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Exile Chapter 76

Jiang Mao yet again went closer and rubbed against him. “So sweet, I want to eat it.”

Su Qingbai looked around, when he saw no one, he pushed him away. “You, enough. We’re outside.” Then he gave the sweet potato to his hand and said, “If you want to eat, I give you this to eat.”

Jiang Mao had no choice but to take the sweet potato. He didn’t want to eat it at first, but when he saw that there was tooth mark on the sweet potato, he took a bite.

“By the way.” Su Qingbai pulled Jiang Mao towards home as he was thinking of something. “Caicai, where’s Caicai?”

They were both a dad, so Jiang Mao understood him very well. He didn’t hold him any longer and ran back home with him.

“Caicai, Caicai?” Jumping into the threshold, Su Qingbai looked around the courtyard.

Where’s Su Caicai?

Su Caicai fell asleep in a bed. But because he was used to sleeping in Jiang Mao’s arms, he was a bit uncomfortable sleeping in bed after a while; not a moment later, he couldn’t sleep. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a butt in front of him.

Su Caicai was not very well-behaved when he sleeps. He always rolled around in bed.

When he sat up, propping his arms on his back, he saw a little dim room and a pair of small eyes looking at him without blinking.

Su Caicai was taken aback, but when he saw the person clearly, he soon recovered his composure.

“Yah!” The person on the bed, precisely Jiang Fanfan, suddenly made a noise.

Nibbling his finger, Su Caicai approached him and asked, “Who are you~”

Jiang Fanfan said: “Ah yah!”

Su Caicai couldn’t understand. He looked around and finally lay back with Jiang Fanfan. Having just woke up, he was not very energetic.

Although not very energetic, it was also not easy for him to fall asleep as soon as he wakes up. So Su Caicai was lying and talking to him.

“What’s your name~”

Jiang Fanfan looked at the housetop and said: “Ah~”

Su Caicai asked: “Where’s my dad?”

Jiang Fanfan said: “Yah~”

As soon as the voice fell, Su Caicai suddenly sat up. He reached out and pulled Jiang Fanfan over to talk to him face to face.

But Jiang Fanfan was too for him fat to pull. With no other way, Su Caicai turned him so the back of his butt was upwards and then put his hand on his butt to push him hard.

Just then, Jiang Fanfan suddenly farted.

Su Caicai, who was almost next to Jiang Fanfan’s butt, was stunned, and then he cried.

Hearing the noises, the maidservant, who was watching over them, hurriedly looked over.

“What’s the matter? Why do I seem to hear Caicai crying?” Su Qingbai asked.

“No way, they were still sleeping when I left.” With that, Jiang Mao opened the curtain and went in.

As soon as they went in, they saw the maidservant was at a loss, looking at Su Caicai on the bed. Su Caicai sat there crying loudly, while Jiang Fanfan drooled and looked at Su Caicai crying without blinking.

“Caicai――” After letting the maidservant out, Su Qingbai jumped onto the bed and hugged Su Caicai.

Su Caicai hiccuped while crying. He glanced at Su Qingbai and he hesitantly opened his mouth and called out, “Dad~”

At the same time of calling dad, Su Caicai felt that he somewhat lost face and hurriedly stopped the tiny tears. His small face was a little red as he quietly looked at Su Qingbai.

Su Qinbai was so happy that his Caicai hadn’t forgotten him.

Who knows, before he was done being happy, Su Caicai reached for Jiang Mao’s arms at the next moment, calling “Dad~” bashfully. Su Caicai just wanted to find a place to drill in and the first choice was Jiang Mao’s arms.

Su Qingbai was jealous. He swatted Jiang Mao’s hand and said, “Dad will hold you.”

Su Caicai was seen by his Dad in such a disgraceful way. Why would he wants his Dad to hold him? He had to drill into Jiang Mao’s arms.

Unable to coax him, Su Qingbai had to give Su Caicai to Jiang Mao.

