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Exile Chapter 73

Although Jiang Jun had no sense of existence, but after all, he was a prince. As soon as he entered the Yue Wang Residence gate, someone informed Consort Lou.

While looking at the several sister’s daughters and brother’s daughters, Consort Lou smiled and said to the people next her seat, “He must be coming for Mao’er. Mao’er is not at home. Just in time for the meal, please invite Seventh Prince to come over and have a meal here by the way.” With that, Consort Lou raised her head to the maidservant at the side.

The maidservant responded accordingly and went out.

“Steward Liu.”

While Consort Lou was treating the guests, Steward Liu was waiting outside all the time. When someone called him, he hurried forward. “Girl, what’s it?”

“It was heard that Seventh Prince has come. Her Ladyship asked me to invite him to have a meal. I don’t know where the Seventh Prince is.”

Steward Liu was stunned and said: “Seventh Prince has gone to Lord Wang’s courtyard. This old slave will go to invite Seventh Prince.”

The maidservant stopped him. “No, I’ll go myself.”

With that, the maidservant walked to the courtyard of Jiang Mao.

Jiang Jun didn’t ask for Jiang Mao. He chose to come when Jiang Mao was not at home.

Some time ago, the fourth elder brother always had a milk like smell, which may not be noticed by others, but he always stayed by the side of the fourth elder brother, so he was not mistaken.

Before, he thought that the fourth elder brother had something going on with the wet nurse. Later, he found that he thought too much. Not only did fourth elder brother not have anything to do with the wet nurse, but he also took a fancy to a man.

So, where did the milky smell come from?

Before that, Jiang Jun went to freeload a meal. Only after a long time, was he full. He put down the bowl and wiped his mouth, and began to talk with Su Qingbai.

“It’s so nice and warm in your room that I don’t want to go back.”

Su Qingbai nodded and took a sip of tea. Of course, it had to be nice and warm because this room was for raising babies. However you don’t want to go back, you had better forget about it.

Seeing that Su Qingbai didn’t want to respond to him, Jiang Jun turned his eyes away and finally fell on the cotton curtain of the inner room.

Jiang Jun stood up and walked over, “how cold do you think it is? It’s so nice and warm in the room, and there’s still a cotton curtain on the door?” As he said that, he went to open the curtain.

Su Qingbai didn’t even have time to stop him even after throwing the quilt.

Fortunately, Jiang Jun just held the curtain and dragged it, while sighing in a few. Before he went in, Su Qingbai quickly walked to the door and grabbed him, “don’t go in, it’s too messy to be seen by people.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there came a tender voice, “ah~”

Jiang Jun’s eyes brightened. Sure enough, he guessed right.

After shaking off Su Qingbai, Jiang Jun walked towards the inner room and finally stopped at a small bed. On the bed, a little person was looking right at him with black skating eyes.

“Seventh Prince ―” Just as Jiang Jun was about to reach for the little person, he heard someone calling him from outside. Jiang Jun quickly withdrew his hand and turned to go out.

As soon as Jiang Jun lifted the curtain at the door, the aroma of the meal inside was floating outward.

The aroma was so strong that the maidservant could smell it.

Su Qingbai saw it and secretly said ‘not good’.

Indeed, when the maidservant saw Jiang Jun came from Jiang Mao’s bedroom, her face suddenly became strange.

The Seventh Prince and their Lord Wang had only recently become familiar. In fact, to be exact, they were not too familiar. Nowadays, it was tense in the Imperial Court. She had to wonder if the Seventh Prince had ulterior motives when he intruded into their Lord Wang’s bedroom.

However, she first brought the words that her master had given her.

Having heard that, Jiang Jun even had a hiccup and thoughtlessly said, “Thanks Her Ladyship Lou, but I have already eaten.” Then he walked into the room.

Sure enough, knowing that Jiang Jun entered Jiang Mao’s room without permission, Consort Lou called for someone to ask about it, which naturally turned to asking about Su Qingbai.

Consort Lou was unable to dealt Jiang Jun.

“Absolutely disgraceful thing! Good don’t learn but keep a male pet at home.” Consort Lou rose from the table. “Go, take me to see. I’ll see which hussy dares to seduce my son.”

“Aunt…” Lou Jingyu’s face was a little ugly after hearing the news. “I’m not feeling well. I want to go back to have a rest first.” Aunt had said in front of many people in the family that she wanted cousin (JM) to marry her. Now, everyone practically knew about that. Today, Lou Jingyu felt extremely embarrassed as the ‘male pet’ was uttered in front of the crowd. What would people think of her when they listen to it?

