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Exile Chapter 74

When everything was in order, the few people were on their way.

Throughout the journey, they suffered a lot; sleepless, cold and bumpy. It was somehow tolerable to Jiang Mao, but the others were on the point of death.

Looking at Su Caicai, who was sleeping soundly in his bosom, Jiang Mao wrapped him inside his clothes. It was cold and there was no frequent hot water. The whole child was always listless and sleeping all the way.

Caicai was a bit tolerant being older, but looked at Su Qin. The little girl was feeling unwell and cried hard every day. The food was also not tasty. She had to be coaxed and coddled by the adults to be able take a few bites every day. Su Qingtong was a sullen guy. When he coaxed his child, he just called out “be good”. Fortunately, there was a talking Xu Qian, who took the same carriage with them to help coax the little girl. (FYI: Talking Xu Qian = Talking Tom)

Right at the time when mind was to be enthralled, the little girl cried again. Su Qingtong was at a loss. He asked Xu Qian for help. Previously, his little girl had a good temper and seldom cried. So, when Su Qin cried at this moment, Su Qingtong didn’t know what went wrong with his little girl.

Xu Qian sighed, took the little girl over, and checked her bottom. Then, he asked the groom to stop and took the child to pee.

After the little girl peed, Xu Qian came in with the little girl, sat down and handed her to Su Qingtong.

Su Qingtong reached out and just as he was about to reach, Su Qin started to cry. Her dad was a rough guy, and after being used to Xu Qian’s hug, she couldn’t get used to her dad.

Looking at the pitiful appearance of the father and daughter, Xu Qian picked up the child again.

Xu Qian really liked children, but he only liked men. There wouldn’t be children in his life. At first when he looked at Su Caicai, he felt extremely envy and wanted to hug him. As a result, Yue Wang wrapped Caicai in his arms all the time, like he was hatching an egg. It’s not bad to have Su Qin at the moment. He wouldn’t be too bored all the way.

Jiang Mao held Su Caicai and watched on without speaking at the side. Xu Qian was the only one sitting with them. Zhang Su was in Su Lingchuan’s carriage.

Usually, Xu Qian was very tightly glued to Zhang Su. These days, they were so abnormal. Jiang Mao guessed that there might be something wrong with them.

But he wasn’t familiar with them, so he didn’t ask.

“Wuah wuah wuah――” Su Qin had just finished crying and Su Caicai in Jiang Mao’s bosom started again.

Jiang Mao quickly unbuttoned his clothes and pulled him out.

He hugged and kissed Su Caicai, “Darling son, what’s the matter?”

Su Caicai didn’t speak, only cried ‘wuah wuah’.

Even adults couldn’t stand it, let alone children.

He checked Su Caicai’s clothes, no urine. Then he gave him something to eat, he didn’t eat it. Jiang Mao had no idea. He could only coax the child for a long time before the child was pacified.

After more than a month, they finally arrived in the capital city.

After a month, the weather was not as cold as it was at first. It was rare for Su Caicai to have a little spirit. He picked up the window, stretched out his little hand and shook it outside. Jiang Mao was worried and pulled his little hand back.

It was a rare nice and warm weather. For that, Jiang Mao was willing to let Caicai out, but he was not allowed to play. Su Caicai, who was doted on by Jiang Mao these days, had a flat mouth and tears were coming.

Without other way, Jiang Mao got off with Su Caicai in his arms, and he went to notify Su Lingchuan. “Uncle, herein after I’ll take a stroll with Caicai. You go back first. When Caicai stops crying, I’ll go after you.” After he said that, he ordered the imperial bodyguard to take everyone to a house under his hand.

Suddenly returned to the capital city, the few people had not sort out a good residence and being on their way for more than a month, they were all tired. They just wanted to find a place to rest, and so they didn’t object to Jiang Mao’s arrangement.

Bringing Su Caicai to take a look at the lively street market, Jiang Mao was in mood, too. After a long time nesting in the carriage, Jiang Mao only thought that his whole person was going to be rotten.

Don’t say Su Caicai, even him, an adult couldn’t stand it.

At the time to go home, Jiang Mao bought a lot of small toys and added some pretty clothes to Su Caicai.

And Su Caicai? He was tired after having fun and retreated into Jiang Mao’s bosom, cupping his cheeks while eating. He ate very seriously.

Jiang Mao weighed his plump son and didn’t drag him down anymore. The father and son hired a carriage and went back before dark.

The subordinate at the post called out to open the door of Yue Wang Residence. Jiang Mao wiped Su Caicai’s mouth before entering.

When Steward Liu came out to meet him, as soon as he saw Su Caicai, he stared blankly in a split second. Su Caicai and Jiang Mao were so similar. Fortunately, he knew the existence of Su Caicai and that Jiang Mao had especially went to pick up Su Caicai this time, so he was not too lacked in manners.

Su Caicai was still eating. He couldn’t stop eating and his mouth was small. When he first arrived in the capital city, he had gorged himself. Not a moment later, he was hungry again.

Jiang Mao took his small hand and took a big bite next his small hand. The initially not too big of a pastry then was left only a small chunk.

Seeing that not much was left, Su Caicai hurriedly put the sticky lump in his hand into his bosom.

Jiang Mao saw him as if he had suffered a great loss and he was extremely speechless. If it was not for fear that Su Caicai ate too much to the bursting point, he would not care about that food covered in saliva and unrecognizable being pinched in his small hand.

Jiang Mao ridiculed like that in his heart, but on the surface, he still looked like a loving father. He cleared his mouth and stroked Su Caicai’s head. “Does Caicai want a younger brother?”

Su Caicai looked up at him and continued to eat.

Jiang Mao immediately lay down his worry seeing that Caicai behaving like this; he totally didn’t care at all. After thinking about it carefully, it was justified because Su family had a Su Qin besides Su Caicai. Su Qin was almost one year old. Caicai was probably used to being a big brother.

Holding Su Caicai, Jiang Mao went straight to the bedroom. Not long ago, he wrote a letter to Qingbai. Qingbai and Fanfan were already waiting for them.

“Lord  Wang――” Steward Liu suddenly stopped him.

Jiang Mao turned around. “What’s up?”

“A while ago, Her Ladyship Lou moved out of the palace and Su Gongzi moved out for fear of inconvenience.”

“Moved out?” Jiang Mao was in urgency and worriedly asked, “Where are they now?”

Steward Liu bowed and said: “Don’t worry, Lord Wang. With imperial bodyguard Liu, Su Gongzi and little Gongzi are all right.”

Jiang Mao lay down his worry.

“You go and ask people to make some children’s clothes as soon as possible.” Looking at Su Caicai, Jiang Mao said, “Make it in Shizi’s size.”

Shizi? (heir)

Steward Liu looked up at Su Caicai, who was held by Jiang Mao. He immediately paid homage to the child, who looked a little sloppy. He quickly replied, “I’ll do it now.”

After he heard that Consort Lou came back, Jiang Mao frowned and went to Consort Lou’s yard first.

After thinking about it, he took Su Caicai with him――he came back with such a small child in his arms, the people of Consort Lou should have seen them long ago.

As soon as he reached the courtyard of Consort Lou, Jiang Mao heard a burst of frolic noises.

The maidservant in Consort Lou’s yard had long ago saw Jiang Mao. She saluted Jiang Mao first, and then hurried into the room to report.

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