Exile Chapter 102 [Extra]

A few days ago, something happened in the Imperial Court. It was a mess for a while that Jiang Mao was so busy. After finishing official business with great difficulty, he hurried to Su House to pick up his wife and children.

Just walked to the entrance of the village, it began to drizzle. There was a black locust tree which hiding the sky and covering the earth on the small path to block the drizzle, therefore he was not drenched. Then, Jiang Mao walked not too slow or quick.

However, it rained heavily in the blink of an eye. Jiang Mao had no choice but to take large strides and went home running.

At Su House, Jiang Mao found that the door was locked.

He took out the key, pushed open the bamboo gate and put down the cakes he bought for the two little people before he turned to walk out of the small yard.

Bending out of the low and small wooden door, he saw the road covered with green grass in front of the door was not too slippery. From time to time, men and women in the village walked in front of the door under the heavy rain. Looking at that direction, some ran home, some went to the farms.

“Where did the others gone in such a heavy rain?” He couldn’t help muttering. He was planning to go to some of the Su family’s regular contacts in the village to look for them.

Jiang Mao was muttering and about to lock the door when he saw a conical bamboo hat bobbing up from a distance.

The person under the conical bamboo hat was Su Caicai. He was wearing a big conical bamboo hat and panting, obviously exhausted.

Jiang Mao saw it. Before Su Caicai could get close, he picked up his small upper garment and carried him into his embrace.

Next moment, Jiang Mao regretted it. Along the way to here, Su Caicai’s boots had been muddy. As soon as he was carried into Jiang Mao’s embrace, Su Caicai fluttered a few times, and the muddy footprints were printed on Jiang Mao.

“Bad boy!” He even slapped Su Caicai’s butt once. Anyway, that’s what the little kid was like, Jiang Mao didn’t bicker with him. He asked him, “where’s your dad?”

Su Caicai took off the conical bamboo hat, lifted up the rope on it and hung it on his short arm with great effort. After catching a breath and even rubbed his slapped butt, he said, “Dad has gone to the farm, made me come back first.” In fact, his dad was too busy and minded that he made trouble, so let him go home first.

Jiang Mao thought for a moment before he hugged Su Caicai, stooped into the door, peeled off his wet clothes and pants, and put him on the bed naked.

“Dad go to the farm and have a look. You lie down in bed obediently. Dad will be back later. Do you hear me?”

Su Caicai held the cakes bought by Jiang Mao, crossed his legs, air-dried the birdie and cleverly nodded.

Jiang Mao fetched a woven rush raincoat to take along with a conical bamboo hat. After thinking about it, he took a parasol before he rushed out.

It’s raining hard, and there were fewer pedestrians on the road.

Jiang Mao came to Su family’s small field like a walk in the park.

In fact, Su family didn’t need to farm their own, but Madam Su couldn’t continue to stay idle, so she planted some fruits for her grandsons. There were not many species, but there were many varieties. They were all rare things found by Jiang Mao from all over the world.

Jiang Mao hurriedly arrived at the farm and saw that Su Qingbai was still busy. He was immediately angered.

He ran to Su Qingbai and put the conical bamboo hat on his head. At the same time, he said, “don’t you see the rain? Not going home yet?”

Su Qingbai touched the conical bamboo hat, laughed and changed the topic, “Su Caicai that brat is home?” This afternoon, he took the two brothers to pick the ripe strawberries. At the beginning, the father and sons were non-stop busy. The two brothers also didn’t stop; they stuffed their mouths while helping Su Qingbai in free time.

Never expected that after a long time, something happened. The two brothers quarreled because of a big fart. When Su Qingbai finished his work and went to see the two brothers, Jiang Fanfan had been beaten by his brother and cried loudly.

In fact, it’s not a fight. Su Caicai only pinched his little fat hand and bit it gently. Jiang Fanfan, this delicate bundle was incapable of tolerating it.

Su Qingbai also convinced to get angry. What did Su Caicai think about that dirty and sticky paw of Jiang Fanfan, to actually able to put it into his mouth?

