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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 324

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324 – Didi (Younger Brother)

If she knew she would be bestowed with three feet of white silk in the end, even if she was beaten to death, she also would not follow Dongfang Xuan and join the army. Even if she was beaten to death, she also would not leave her family.

[TN: She was given the white silk and asked to hang herself using it.]

If she did not leave them, she would not become Dongfang Xuan’s imperial concubine. Then the nine familial exterminations would not take place.

[TN: 诛九族 – nine familial extermination, the most serious punishment for a capital offence in ancient China where the execution of all relatives of an individual, which were categorized into nine groups]

“Jiaxi be a good boy and sleep. Jiejie will never leave you again.” From Song Wuyou voice, it could be clearly heard that she was choked with emotions.

Ban Jianing, who had closed his eyes, opened them again when he heard her words and faintly looked at her: “Jiejie, I’m not Jiaxi. I’m Jianing. ”

Song Wuyou smiled and looked at Ban Jianing tenderly, “For Jiejie, Jiaxi and Jianing are the same.”

After Ban Jianing heard her, he looked at Song Wuyou quietly for a while. Then he closed his eyes again.

Maybe because he was holding onto Song Wuyou hand and he felt safe. Or maybe because the bed he was sleeping on was very comfortable. After a while, Ban Jianing fell asleep.

However, he seemed to be having a restless sleep. From time to time, his whole body would move around. His breathing was sometimes light, sometimes heavy, sometimes slow, sometimes rapid.

His mouth was moving, mumbling something that she could not hear clearly. His eyelids also moved from time to time.

Song Wuyou felt very complicated when she looked at him like this.

Did he have an uneasy time in the psychiatric hospital?

What had he experienced to turned him into how he was now?

Song Wuyou looked on kindly at Ban Jianing’s face.

Gradually, a trace of tears appeared from the depth of her eyes.

She now believed in past lives regardless of whether others believe it or not.

From the painting that Mu Gu painted of her previous life appearance, to meeting Ban Jianing that looked exactly like her younger brother.

She believed in them completely!

Perhaps, the reason her soul had crossed through the time to reach here was to continue with their destiny together. The destiny that was cut short due to the cruel fate that they had encountered.

Her encounter with Ban Jianing was a very magical event for her.

There were so many people on the streets but he didn’t run towards any of them. Instead, he only ran towards her and hide behind her back——

Heaven knew that she had come, that’s why He arranged for the appearance of her younger brother that she indebted with.

In her previous life, the Song Family were entrepreneurs.

Although they were not rich nor powerful, they could be said to have a relatively comfortable life.

Her younger brother in that life was happy and had good health. He also had a lovely wife who was by his side.

While in this life……..

How did it become like this? Become so frightening?

A life that made people felt so sad.

Looking at the wound on his hand, Song Wuyou’s heart, felt even more pain.

If it weren’t for her, her family would not suffer the nine familial exterminations. Her younger brother also would not come here to go through such suffering——

The more Song Wuyou thought about it, the more she blamed herself and the more she hated Dongfang Xuan,

If she was in the wrong and if he hated her, he could just directly take her life.


Why had he wanted to be so cruel and took the life of all her family members?

What sin had she committed?

What sin had her family committed?

Song Wuyou looked at Ban Jianing sadly, her memories surged up violently in her mind.

Looking at Ban Jianing’s face, she could not help but think of her younger brother, her parents——

“Jiaxi, what I owed you in the previous life, I will return it back to you in this life. Jiejie is here already and I will protect you.” Song Wuyou choked out the words while she held on to Ban Jianing’s hand.

She straightened up and sat on the bed. She continued to accompany him and just like this, 2 hours had passed.

Ban Jianing kept holding onto her hand. She tried to take her hand back but it ended with him holding on even tighter.

When she wanted to take her hand away, he would seem to be frightened and his whole body would shake violently. He would then held onto her hand even tighter than before.

In the end, Song Wuyou no longer had the heart to take back her hand.

So what if she did not take bath or change clothes for a day?

It was way more important to gave him a sense of security and accompanied him.

Xu Jing came up and saw Song Wuyou was preoccupied with looking at Ban Jianing who was already in deep sleep. She pursed her lips and came in with a glass of milk.

“Miss, have a glass of milk.”

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