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Exile Chapter 72

In order to avoid meeting with Consort Lou, Su Qingbai simply stayed in the room all day long. All he had to do was to eat and drink, poop and pee, and tease Jiang Fanfan.

In this way, Su Qingbai finally passed the days without wind or waves. Only from time to time, he heard the servants said behind his back that Consort Lou lost her temper again, hit and punished whoever.

In this short period of time, Su Qingbai finally saw the bad tempered Consort Lou in Hu Hong’s and the others’ mouths. Although he felt a little pity for those who were punished, the person who punished them was Consort Lou, and so he could not help them. The only thing he could do was to ask Steward Liu to pay more attention to those people.

Life went on day by day. Although the house was noisy, Su Qingbai was not so worried as long as he thought Jiang Mao would come back soon. In the absence of Jiang Mao, he just needed to take good care of his youngest son and wait for him to come back.

Thinking of Jiang Mao, Su Qingbai suddenly missed him. He hugged Jiang Fanfan and kissed him. Then he looked up to the outside. He could not help frowning. He asked the maidservant outside, “Why hasn’t my meal delivered yet?”

It happened that another maidservant who went to pick up the meal also came back. She came back empty handed and said to Su Qingbai, “Lady Lou has several guests today and wants to set up a feast. All the cooks in the residence were called over.”

Su Qingbai frowned, thought for a moment, and said to maidservant, “go and see what else is left in the kitchen. Let’s make it ourselves.”

In the first place, there was also a small kitchen here, which Jiang Mao used to cook food for him. When Jiang Mao left some time ago, the kitchen was no longer used, and there were no more ingredients in it.

Thinking of this, Su Qingbai was in mood. Anyway, he had nothing to do, so he cooked to kill time.

“Gongzi, what do you want to eat?”

After Su Qingbai thought about it, “Eat hot pot. Go to see what good ingredients are there in the kitchen.”

The maidservant withdrew, then ran to the kitchen and quickly picked up a lot of ingredients.

Because some of the ingredients had been processed at an earlier time, they were soon ready. Just about to get the pot down, someone knocked from outside.

The person coming was Jiang Jun.

“It seems that I came at a good time,” said shameless Jiang Jun with a laugh.

Su Qingbai probably remembered their enmity as he immediately blocked in front of the pot and said, “I didn’t know you were coming, so I didn’t prepare for your share.”

Jiang Jun just grinned and squeezed in. “It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll be full with some soup.”

That’s what he said. But as he sat encircling the pot, facing a pot of dish, how could he not go for a taste?

When Jiang Mao returned, the still somewhat little Su Qin had been carried away by Madam Su. Su Caicai was still playing in the hall alone.

After taking a glimpse, Jiang Mao couldn’t look on, because at the moment, Su Caicai was playing with a rope which was wounded around the leg of a stool on the ground. He was even crawling around; he was dirty.

Not bothering with happy person who was playing inside, Jiang Mao quietly backed out. After he thought about it, he went to make some after meal snacks.

Half an hour later, Jiang Mao came in with a plate of after meal snacks. He sniffed at it himself and was very satisfied with the aroma of the snacks. It was very fragrant and sweet.

Next, he put the snacks on the table and sat down without further movement.

Su Caicai’s dog nose naturally smelled it.

He froze for a moment, put down the rope in his hand and climbed up. Then, he slowly moved next to Jiang Mao’s leg with some shyness and looked at Jiang Mao as he waited anxiously.

Jiang Mao waited for him to speak.

The expectation was that Su Caicai’s saliva flowed down as he stared blankly and didn’t ask for it. Seeing as Jiang Mao did not want to give it to him, he sat on the ground with extreme patient and faced Jiang Mao. Perhaps he was really craving for it on the point of death; he habitually raised his index finger towards his mouth to suck. Jiang Mao saw his little black soft hand, and his face turned black. He quickly got up and pinched Su Caicai’s hand in time. He didn’t allow him eat it.

Jiang Mao touched his ice-cold little butt. Although it was a little dirty, Jiang Mao couldn’t bear to let him sit on the ground in this winter, so he carried the little person into his arms.

Su Caicai was initially a little ill at ease. He sat on Jiang Mao’s strong arm and was at a loss.

Jiang Mao watched him with great pain and didn’t tease him anymore. He found a basin of water to wash Su Caicai’s two claws, and then took him to sit back on the table.

Feeding the snack to Su Caicai’s mouth and watching Su Caicai bite a little bit, leaving a row of small tooth marks on the snack, Jiang Mao was immediately satisfied. He smiled as he wiped the snack residue on the corner of his son’s mouth, then asked, “Does the snack Dad make delicious?”

Be modest when given a hand, be soft-spoken when given a food, and coupled with the careful care of Jiang Mao at this moment, Su Caicai somewhat felt Jiang Mao’s concern and care for him. Therefore, he opened the mouth and softly said: “Delici~” because his mouth was occupied, the word ‘delicious’ was said ‘delici’.

Jiang Mao’s heart and liver trembled. When he was almost fed enough, Jiang Mao wiped his mouth, fed him water, and said as to entice him, “Dad will make a lot of delicious food. You follow Dad to go back to house under the willow tree. Dad will make it for you, alright?”

Su Caicai put his little hand on Jiang Mao’s shoulder and hesitated.

“Let’s talk to Grandpa first, shall we?”

With Jiang Mao having said that, Su Caicai had no qualm and nodded his head as he agreed.

Jiang Mao gently smiled and stroked Su Caicai’s head.

Su Caicai drooled as he waited for the delicious food. He had no idea what he would face next.

After talking to Su Lingchuan, Jiang Mao took Su Caicai in his arms, and as soon as he went out, he told the following Imperial Bodyguard, “burn more braziers and prepare more hot water.”

Seeing Jiang Mao take Su Caicai away, Su Lingchuan felt a little strange. How long does it take to finish eating? How do the father and son who haven’t seen each other for more half a year suddenly get familiar?

But knowing that it was Jiang Mao who took Su Caicai, he didn’t worry too much.

After about four hours, when it was dark, he saw Jiang Mao coming back with Su Caicai, who was crying loudly.

Su Lingchuan walked over with a kerosene lamp and listened to Su Caicai crying so pitifully that he rushed to ask, “What’s the matter?”

Making Su Caicai cried, Jiang Mao was a little embarrassed. “I gave him a bath.” A bath that took an hour.

Su Lingchuan took over Su Caicai, who was crying and aggrieved, and couldn’t help saying to Jiang Mao, “the child is still young, and now it’s the coldest time, how can you bathe him? What to do if he fell ill?”

“No, no he won’t. When I came in the morning, the fireplace in the room was already lit. A while ago, I even had people put a lot of braziers in the house. He wouldn’t be frozen.” He had waited for two hours until the house was warm before giving bath to Su Caicai.

Children were easy to get sick if they did not wash up.

Su Lingchuan didn’t blame him anymore, but still couldn’t resist saying, “I’ll let it go today, but afterwards, don’t be daring to bathe the child in cold weather.”

As he said that, Su Lingchuan stroked Su Caicai; he was soft. It was unknown what Jiang Mao had put on him that he even smelled nice. The clothes were obviously changed, a little thicker than before.

With Su Caicai like this, Su Lingchuan couldn’t help kissing him for several times.

In regards to Jiang Mao, although Su Caicai was crying, but the familiarity of being caught and bathed in the past returned, even though he didn’t remember much of the past.

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