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Exile Chapter 101

Hearing Jiang Fanfan start howling, Jiang Mao couldn’t help but have a headache.

At the moment, Zeng Liu wasn’t able to coax Jiang Fanfan.

Jiang Mao had the intention to coax his fat son; but how when his wife was still in his arms and he was not even dressed. After thinking about it, Jiang Mao shouted out to the door and asked his eldest son for help. “Caicai, your little brother is crying. Come and help dad coax him.”

He had been away for almost a year and Caicai was originally early-maturing, so he thought that during this period, Caicai should have been more sensible. It shouldn’t be a problem to coax his younger brother to play… right?

Over here, when Su Caicai heard his Dad calling him, he was still eating; holding a dried meat which came from nowhere, and could not stop stuffing it in his mouth.

Xu Qiong heard it and reminded Su Caicai, “Little Gongzi, you dad calls you.” After saying that, Xu Qiong saw Su Caicai was temporarily at a loss. Xu Qiong simply took his little hand.

He pulled the little man to Jiang Fanfan, and after a good while, Su Caicai still hadn’t finish chewing the meat in his mouth.

At this time, Jiang Fanfan stopped crying. He watched his big brother’s mouth move with his bright little eyes opened, and his saliva flowed down.

Drooling, Jiang Fanfan forgot to cry and chased after his big brother to beg for delicious food.

“Jiang Mao~” After tossing and turning, Su Qingbai was woken up. Still dazed, he called out Jiang Mao, and even dragging the ending sound which sounded like a spoiled child. He also buried his head in Jiang Mao’s arms and rubbed against him.

“You two take little Gongzis out and get the door.” Jiang Mao said.

Su Qingbai heard and looked out of the door, and happened to bump into Zeng Liu’s eyesight. Su Qingbai suddenly woke up.

He quickly sat up to get dressed, only to find that Jiang Mao’s hand was still stuffed in his clothes.

Pulling out Jiang Mao’s hand, Su Qingbai’s cheek was slightly reddish. He took a look at them in embarrassment and hurriedly shouted to the manservant, “Quick, take the little young masters out.” Then he continued to make arrangements with the host’s attitude, “Take the two guests to have a rest.”

 The woodenly stunned Zeng Liu was also there.

He had first thought Su Qingbai had changed his ways and become a colleague with himself. But he never thought that Su Qingbai was actually the Madam in the Master’s bed.

Thinking of what he said to Su Qinbai before, Zeng Liu would like to slap himself. Having grown up in the capital since childhood, Zeng Liu had never seen less of the annoying things in the backyard of those influential families. One should know that the wind at the head of the bed was very strong.


The old emperor’s body was not good all the time. After the establishment of the Crown Prince, he soon retired from his post. Since then, he never cared about those matters that needs to be settled in the Imperial Court, and became the Retired Emperor at ease.

Seeing the old emperor’s life was so good, Jiang Mao choked a mouthful of air in his heart. If he hadn’t been wary of the fifth prince, he and his children would have been plotted by the old emperor long ago.

Looking at the two small brothers who just had a fight and not a while later joined together to do bad things, how fragile these two little lives were!

Jiang Mao’s heart was covered with a layer of cloudy shade.

So after Jiang Jun ascended the throne, Jiang Mao went to see the old emperor specially. He had to tell him that Jiang Jun made Su Caicai the Crown Prince.

All the people who served the old emperor were close to him. They knew that the relationship between the emperor and Yue Wang was tense, so they didn’t dare to tell this to the old emperor.

“Impossible!” Hearing this news, the old emperor didn’t believed . “Seventh is so young, he must have his own children. How could he make your son Crown Prince?”

Jiang Mao smiled, “Won’t.”

“Won’t what?” The old emperor was more and more upset.

“Seventh won’t have children of his own.” Jiang Mao continued, “Seventh wants to set up a male Empress. They can’t have children.”

“So what? He still can take imperial concubines.” Hearing what Jiang Mao said, the old emperor was not worried at all. He thought that no man would only one wife in his life, especially if he was the emperor. “Jiang Mao, it’s impossible for that bastard of yours to take the throne.”

Jiang Mao was not angered by his words, and so he went on, “forget to tell you, Seventh took the sterilising drug, there will be no children in this life.”

It had to be said that his seventh younger brother was really cruel to himself. However, this not only to reassure Jiang Mao, but also to enable Jiang Jun to get the beauty of Zhou family, he was willing to do so.

When the old emperor heard these words, he could not endure it any more and vomited blood.

A few days later, the news came from the palace that the old emperor was seriously ill. In a month, the old emperor left the world.

Shortly after the death of the old emperor, it was heard that Ladyship Lou was deeply in love with the emperor that she was willing to guard the mausoleum for the old emperor; no one could stop her. Yue Wang showed his filial piety; he couldn’t bear seeing Consort Lou to part with the emperor and had to agree.


THE END… The following chapter is an EXTRA.

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