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Exile Chapter 75

At the moment of seeing Jiang Mao, Consort Lou immediately noticed the child in Jiang Mao’s hand. She frowned in displeasure at first, but after thinking about it, who knows what, she was soon relieved and moved her eyes away from Su Caicai.

Consort Lou didn’t pay too much attention to Su Caicai anymore. She didn’t put Su Caicai in her eyes at all. Merely a bastard and seemingly not too old, easy to get a hold of anyway.

Consort Lou talked directly to Jiang Mao about that embarrassed affairs of hers, “where have you been these months?” Speaking of these things, Consort Lou felt a bit angry as she said: “do you know how your mother has been bullied in the past few months since you left?”

While Jiang Mao pulled Su Caicai’s hand out of his mouth, he asked, “Oh? What does it look like to be bullied?”

Consort Lou was so irritated by his extreme indifferent attitude that she swatted the table and stood up then pointed to Jiang Mao as she scolded: “you’re such a cruel and unscrupulous thing. This consort had raised you up for so many…”

Before Consort Lou finished speaking, Jiang Mao glared at her while sneering, and all of a sudden her voice ceased. She was probably thinking that she didn’t seem to raise Jiang Mao for so many years.

Consort Lou grudgingly sat back and did not lose her bad temper again. Besides, they both were well aware that not much remains of their mother-child relationships, and she also knew that at present, she had to rely on Jiang Mao for everything. Without Jiang Mao, she had nothing.

“In front of so many ministers, Fifth Prince and Sixth Prince drove this consort out of the palace.” At this point, Consort Lou couldn’t keep calm all along. “You have to think up something quickly. This consort wants them to welcome this consort back.”

Jiang Mao couldn’t understand Consort Lou’s insistence on the palace. He frowned, “Imperial Father is dying. What’s the use of staying in the palace? Is it not good to stay in Yue Wang Residence? “

“What do you know?” Consort Lou was a little contemptuous. Jiang Mao was an adult man, the one she gave birth to, and he did not have future prospects. Live in the Yue Wang Residence? To be pressured by people for the whole life? To be bullied? “In a word, you remember to sort out the fifth prince and sixth prince. They did this, not only this consort’s face became a sore sight, but you and our Yue Wang Residence will be looked down upon.”

Jiang Mao declined to comment regarding these matters, he said a few ambiguous words. In the capital city, for reputation, he still couldn’t tear his face away from his birth mother, Consort Lou. But he also couldn’t fight with Fifth Prince and Sixth Prince for the vanity of Consort Lou.

Jiang Mao didn’t refused and Consort Lou took it as he agreed. Her gaze shifted to Su Caicai and she asked, “Who is this child?”

“My son.”

Consort Lou was a little displeased. “How can you have a son before you get married?” After looking at Su Caicai, she sighed helplessly, “forget it, already gotten then keep him. Our home isn’t lacking to feed one more mouth, but…” Her thread of discussion changed course, “it’s fine to keep him, but he’s not allowed to be kept it in the residence.”

Jiang Mao actually didn’t get angry at this, but nodded approvingly, “I have this exact meaning.”

Consort Lou smiled and nodded with satisfaction. Since she came out of the Buddhist temple, Jiang Mao had not been as obedient as before, especially in the recent period.

At the next moment, Jiang Mao continued to say, “I’m not sure if I can place him in this residence because of the crooks mixed in with the honest folk here.”

“You…” Hearing this, Consort Lou felt that she was going to be pissed off by Jiang Mao.

“Is there anything else, consort mother? If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave.” Jiang Mao said as though he didn’t see Consort Lou getting angry.

Even if he knew Consort Lou would be angry, he would also say that he would not let his son go on being so obscure.

Consort Lou lost her tongue from being suffocated by him. Jiang Mao went out with Su Caicai in his arms.

As soon as they came out, Jiang Mao called a carriage and went straight to Su Qingbai.

After Su Qingbai came out of Yue Wang Residence, instead of feeling he could not adapted, he became more contented.

