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Exile Chapter 70

It was said that Su Caicai went out to play. Although Jiang Mao was disappointed as he couldn’t immediately see his son, he didn’t immediately urge people to bring the child back. Instead, he sat down and talked with Su Lingchuan about Su Lingchuan’s case.

Su Lingchuan was a little excited to learn that Du Cheng and Third Prince had capsized the boat, and he dragged Jiang Mao to chat, which was a rare thing for him to do.

The father-in-law was seldom so enthusiastic. Jiang Mao had to give face. In the winter, they sat in the hall and chatted. Jiang Mao told him the detailed events happened in the capital city.

It was very cold at this time, and there was nothing to keep warm in the hall. The two men drank the hot tea made by Madam Su. Soon the hot water was over, and Madam Su had to heat it again.

Su family’s pot was next to the window because the kitchen was easy to produce a lot of smoke and steam.

The windows were made of wood, in which the fumes and vapors could be easily dispersed as soon as the windows were opened.

Madam Su was boiling water with the windows opened.

Sitting on the stool, suddenly, there was an extremely obvious “rub-rub-” sound amidst the roaring fire.

Madam Su immediately stood up and stepped out of the kitchen. The sound was familiar to her; it was the footsteps of Su Caicai.

It was unknown where the little thing adapted the bad habits. He wouldn’t lift his feet when he walked. His shoes were worn out as he dragged them on the ground. If Jiang Mao had not prepared a lot of shoes for him and replaced them with others, he would have no shoes.

Sure enough, she saw Su Caicai was back. But Madam Su still felt it was unexpected. It was not yet time for meal today. He was unusually early.

“Caicai――” Looking at the way he walked slowly from the snow with a small step, his body shaking in a flash, as if he would fall down at any time, Madam Su went out to hold him.

Su Caicai was ahead of Madam Su as he ran into the kitchen.

Holding grandma’s hand, Su Caicai walked to the kitchen while sucking on his finger and drooling hard to look into the pot.

In the hall, Su Lingchuan and Jiang Mao were still talking, but their talk reached the finale.

“I’m here to pick up you and your wife and Caicai back to the capital city.” Holding somewhat hot cup, Jiang Mao paused before he said, “It may be a little rush, but if possible, I hope we can make it back to the capital in time for the New Year.” Qingbai was still waiting at home and he didn’t trust him alone.

Su Lingchuan nodded understandably. He also knew his son’s moral integrity. Let alone Jiang Mao, he too was not at ease.

“When will you leave?”

Jiang Mao said, “Only waiting until you and your wife are ready, anytime.”

Everything was settled.

“Well then, you should prepare first. I have something else to do. I’ll come again in the evening to see you… and Caicai.” With that, Jiang Mao got up and left.

Su Lingchuan didn’t make him stay when he said it like that. He sent the person to the door.

Just out of the door, Jiang Mao was stunned. He looked at the small footprints from the door to the kitchen and turned to Su Lingchuan, “Caicai is back?”

“It looked like he went to the kitchen.” Su Lingchuan nodded as he also saw it. He took Jiang Mao to the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, Su Caicai couldn’t believe that there was no delicious food.

Grandma once again regrettably said to him; there was really nothing.

Su Caicai didn’t believe it. He was held up by his grandmother and reached for the stove. Then he watched grandma open the pot, there was really nothing in the pot, only a pot of boiling water.

As soon as Jiang Mao came in, he saw Su Caicai holding out his small hand to grab the edge of the pot and he was in a posture of going to the pot, and that jolted him in shock.

When she saw the incoming people, Madam Su was a little embarrassed. She quickly took Su Caicai down the stove and into her arms.

Perhaps because they were father and son, when Su Caicai saw Jiang Mao, he was not as cold as those who had given him food before. Instead, he shrank into Grandma’s soft bosom, sucked his finger, and looked at him with black and bright eyes.

In comparison when Jiang Mao left, Su Caicai had changed to be quite big, taller, thinner, darker, hmm… and a little sloppy.

Jiang Mao was so excited that he stepped forward and said softly, “does Caicai remember daddy?”

Su Caicai was still sucking his finger and staring at him.

“Give dad a hug.” Jiang Mao reached for Madam Su.

At this, Su Caicai reacted. He plunged into Madam Su’s bosom, and his somewhat short arms were timidly hugging Madam Su, not letting go. Obviously, he was not willing.

Although Su Lingchuan didn’t like Jiang Mao because he swindled his good son away, but things already done so far, he couldn’t run after his son and Jiang Mao’s affair for their whole life. At this time, for the sake of Su Caicai’s future, he still hoped that Su Caicai could have a good handle on the father-son relationship with Jiang Mao.

So he went up to Su Caicai and said, “Caicai, this is your dad. Call out to dad.”

Madam Su advised him, too.

Su Caicai was still a little uncomfortable. At this moment, he was forced by three adults to call a man he had hardly met as dad. He couldn’t help crying.

Su Caicai was still young, he did not called Jiang Mao dad and the others were not bad to him as a child.

Jiang Mao’s eyes locked on Su Caicai. Although he felt a little uncomfortable, he finally reluctantly smiled and said, “never mind, come slowly later.”

It was his fault for not being a good father and not accompanying his children to grow up.

The atmosphere was awkward for a moment. Madam Su quickly changed the topic. “It’s late. I’ll prepare meal. You all go out and talk for a while. The meal will be ready soon.”

Jiang Mao snatched Madam Su’s job. “I’ll do it.”

“How could it be proper?” Jiang Mao was a guest and even a Lord Wang, Madam Su couldn’t let him do it in anyway.

“You are an elder. Where is it not proper?” Jiang Mao smiled and looked at Su Caicai. “Besides, I haven’t cooked for Caicai for a long time.”

Hearing that, all three look at Su Caicai. Madam Su also compromised, and let Jiang Mao do his best to be a father for Caicai.

Seeing this, Su Caicai shrunk his neck and buried in Madam Su’s bosom.

Jiang Mao’s craftsmanship, the Su’s old couple had tasted it. In comparison to Madam Su’s craftsmanship, it’s a rare delicacy.

Even the still young Su Caicai, who was sniffling at the fragrance, was raising his head and looked around in expectation.

Just as he came to this world, because he wanted to sell food to others, Jiang Mao had to pay particular attention to his cooking habits when he prepared meal. He was not only cooking delicious food, but the food also had to look good and smell fragrance.

The food was on the table. Seeing that his grandparents were sitting around the table, Su Caicai also sat down at ease around the table to eat.

Looking at Su Caicai’s eating phase, Jiang Mao paused there while holding his chopsticks, his face tangled. In the end, after he thought that their father and son had some tense relationship at this time, he said nothing.

After they finished eating for a while, Su Qingtong came with his daughter.

Madam Su took Su Qin and let the brother and sister play together.

Speaking of Su Qin, since Su Caicai was mixed with those mud monkeys, and Jiang Mao didn’t clean and wash for him all day long, the name of the first beauty in this village was given to the lovely and jade snow Su Qin.

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