Su Qingbai got a headache, so he put the conical bamboo hat on Su Caicai’s head. “Caicai help dad take the bamboo hat back home, dad does not need it now.”

Therefore, when Su Qingbai now saw the conical bamboo hat, he knew that Su Caicai had arrived home.

Jiang Mao pinched Su Qingbai’s chin and pinched it hard. He couldn’t uttered the words of reproach. He was extremely helpless for this man.

Putting the conical bamboo hat on Su Qingbai’s head, Jiang Mao took Su Qingbai’s picked fruits and moved them to the oxcart, and then pulled Su Qingbai to go back. “Such a heavy rain, let’s hurry to go home.”

With that, Jiang Mao got on the oxcart and grabbed the reins to drive.

“Wait up…” Leaving two words behind, Su Qingbai ran towards a big tree not far away, then bent down to dig, and dug out Jiang Fanfan who was hiding inside the tree hole.

In the end, Jiang Fanfan had fallen asleep. After pulling Su Qingbai to sit on the oxcart, Jiang Mao laughed, reached out and poked Jiang Fanfan’s chubby face. He purposely avoided the dirty pouting mouth and said, “what grievance did he suffered. He even pouted in his sleep.”

Su Qingbai took the little person over and asked Jiang Mao for a clean handkerchief to wipe his mouth. “He quarreled with his big brother and was bitten. Aggrieved, he cried.”


When they got home, Jiang Fanfan woke up and opened his eyes in a daze. Su Qingbai held him and didn’t let him go. He insisted to go down and walk by himself.

Pushing open the door, Su Caicai, who was half naked in the room, turned around to look over and hurriedly reached out his hand to call him over. “Come quickly, Gege has left you tasty food.”

Gulping a mouthful of saliva, Jiang Fanfan supported himself on the door to cross over the threshold while asking his big brother, “what’s tasty food?”


Jiang Fanfan immediately forgot about the afternoon’s things. He stepped off his shoes and was about to climb on the bed.

Jiang Mao had sharp eyes and agile hands. He caught Jiang Fanfan, took off his dirty clothes and scrubbed him clean before carrying the two people to the small bamboo bed and opened the small table on the bamboo bed.

Then the brothers began to chatter and giggle around the small table

Seeing that the two brothers didn’t mean to quarrel, Jiang Mao turned and entered the kitchen.

“Take off your wet clothes.” Su Qingbai wiped his hair while he pulled Jiang Mao into their bedroom before tucking a dry clothes into Jiang Mao’s arms. “Put this on, don’t get cold.”

Jiang Mao took off his clothes and pants in front of Su Qingbai. Over there, Su Qingbai was peeping at him with shifty-eyed. Over 20 years old age, Jiang Mao still grew taller. Now he was the tallest among the crowd, but still so thin.

After watching for a while Su Qingbai’s thought going somewhere else. Jiang Mao hadn’t come back for several days and it was not easy for him to come back, surely there wouldn’t be any rest tonight.

“Jiang Mao is back…” This was a happy Madam Su. She had the biggest heart. Since she had acknowledged Jiang Mao as her son-in-law, she really treated him as her son-in-law and ignored all of his other identities.

Jiang Mao was already dressed. He greeted Madam Su and went out to cook.

Taking a stool to sit under the eaves, Su Lingchuan was enjoying the rain scenery while looking at the kitchen from time to time.

The man in the kitchen was tall and had outstanding temperament. However, he was willing to enter the small kitchen just for that good-for-nothing son of his. Su Lingchuan sighed. In his opinion for his son, it was probably the best end he could have. 

(Xah: good-for-nothing here doesn’t mean anything bad, just because he happened to not study seriously and made troubles in the past. As a father, that’s the only thing he remembered (dotingly) about his youngest.)

A word of appreciation from the Translator: IT’S THE END… Thank you Dear Author Jin An Yule for the amazing story. Thank you Dear Readers for all your support through likes, comments and coffees! I’m going to miss this warm family for… until I find something new… kekeke… Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as I am, and have no trouble with my translation (not 100% correct I tell you). Let’s meet again in another book shall we… Ah, I want another Imperial drama~


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