Exile Chapter 69

In the next two years, 70-80% of those officials in the court who had a relation of making false accusation against the old ministers were either implicated or excluded. At present, there were not many people in the court who had a good relationship with those old ministers, and few people were willing to offend people for their cases. It was Jiang Mao who finally urged the case in person that the case was not dragged down.

After that, Su Qingbai made a loud clamor and packed the things on that day when he was going out.

Jiang Mao just sat by and watched. When Su Qingbai had finished everything, he said, “By chance that I’m idle and free, then let me go. You can take good care of yourself at home.”

“What?” As soon as Su Qinbai heard the words, he looked over and was about to get angry. Jiang Mao seemed not to keep his words. But once he saw Jiang Mao’s ‘I do this for your own good, you need to listen to me’ expression, Su Qingbai then wilted.

He sat on Jiang Mao’s lap and the two met face to face.

Jiang Mao refused nobody and embraced his fleshy waist. With an enlightened expression, he waited for Su Qingbai to talk.

“Didn’t you already agree to me before? According to what you said, I have raised my body for one month and several days more. How can I not go?”

He slipped his hands along the waist of the soft meat and kneaded the buttocks. Jiang Mao lamented in his heart that there was too little meat; therefore he had to take good care of it later. He replied, “I couldn’t stop you at that time. I had no time and had to agree with you reluctantly.”

Su Qingbai saw that Jiang Mao didn’t relent, bit his lips as he put his hand into Jiang Mao’s clothes while delivering himself onto his lips.

Jiang Mao was immediately in spirit. He took Su Qingbai to the bed.

When it’s over, Su Qingbai sat on Jiang Mao, “bring me too.”

Jiang Mao shook his head. He was not a man who lost his head over lust.

Su Qingbai was annoyed; all the benefits had been taken, but he actually wasn’t given the handle.

Seeing that he was angry, Jiang Mao hurriedly got out of bed and put on his shoes and ran out. Su Qingbai suffered from back pain. If he wanted to catch up with him, he still couldn’t catch up with him and would even sprain his back.

Holding his back, Su Qingbai scolded, “Asshole.”

Out of the door, Jiang Mao had just finished rearranged his messy clothes, and heard someone called to him, “Fourth elder brother.”

“Fourth elder brother, what’s the matter with you?” Jiang Jun looked at Jiang Mao with a look of concern, “Your face is red, are you sick?”

“I’m fine.” Jiang Mao walked on and Jiang Jun followed. “Are the gifts prepared?”

“Oh, Steward Liu had prepared for it.”

In the case of a few days ago, Jiang Mao found a lot of connections, several of which were Su Lingchuan’s old friends. Now that the matters had been dealt with, Jiang Mao couldn’t do without sending gifts to thank them. Jiang Jun had been with Jiang Mao for some time and he intended to guide and support him, therefore he took Jiang Jun with him.

One must know; most of the people who could make a difference in that case were powerful.

Nowadays, the situation in the capital city was unclear. If others knew that Jiang Jun and Jiang Mao had made good friends, many people would pay attention to this Seventh Prince Jiang Jun.

“Thank you, fourth elder brother.” After a day’s errand, though tired, Jiang Jun was very happy. Disability made him impossible to fight with his brothers, but he was also a man. The more hopeless he was, the stronger his desire for power and achievement.

Jiang Mao smiled and turned back home. He wondered if Su Qingbai was still angry at the moment.

After returning to the house, Jiang Mao did not dare to go to Su Qingbai first, but went to see his son, Jiang Fanfan.

The little baby was chubby. Although Su Caicai was also chubby, compared with him, he was more or less a bit weak.

Just then, in the evening, he was still full of energy. In somewhat dark rooms, his eyes were wide opened and his eyeballs were rolling. When he saw Jiang Mao coming, he grinned, kicked his feet a few times, and his mouth overflowed with a bubble of saliva.

Jiang Mao saw the extremely rare moment. He checked his son diaper and found it was dry and carried the little person into his arms.

Thinking that Su Qingbai might still be angry, Jiang Mao simply took the little person into the bedroom.

When they went to the bedroom, there was no light in it. Su Qingbai fell asleep and lay sprawled on the bed, half of his legs exposed because his pants were not worn. The temperature in the room was not low, not at all cold.

