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Exile Chapter 100

Hearing this, everyone looked at Consort Lou, for they all remembered clearly. That day, Consort Lou held the baby and said repeatedly that the baby was Yue Wang’s in front of all the civilian and military officers in court.

But no matter what people think, everyone dared to embarrass Consort Lou in front of Yue Wang.

“How dare someone pretend to be our Shizi?” Listening at the side, Zeng Liu, who had never been afraid of anything, suddenly said.

At this time, Jiang Jun had to stand up and presided over the situation. Jiang Jun had asked about Jiang Mao’s opinion before the banquet.

Jiang Mao said that he hoped Consort Lou could cultivate her moral character and spiritual. Although Consort Lou was his birth mother, but there were rules that should be followed. Fourth elder brother didn’t want his mother to break the rules.

Jiang Jun had thought deeply; Consort Lou was too good at making trouble and unfortunately, she had no ability. If not for fourth elder brother, she would have been schemed by others many times.

Hearing this, Jiang Jun frowned and asked Consort Lou, “Consort Lou, what’s goin on?”

Consort Lou was beyond dispute; the things were exhibited there, it couldn’t be more obvious.

Biting her lips, Consort Lou had to turn to Jiang Mao for help. If Jiang Mao could admit that Lou Jingyu’s baby was the heir, her face would be saved.

Wasn’t her face Jiang Mao’s face? Jiang Mao’s eyes that were fixed on Consort Lou were still extremely angry. Internally, the angry Consort Lou scolded him; how could he be so stupid?

“Mao’er, your cousin did something wrong a while ago was her fault, but you have a long-term relationship with your cousin, how can you bear to let your cousin be burden with the infamy… child. Can’t you acknowledge it?” After scolding Jiang Mao in her heart, Consort Lou had to ask Jiang Mao to cooperate with her. The last sentence was almost a plea.

Consort Lou was hinting that he should acknowledge the baby first.

But these words that passed through the people hearing were a little strange, as though Miss Lou did something to annoy Yue Wang. Therefore Yue Wang didn’t even acknowledge Lou Jingyu and his child.

Jiang Mao suddenly sat up and looked at Consort Lou with disbelief. “Mother~” He first called Consort Lou mother with a trembling voice, and then said: ” I have a pure mind and body with cousin. Why do I have to acknowledge that child? I told mother that I didn’t have that meaning to cousin. You also knew that, so why…”

Consort Lou’s face was blue and white.

At this time, Jiang Jun came out. He asked Consort Lou with a cold face and a cold voice, “Consort Lou, what’s going on in the end?”

Consort Lou hemmed and hawed, not knowing what reason to come up with.

Jiang Jun was stunned for a moment, and said to Consort Lou, “You are Imperial Father’s Imperial Consort. It’s hard for this prince to intervene, let Imperial Father decide on this.” Then he got up and went to the old emperor.

It had been discussed with Jiang Mao for a long time. Jiang Jun was not easy to move Consort Lou, so it was more appropriate to give it to the old emperor.

Knowing Jiang Jun’s intention, the old emperor couldn’t help but feel happy. Looking at Jiang Jun, he also felt more pleasant. This son was much better than Jiang Zhu. The first thing Jiang Jun stumbled upon as the Crown Prince was left to him to handle it; it could be seen that the seventh son really respected him as a father.

Without external worries, the position of Crown Prince was settled. The old emperor gained much courage to think about how to deal with Consort Lou. (bcoz he’s scared of JM lol)

For Consort Lou, the old Emperor didn’t need to say much about his disgust towards her. When she was young, she caused harm to his first wife, and when she was old, she relied on that unfilial son Jiang Mao to commit outrageous. The old emperor felt that even if he cut her off, it would not be too bad.

However, now Jiang Mao was in a high position of power. If the punishment was too severe, it was hard to ensure that Jiang Mao would not be resentful in this life and would not disturb the country’s peace.

After a lot of deliberation, the old emperor finally decided, “If Consort Lou did not make any big mistakes, then she will be reduced to Imperial Concubine (3rd rank), with the penalty of sitting to face the wall in meditation for one year, properly reflect upon herself.”


The punishment was too light!

Jiang Mao regretted it.

However, although the punishment was light, it also allowed Consort Lou to settle down from now on. A year later, let Consort Lou get sick and it would be better to never to recover.

The father and sons returned to Yue Wang Residence. They had a lot of ups and downs these days. Su Qingbai was really tired that he went to bed earlier.

Jiang Mao left his two sons in the care of his subordinates. As soon as he entered the room, he saw Su Qingbai sleeping in the outer room.

He slept on the couch in the outer room, wrapped in a white undergarments, resting his head on a long dark green pillow with lips slightly pursed up.

Jiang Mao leaned in slightly. The fair face was still a bit underripe and on top of it were fine down furs which looked lovely in the sunshine outside the window. Jiang Mao so loved it. He leaned in gently, opened Su Qingbai’s quilt, and his hand got into the pants dishonestly.

“Lord Wang……” Carrying the loudly crying Jiang Fanfan, who couldn’t be coaxed, Zeng Liu couldn’t help but send the boy back to Lord Wang.

When he entered the yard, the door was wide open, and he saw the scene as soon as he came in, Then he was so scared that he couldn’t speak out.

He saw a hussy fell into Lord Wang’s arms with untidy underclothes, leading Lord Wang in broad daylight even the door was too late to close, and right away hooked his soul out.

Jiang Mao’s face turned black when he was seen. First thing, he blocked Su Qingbai, who was still sleeping, but was about to be exposed by his peeling off clothes.

Upon seeing Zeng Liu was still there, Jiang Mao’s face blackened again, “ROLLLLLLL! Roll out of here!”

“Oh——” After the realization came, Zeng Liu obediently listened and rolled away.

But Jiang Fanfan, who had never been treated like this, was aggrieved with flattened mouth and cried loudly.

Xah: Zeng Liu rolled away with Jiang Fanfan in his arms~

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