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Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 328

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Chapter 328 – He Killed People, Killed Many People

“He was locked in a room together with a group of psychiatric patients. Every day, he would be beaten by those patients who were bigger than him and his food was also snatched by them.”

“Who is he?” Song Wuyou looked at Ban Jianing in anguished and asked with a sob.

Liu Zhiming felt guilty for a while, “The people in the hospital said they did not know who he was. I’m still investigating his background.”

“The person who rode the motorcycle and tried to ran over me, did you manage to find out who it was?”

Liu Zhiming looked at Song Wuyou embarrassedly, “I can’t find any clues. The other party should be someone with powerful backing.”

Song Wuyou looked at Liu Zhiming coldly, “Didn’t you assured me that you would definitely pull out the other party?”

Liu Zhiming scratched his head embarrassedly, “The other party should have wanted to assassinate you. Therefore, they were well prepared. The monitoring devices within the intersection radius were all destroyed. I’m worried that since yesterday the other party failed to hit you, they would be back again.  Mrs Gu, you have to be careful”

“What are you talking about?” Suddenly, a cold voice was heard.

Liu Zhiming suddenly felt a sense of oppression. When he turned around, he saw a man in beige colour casual clothes, standing at the doorway like Asura.

He was tall and sturdy and he was exuding a cold aura from head to toe. The original gentle peach blossom eyes already turned bloodthirsty at this moment. 

His pupil shrunk and a cold light burst forth from within. He looked at Liu Zhiming coldly, his voice as cold as ice and frost, “What did you just say?”

Liu Zhiming was frightened by this man vicious tone that sounds like a devil now.

How come this man had the same aura as Master Gu?

“Mu Gu?” Song Wuyou frowned and looked at him in surprise.

Mu Gu suddenly stepped into the villa and with it came a sense of lethal oppression.

He walked up to Liu Zhiming in only a few steps, grabbed his collar and stared at Liu Zhiming with his bloodthirsty eyes: “What did you just say?”

His arms were very strong. Liu Zhiming who was not as tall as he was, was almost lifted up by him(MG) as his(LZM) feet almost left the ground.

“I said, I can’t find out who tried to hit Mrs Gu with the motorcycle.” Liu Zhiming said.

Mu Gu looked at Song Wuyou with his pair of cold eyes. With a hand, he threw Li Zhiming away, “Someone wants to kill you?”

Liu Zhiming staggered for a while before he finally stood firmly on the ground.

“Ahhh……don’t kill me….don’t kill me….” The slightly quiet Ban Jianing started to make a ruckus when he saw Mu Gu came in with his vicious aura.

The gaze he looked at Mu Gu was different from the one he used to look at the construction worker just now.

As if Mu Gu was really the enemy who killed his father, He was extremely terrified that he kept moving backwards while hugging his head.

“Ahhhh……ahhhhh…..” He kept screaming non-stop.

Mu Gu swept his gaze over and when he saw Ban Jianing face clearly, his pupils narrowed. He was stunned in astonishment.

Song Wuyou followed Ban Jianing gaze and looked up towards Mu Gu, just in time to see the astonishment in his eyes.

Song Wuyou froze for a moment. Mu Gu knew Ban Jianing?


Ban Jianing face appeared in his dream before?

“He wants to kill me…..he wants to kill me…..”

Ban Jianing suddenly pointed at Mu Gu and yelled, “He wants to kill me….he already killed….killed so many people…..”

“Jianing, he is my friend. Don’t be afraid.” Song Wuyou stepped forward and held Ban Jianing who was shivering and out of control again.

Lifting her head and looked at Mu Gu, “All of you go out and wait until Jianing had calm down before you all come back again.”

Mu Gu raised his eyebrows and looked at Song Wuyou, she cried?

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