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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 327

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Chapter 327 – Cried For This Man

He was suddenly out of control that even if Song Wuyou knew that he would be afraid, she also never expected that it would be so fast and intense.

By the time she reacted, Ban Jianing was already trembling and sweating

“Jianing.” She hurried forward to support Ban Jianing.

“He’s murdering people, so many bloods, he’s murdering people. Stab so many times towards dad’s heart…….so many bloods…. ” Ban Jianing was terrified.

The construction site was very noisy now but they were very close to the construction worker. With the ruckus that was made by Ban Jianing, the construction worker stood dumbstruck while looking at Ban Jianing. He’s only doing his construction work, how come it become murder?

“You have mistaken. They are doing construction work.” Song Wuyou comforted Ban Jianing, “Let us enter the house. We won’t watch those construction work anymore.”

“Don’t kill me…..don’t kill me…..”

“So scary….so scary, so many bloods…..”

Ban Jianing shivered non-stop and his face was filled with fear. Song Wuyou’s felt her heart tighten when she looked at him

“We won’t watch, we won’t watch it anymore. We’ll go home. Ban Jianing, we won’t watch anymore. Let’s go home, go home.” She helped Ban Jianing get up and quickly took him back to the villa.

Ban Jianing body shook so violently that he was practically being dragged back by Song Wuyou, stumbling and staggering all the way back.

By the time they reached the villa, they were battered and exhausted. The original clean shirt also had already been stained with mud. 

Back in the villa, Ban Jianing didn’t even let Song Wuyou touch anymore. His whole person was curled up at the corner of the living room.

He hugged his knees. His whole body continued to tremble, like the fall of autumn wind.

[TN: like how you trembled when the wind was very cold]

When Xu Jing and Song-jie got closer to him, he would shrink even further. His eyes that were looking at them were filled with fear and despair.

Therefore, they did not dare to approach him and only stood at a distance away.

Song Wuyou crouched in front of him and looked at him in distressed, “Jianing, I’m Jiejie. You don’t recognize Jiejie anymore?”

Ban Jianing’s eyes became slightly dull but it was still filled with fear.

He swept his gaze around and his voice also had already turned into another tone, “Dad….his eyes wide open…..there’s a lot of blood on his body…..”

“They want to kill me….. They want to kill me….”

“No, don’t kill me…..”

He swept around with his horrified gaze. As if he saw a ghost, he was so scared that his face turned white. 

Song Wuyou’s heart felt sour with worries to the point where her tears flow down by itself, “Jianing…..”

What sin had her brother committed that he had to suffer so much after he came here?

When Xu Jing heard Song Wuyou’s choked voice, she was startled. Miss was crying out?

Miss…..was crying for this man?

Song Wuyou no longer tried to comfort Ban Jianing. She only crouched down there and accompany him.

When he was afraid, she would be sad.

He kept looking around non-stop and shout not to kill him.

She kept recalling back her memories with Song Jiaxi and felt extremely sad

Her heartache was so painful that she buried her face on her knees and sobbed silently.

“Miss…..” Xu Jing wanted to step forward but as soon as she moved, Ban Jianing would glare at her. Ban Jianing extremely rejected her. Then, she no longer dared to step forward. Instead, she just timidly looked at Song Wuyou.

Miss had cried. What was the actual relationship that Miss had with this Jianing? Why did she suddenly cry?

“Queen Regnant——”

At this moment, Lu Zhiming energetically walked into the villa. Once he saw Song Wuyou crouched at the corner of the door and cried, he was stunned. All of his excitement earlier vanished into nothingness. 

What was the situation?

Lu Zhiming thought that he had walked into the wrong villa, so he looked around.

He didn’t enter wrongly. This was indeed Gu Yanhao’s villa and Xu Jing was also here.

Song Wuyou wiped her tears and lift up her head. She looked at Ban Jianing and speak to Liu Zhiming: “Say.”

Liu Zhiming stepped forward and looked at Song Wuyou with concerned, “Mrs Gu, are you okay?”

Song Wuyou suddenly looked at him with a cold look, “Say it!”

When Liu Zhiming saw her gaze, his back turned stiff. What a sharp gaze, she really worthy of the code name ‘Queen Regnant’ that he had given her.

Liu Zhiming cleared his throat and said: “Yesterday after I left, I went to Yong’an Psychiatric Hospital.”

Song Wuyou raised her eyebrow when she heard this.

Liu Zhiming glanced towards Ban Jianing and continued: “He was sent into the psychiatric hospital when he was around 13 years old. His life in the hospital over this past years was worse than death.”

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