In the evening, a family of four was sleeping on the big bed. Su Qingbai held and patted Jiang Fanfan in silence. On the other side, Su Caicai had drilled into Jiang Mao’s arms and jabbering something, very cheerfully. Saying a few words, he took a peek at Su Qingbai from time to time, and then shyly shrunk into Jiang Mao’s arms.

The more Su Qingbai watched them, the more he felt grieved. He glanced at the father and son from time to time. His eyes looked very sad.

On one side Jiang Mao was talking with Su Caicai like chicken speaking with duck, while on the other side, he was subjected to Su Qingbai’s vision. His forehead was cold sweating.

After a long time of coaxing the two little ones to sleep, Su Qingbai took them, one by one, to the small bed, and then came back to ride on Jiang Mao’s body, with his hands beside his ears. Just when Jiang Mao thought he was going to lose his temper, Su Qingbai said piteously, “what should I do? Caicai, he didn’t want me to hold him.”

Jiang Mao released a sigh of relief and put his hand on the other person’s butt. “Caicai didn’t know me when he first met me. He can remember you, it’s much better than me.”

“Really?” Su Qingbai looked at him, and Jiang Mao continued to say positively: “of course. It took me a lot of time to coax him up later. “

Su Qingbai lay down in half believing and half doubting.

Jiang Mao was not happy. He untied Su Qingbai’s pants and put his hand in. “We haven’t seen each other for such a long time, except for Caicai, you didn’t…”

Before he finished speaking, Su Qingbai suddenly got up and went to the bedside of the two children. “No, I’m sleeping with Caicai tonight.” With that, he took Su Caicai out of the small bed and put him in his arms.

Looking at Su Caicai in the middle of them, Jiang Mao was so depressed. It was very hard for him to come back. Now, even if he wanted to do something bad, he couldn’t do it.

It was a night without a dream.

Jiang Mao was called out early the next day, saying that there was business.

Su Qingbai sat up and hugged and kissed Jiang Mao. When Jiang Mao left, he lay down again.

Looking at Su Caicai sleeping like a pig, Su Qingbai pinched his nose half happily and half bitterly.

Then Su Caicai opened his eyes. He looked at Su Qingbai and was a little confused. Then he turned his head around. Su Qingbai knew that he was looking for Jiang Mao.

Su Qingbai felt so sad. He kneaded Su Caicai into his arms and gently tapped his little butt. “Little brat, Laozi gave birth to you, but you actually didn’t want to be intimate with me?”

Compared with Jiang Mao, Su Qingbai was not reserved at all. He directly held his son in his arms and rubbed against him. Unlike Jiang Mao, who first impressed him with delicious food, and then built up their father son relationship step by step.

“Dad, Dad……” In Su Qingbai’s arms, Su Caicai called out to Dad and pushed Su Qingbai hard.

Su Qingbai didn’t let him go. The next moment, he regretted it and put Su Caicai on the bed. Su Qingbai looked at him. Adorned in a small red dùdōu, Su Caicai’s birdie was out.

Su Caicai looked down at his birdied with the last bit of water fell on the sheet. He wanted to pee just now, but his Dad held him and didn’t let go; he was helpless.

Su Qingbai was stunned, being soaked with urine. Next moment, Su Qingbai was afraid that Su Caicai would be frozen and he quickly wrapped Su Caicai in the quilt again, then opened the bedside table, and put  a small clothes on Su Caicai――He had sent someone to prepare this clothes in the morning.

Su Caicai had grown a little big.

After putting it on, Su Qingbai put Su Caicai on the ground and began to change the sheets.

Looking at Su Qingbai, who didn’t pay any attention to him, but was busy changing the bedding sheets there, Su Caicai pursed his mouth and stood there helpless.

Was his dad angry?

Su Caicai groped around until the doorsill and sat down. He was a little embarrassed that he dug up the door frame with one hand. On one side of the heavy atmosphere, he dared not look at Su Qingbai.

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