In this small house, he was not as restrained as he was in the residence. If he had nothing to do, he would go out for a walk. Especially at the end of the year, just a few days before New Year’s Eve, the streets were very lively. Su Qingbai often took a few manservants with him, sweeping from the east to the west of the street. Suddenly, the past feeling that he used to take two henchmen to run roughshod in the capital came back a little.

When Jiang Mao arrived at the house, Su Qingbai just went out for a walk. Jiang Fanfan was too young to go out with him, so a maidservant watched over him.

“Lord Wang, little Shizi.” Jiang Mao appeared so suddenly that Liu Yuqing hurried to salute the two after being surprised.

Liu Yuqing had met Su Caicai, so even if Su Caicai fell asleep at the moment, he still recognized him.

Jiang Mao helped him up in a hurry and asked, “Is Qinbai here with the child?”

Liu Yuqing quickly bowed to answer, “Su Gongzi just went to the street to walk around. He hasn’t come back yet. Little Gongzi is sleeping in his room.” He pointed to a room.

Jiang Mao smiled at him and affectionately patted him on the shoulder. “Thanks for your trouble for taking care of them, father and son this time. You can withdraw and rest.”

Liu Yuqing was flattered and said respectfully: “this is subordinate’s job.”

Jiang Mao smiled and took Su Caicai to Jiang Fanfan’s sleeping room.

Opening the door curtain, Jiang Mao walked towards the room lightly for fear of waking the small one.

Who knows, when he took a look on the bed, the person inside happened to open that big black eyes and also looked over.

After more than two months’ absence, Jiang Mao also terribly missed him. If it was not for his arms still holding Su Caicai, he would have hugged that little dango and kissed him for a few immediately.

Smiling at Jiang Fanfan, Jiang Mao moved him over and put his brother on the bed. Only then he hugged him and kissed him.

At first, Jiang Fanfan didn’t want to, but Jiang Mao smiled and teased him for a while. He was simple-minded and soon became familiar with Jiang Mao. They talked like a donkey’s lips did not match a horse’s mouth with each other. Jiang Fanfan was very excited that he waved his small arms and slapped Jiang Mao’s arm.

Unable to restrained himself,  Jiang Mao kissed him again and again before putting him back on the bed. Then he turned around and went out.

――He missed the small one, as well as the big one.

On the street, Su Qingbai rarely cared about the house’s trifles――he bought a portrait of the kitchen god, Zaoshen on the street.

“How much is this?”

“Five coins.”

After taking over the portrait in the hands of the stall owner, Su Qingbai fetched his embroidered pouch and took out the money to pay. As soon as he turned his head, he saw roasted sweet potatoes sold at the side. Craving, he bought one.

Walking on the road, Su Qingbai was holding the portrait under one arm, and holding the hot sweet potato in both hands while taking a small bite from time to time. He appeared very at ease.

“Qingbai――” Suddenly, Su Qingbai was called by someone. He was very familiar with the voice, it was Jiang Mao’s.

Su Qingbai turned and looked around, but before he could find him, Jiang Mao first stepped forward to hug him.

Su Qingbai also missed him terribly, but hugging on the big street was a bit shameful. Su Qingbai’s cheeks burned hot and he took the other person to a place with few people.

“You…” Looking at Jiang Mao, Su Qingbai had a lot to say to him, but before he could say anything, he saw Jiang Mao press him against the wall and kissed him fiercely. It was unknown how long it took Jiang Mao to stop before he looked at Su Qingbai, who was gasping for breath. He smiled ambiguously, “sweet.”

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  1. kc

    Jiang Mao how are you going to reward QingBai for staying out of trouble? ? he really has been good. Wonder how JM will deal with his consort mom and the 2 princes.
    Anyhow at least the family is reunited now.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Haruki Natsuyu

    As soon as he turned his head, he saw roasted sweet potatoes sold at the side. Craving, he bought one.

    Is he pregnant again? ??????