Consort Lou also understood her, “you go back and have a good rest.” After thinking about it, she reassured her and said, “Don’t worry, Aunt will give you an explanation.”

With that, Consort Lou called a lot of people to get the hussy.

Who would have known that later…

“What?” Concubine Lou was furious. “Did the little goblin run away?”

At this moment, the hussy Su Qingbai wrapped up Jiang Fanfan and took Jiang Jun and Liu Yuqing out.

When his Dad knew that he had found a man, his Dad wished he could have whipped him to death. When it came to Consort Lou, he reckoned it would not have been much better, and perhaps she would have whipped him to death too. He was terrified, and had to run first to put off the discussion until later.

Aiyo!” Su Qingbai ran so fast that he accidentally ran into a person and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

After two sentences, Su Qingbai turned to leave, but was called, “Su Qingbai?”

Su Qinbai looked over.

The person was Lou Jingyu who had just come out.

Su Qingbai took a quick look and didn’t have time to talk to her.

But Miss Lou refused to let him go easily. “Didn’t you go to the border town? Why are you back?”

“Let go.” Su Qingbai had no patience to answer her.

Lou Jingyu felt a little aggrieved by his rude treatment. “Aren’t I talking to you nicely? Why aren’t you being a good person in the border town and what are you doing in the capital city?”

Su Qingbai exerted all his strength to get rid of her. What is this called? Coming to the capital city isn’t being a good person?

Looking at the direction Su Qingbai left, Miss Lou stamped her foot. “Not appreciating people’s good will.”

Next to her, the maidservant said, “Miss, ignore this kind of people. It’s cold. Let’s go back quickly.”

Jiang Mao had a lot of real estate. When Su Qingbai came out, he didn’t have to worry about having no place to live. Following Liu Yuqing, he chose a smaller house to live in.

In the border town, Su family packed up and set out with Jiang Mao the next day.

When they arrived in the county, they stopped to call Xu Qian and Zhang Su.

If Su family was out of trouble, naturally Xu family was out of trouble too. Just in time, Xu Qian went back with them.

Xu Qian and Zhang Su casually packed up. The party of people then was about to get on the carriage.

Su Caicai tightly hugged Su Lingchuan’s leg and made it widely known that he wanted to be with Grandpa instead of Jiang Mao.

Jiang Mao hadn’t bathed him in recent days. Only, as soon as Jiang Mao saw him, he grabbed his little paws to wash and his little face as well. Su Caicai was going to have a psychological shadow.

Jiang Mao sighed, then took out a lot of delicious food from nowhere, and called out to Su Qin in front of Su Caicai, “come up and sit with uncle, uncle will give you delicious food.”

Su Caicai was stunned in place for a moment and looked straight at the food in Jiang Mao’s hand. He never expected that things would develop like this.

Su Lingchuan smiled and tapped Su Caicai on the head. “Caicai, go over to eat too.”

Su Caicai still didn’t move. He turned to Jiang Mao, presumably expecting him to say something.

Jiang Mao intended to tease him, so he didn’t look at Su Caicai on purpose, and turned to help Su Qingtong hold Su Qin in the carriage.

Jiang Mao didn’t call him, and Su Caicai was embarrassed to take the initiative.

It was only when Jiang Mao and the others really got on the carriage and didn’t mean to call him over, he couldn’t help it anymore, and tears flowed down.

All of a sudden, he felt grievance. Jiang Mao had been holding him in the palm of his hand for several days. He had to hold him wherever he went. Today, Jiang Mao didn’t hold him but held little sister, which made him sad.

Aiyoyo, why are you crying?” Madam Su rushed to wipe his tears.

Su Caicai hurriedly hid behind Su Lingchuan’s legs and reluctantly said in sobbing tone, “not crying~” His age was not big but quite like to keep his face. He could not let Grandma see his tears.

Jiang Mao stretched out his head to look out. Seeing that Su Caicai was crying, this dad Jiang Mao went as far as unable to contain his laugh, then jumped out of the carriage and came to pick up Su Caicai. “Dear, stop crying. Dad just made fun of you. All the delicious food is for Caicai alone.”

Su Caicai seized the opportunity to get into his arms and resolutely answered, “Not crying~”

Jiang Mao cupped his fair and soft small egg face and kissed it. It’s true that the more he looked at him the more he cherished him.

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