It’s me, Jianing. I’m Jiejie.” When Song Wuyou saw Ban Jianing like this, she felt distressed.

[TN: Jiejie = elder sister]

She approached him cautiously, softened her voice, and slowly calmed the frightened Ban Jianing, “Jiejie will protect you. Jiejie is very powerful, you must believe me. With Jiejie here, you don’t need to be scared. Don’t be scared…..