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Exile Chapter 77

Su Qingbai, who had been like a parasite whose four limbs do not toil for more than a year, spent half a day to make the bed.

At this time, Su Qingbai said, “Caicai, are you still sleepy? Do you want to go back to sleep?”

With that, he turned around and found that Su Caicai was gone.

Su Qingbai didn’t worry about his safety. After all, there were many people in this house. He just glanced at Jiang Fanfan and regretted that he didn’t put Caicai into Jiang Fanfan’s small bed and let him fall asleep first.

Thinking of Jiang Fanfan, Su Qingbai went over; he was still sleeping like a pig. Su Qingbai touched his white and tender face, and then went to touch his white and tender butt. Upon checking, this one had peed too.

After changing Jiang Fanfan’s diaper, Su Qingbai went out to find Su Caicai.

Who would have expected, Jiang Jun came to him with Su Caicai in his arms. At this time, Su Caicai was completely unguarded and sat in Jiang Jun’s arms while whispering something gibberish to him.

Suddenly, Su Qingbai felt so grieved. He could understand if Caicai being intimate with Jiang Mao, but who was Jiang Jun? How many times had they met? Jiang Jun was received better than him, the dad.

“Caicai――” Su Caicai abruptly looked over. He secretly looked at Su Qingbai’s expression, and called out in a low voice, “Dad~”

Hearing this, Jiang Jun smiled, “is he your son?” He gently scratched Su Caicai’s fleshy chin with his fingertips. “The little thing is quite inviting people to cherish him.”

Su Qingbai received Su Caicai. Su Caicai shrunk in Su Qingbai’s arms and immediately stopped talking.

Su Qingbai patted Su Caicai’s butt and talked to Jiang Jun. “How did you end up holding Caicai?”

“Oh, as soon as I came in, I saw this little thing wiping tears in the yard by himself and I gave him a candy.”

Su Qinbai looked at him without blinking. When he saw that he doesn’t say anything, he asked, “and then?”

“No then.” Jiang Jun spread his hands.

Su Qingbai did not dare to believe it. He looked at Su Caicai and Jiang Jun. “You gave him a candy, and he let you hold him?”

Jiang Jun didn’t understand what is wrong with this for him to procure a question. But still answered truthfully: “Mm.”

Su Qingbai tightened his arms around Su Caicai in his bosom. A candy could coax him to run away with others. Later, he must keep an eye on Caicai.

After asking the manservant to take Jiang Jun to the drawing room, Su Qingbai took Su Caicai to wash.

“Caicai, why did you just cry? Can you tell Dad?” After drying Su Caicai’s hands, Su Qingbai asked, kneading his small meaty hands.

Su Caicai pursed his lips and lowered his head.

Su Qingbai sighed, somewhat helpless. He couldn’t guess the children’s mind, and still had no way to start with. He guessed that because Su Caicai was still young, he could not understand him.

In the end, Su Qingbai, who couldn’t guess his son’s mind, was still a little uneasy. After he thought about it, he picked up Su Caicai, who had bowed his head and said nothing. In two or three times, he nimbly peeled Su Caicai, and then threw the naked Su Caicai into the quilt.

Watching Su Caicai slipped away and into bed like a frightened rabbit, Su Qingbai also climbed up and coaxed him: “Caicai come quickly, show to Dad, where did you get knock and bump against?” Su Qingbai was a little worried. Su Caicai must have cried because he was knocked against something, right.

Su Caicai retracted into the quilt, feeling embarrassed. His Dad even peeled off his dùdōu.

Su Qingbai sat on the bed and helplessly looked at the child under the quilt, and said: “You big ass kid even feeling embarrassed.” He said that and not a bit showed consideration to Su Caicai’s image, he reached into the quilt, grabbed the white and soft dango and dragged it into his arms.

Su Qingbai teased him while laughing out loud and felt all over his body. At last, he said, “Why are you so fat, ah?” Then he tapped Su Caicai’s watermelon belly with his fingers.

Hearing that, Su Caicai’s face turned red. He struggled to get free to climb out of Su Qingbai’s arms. After he held back for a long time, he said: “Not fat~”

Su Qingbai smiled; his son quite cared about his image.

However, on the surface, Su Qingbai immediately admitted his mistake, and his attitude was quite perfunctory as he said, “fine fine fine, not fat, not fat.”

As he did not find where Su Caicai got knocked and bumped, Su Qingbai put his worry down and hugged Su Caicai for a while. Not a while later, Su Caicai fell asleep.

Su Qingbai covered Su Caicai before going to the drawing room to entertain the guest. Already reached the door, Su Qingbai hesitated and went back in. After he thought about it, he decided to take Su Caicai to Jiang Fanfan’s small bed to sleep. He took this opportunity to let the two cultivate their brotherhood.

Because Jiang Jun was a friend and often come here for a walk, Su Qingbai then was not so polite with him. He asked him to go to sit in the drawing room first.

When Su Qingbai came out, it was just in time for breakfast, so he asked Jiang Jun to eat together.

After breakfast, they sat in the room with tea and talked.

“By the way, the fourth elder brother has come back. When will you move back to the Yue Wang Residence?” said Jiang Jun as he looked up.

Su Qingbai put down his teacup and leaned on the chair. “I’m not moving back.”

“Why? With fourth elder brother there, Her Ladyship Lou won’t be too hard to you in front of fourth elder brother and his children.”

In the past, he was not familiar with his fourth elder brother, and also was not very clear about the situation of fourth elder brother’s family. He had not known about Su Caicai beforehand.

However, when he first came in, he heard the maidservant called Su Caicai ‘little Shizi’, and the child’s face was similar to that of fourth elder brother’s. So although he was shocked by the sudden appearance of such a child, he immediately confirmed that this was the fourth elder brother’s child .

No need to mention that little one, he already knew.

That’s not necessarily true. Su Qingbai thought.

But instead of saying it, he said something else, “I’m planning to go earn a living.”

Jiang Jun’s eyes immediately widened, “Are you? My fourth elder brother is the richest man in the country. What is the use for you to go out and find a job to earn a living?”

Su Qingbai disagreed with him. “I’m a man. No matter how rich he is, I can’t do nothing for a lifetime.”

Su Qingbai was so dependent on Jiang Mao because he was pregnant with a child. Now that the child had been several months old, it was time for him to get busy. It was not because he wants to make a few coins, but simply because didn’t want to be surrounded by diapers and tossed about with Jiang Mao on the bed every day.

Looking out of the window, it was about time to celebrate the new year. After the new year, he would make preparations, and when it was time, he would be almost healthy.

“By the way, why didn’t you go to court this morning?” Jiang Mao went out early. He hadn’t come back yet.

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