The upper part of the body was half dressed and half exposed. He shifted his gaze onto Su Qingbai’s cheek.

He was raised properly in this year. As he hadn’t been exposed to the sun very much, Su Qingbai’s face was white, tender, not big and not much meat. At present, he was muttering something in his dream.

Jiang Mao saw that it was the dinner time and put Jiang Fanfan in his arms down.

Su Qinbai had a problem. He couldn’t help but want to hold anything when he sleeps. Su Caicai suffered from it before.

In the dream, Su Qingbai felt that someone had stuffed a pillow for him. He touched it with his hands. He felt it was not too big or small and took hold of it. It was even warm, so he turned over.

Jiang Mao was so scared that he hurriedly took his son away.

After a lot of trouble, Jiang Fanfan didn’t feel that his life was in danger. Instead, he thought it was fun and grinned. When he was excited, he called “ah ah”.

The father and son were making a fuss beside him, and so Su Qingbai finally woke up. He opened his eyes groggily and sat up in a daze.

Jiang Mao looked over. Su Qingbai was looking at the front without any focus. His clothes were opened, showing his tender belly.

Jiang Mao’s hands itched when he saw it. He put his son at the foot of the bed, sat beside the bed and rubbed Su Qingbai’s soft stomach as he asked him while putting on airs, “Are you hungry?”

Su Qingbai nodded vaguely; obviously not awake.

When the quilt was opened, Jiang Mao said, “Then quickly dress…” Seeing the scenery in the quilt, the “dress up” words were not uttered out.

Su Qingbai didn’t wear pants.

After pinching his nose, Jiang Mao was sure that he didn’t have nosebleed, so he looked up and said, “In this winter, it’s easy to catch cold when you put on and take off your clothes. You look after your son here. I’ll get you a table to set up dinner. Let’s eat in bed.”

Wife doesn’t wear clothes, hmm―― it’s quite a meal.

As soon as he left, Su Qinbai sobered up and saw his son vigorously waved at him not far away. Su Qinbai immediately took the clothes beside the bed and put them on.

Jiang Fanfan was a little aggrieved. He cried for a long time before his dad saw him. It’s not easy for him, yet his dad did not come to hug him. He opened his mouth and howled, “uwah wah wah――”

Su Qingbai sometimes had a thin skin. Today, he and Jiang Mao had been fooling around for a long time, leaving many traces on his body that he was afraid that his son would see them.

Jiang Fanfan howled for a bit. Seeing that his dad was still bustle about there, he soon forgot about this and was attracted by a pot of flowers which was placed nearby.

When Jiang Mao brought the meal into the room, Su Qingbai had just washed his face and hugged his son.

After dinner, inevitably, they mentioned the matter during the daytime again.

Jiang Mao’s attitude was firm this time, and he didn’t let up in anyway.

After entrusting Su Qingbai to Jiang Jun temporarily, Jiang Mao set off.

It was right at the coldest time. Despite Jiang Mao being strong and vigorous, he still thought it was too cold even for him. Fortunately, he didn’t let Su Qingbai come.

Along the way, there were many places buried under the snow. Unlike the time he came here, the ground was covered with withered grass and animals were rare to be seen.

Jiang Mao didn’t dare to stop. He rushed to the border town in a month time.

The border town was warmer than the capital city, but in this cold winter, it also snowed.

With his subordinates, he first went to the house where he used to live. After he got warm, he took several people to Su House.

Su Lingchuan and family were surprised to see Jiang Mao.

Although Su Lingchuan’s liking for Jiang Mao just reached the lowest level before he left, he was a little happy to see him at this time, because Jiang Mao could bring him news about his son and youngest grandson.

After a few words with Su family, Jiang Mao asked about Su Caicai, “by the way, what about Caicai? Why didn’t I see him?”

As he said it, Jiang Mao was actually a little nervous. After such a long time, with his son being so young, he didn’t know whether his son could still remember him or not.

Madam Su said with a smile, “He went out to play and will come back at meal time.”


“Caicai, there’s people at your house again. Is there something good for you?”

Every once in a while, there would be a carriage sending things to Su Caicai. It happened many times that everyone knew about it.

Su Caicai pursed his mouth, patted his frozen red hands, and turned to Su House.

Although he was so calm, in fact, he was a little excited.

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