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Exile Chapter 78

When it came to attending court, Jiang Jun’s face was a little twitchy, “Attending court for what? Since the third elder brother’s mishap, the fifth and sixth elder brothers fall into power. Every day, they aren’t willing to do a goddamn thing. When they catch something trivial, they will quarrel and debate. Rather than go to see them quarrel so early in the morning, I’d better sleep at home.”

Su Qingbai nodded understandably, and they talked for a while. There was a peal of raucous outside, before they heard the manservant report that Jiang Mao was back.

Su Qingbai spoke with Jiang Jun and took the lead in going out to meet Jiang Mao.

Before Jiang Mao arrived in the capital, he received a letter from Jiang Mao. The letter said that his Dad had returned to capital with him and lived in one of Jiang Mao’s houses, these days.

Just yesterday when Caicai came back, Jiang Mao was tired for the whole day, so he didn’t ask. It’s still early today, therefore Su Qingbai wanted Jiang Mao to bring him to see his Dad.

Jiang Jun watched Su Qingbai run out in a hurry and didn’t sit down anymore and went up.

“Jiang Mao~” As he ran out, Su Qingbai called him.

Jiang Mao just got out of the sedan chair and looked at Su Qingbai. He was flattered. Qingbai unexpectedly came out to pick him up today. This treatment had never been done before. With a curve of his lips, Jiang Mao held up the running man and strode towards the house.

Su Qingbai was suddenly picked up by him and after he saw the large number of servants in the courtyard, he was a little embarrassed. He reached out and pinched Jiang Mao’s waist. He said in a fierce tone, “People are watching. Let me go.”

Jiang Mao listened and smiled, unlike his former serious self. “This is rather complicated?” Then he told his subordinates, “Close your eyes.”

Led by Hu Hong, the Imperial bodyguards and servants immediately turned around obediently and closed their eyes.

Su Qingbai simply wanted to scold this guy. Really, it was only a few steps away from the room but he had to make a scene in the courtyard to show people such jokes.

At this time, Jiang Jun, who was a step slower than Su Qingbai, approached: “…”

Jiang Mao glanced at Jiang Jun, who quickly adjusted himself after a moment of stupefaction. After the great waves were calm, he then put down Su Qingbai, smiled at him and said, “I’m hungry. Go and ask the kitchen to serve me some noodles.” With that, Jiang Jun was asked to go to the drawing room together.

Su Qingbai stood behind him, not very willing, and discussed with him: “can you have something else? Stop eating noodles.”

Jiang Mao stopped and looked back at him. He said softly, “you don’t have to do it for me. Hurry up!”

Su Qingbai looked at Great Lord Jiang and walked away directly after he finished talking. He went to the kitchen helplessly.

Jiang Mao’s taste was a bit heavy. If he wanted to eat noodles, he must put more chili and garlic. This was the case, but this guy always liked to catch him to kiss his garlic odor mouth, oh!

Su Qingbai went to the kitchen and asked the chef to serve Jiang Mao a bowl of noodles. After thinking about it, he estimated that Su Caicai was about to wake up, so he asked the chef to prepare some food for Su Caicai, who was over two years old.

He and Jiang Jun had just eaten. As for Jiang Fanfan, he could only drink milk. There was a wet nurse in the room, so he didn’t need to prepare it for him.

Very soon, the chef was done with cooking for two people, one person per bowl; Jiang Mao was noodles and Su Caicai was porridge.

Su Qingbai took the meal to the drawing room and went to call Su Caicai to get up.

Little did he know that Su Caicai had woken up long ago. He was already dressed up and sat in bed.

Looking at Su Caicai’s reversed clothes, Su Qingbai asked him with a smile, “does Caicai wear clothes by yourself?”

Su Caicai nodded shyly. (TL: cute~)

“My son is very clever.” As he said, Su Qingbai put his hand under his armpit and lifted him out of the quilt. Su Caicai whined as he drilled his head into Su Qingbai’s arms. It was cold――The winter pants were too heavy, so he could not wear them.

Looking at the exposed butt while the chubby little guy drilled into his arms, Su Qingbai couldn’t bear it. He held his little butt and felt it. It’s very nice.

He carried Su Caicai to the drawing room, where Jiang Mao was eating while listening to Jiang Jun says something.

Seeing Su Caicai coming, Jiang Mao rushed to him and said, “Come, Dad hold.”

Beaming with joy, Su Caicai put out his paws to Jiang Mao.

After handing Su Caicai to Jiang Mao, Su Qingbai went back to the room to see the little one.

Jiang Mao brought over the porridge that Su Qingbai prepared for Su Caicai, “this is the porridge that your dad made for you. Eat it quickly.”

Sitting in Jiang Mao’s arms, Su Caicai reached for the bowl. After he took a sip, he frowned and pushed the bowl. He looked up and said to Jiang Mao: “Meat.” He wanted to eat meat.

Jiang Mao put down his chopsticks. “We don’t have meat.”

Obviously, Su Caicai understood. He looked at Jiang Mao in a blank, and finally shifted his gaze to Jiang Mao’s bowl, “Want to eat.”

“You can’t eat this.” Jiang Mao moved the bowl away a little.

Su Caicai’s small mouth deflated, ready to cry.

“Fine fine fine, don’t cry, give you a taste, just a little.” Jiang Mao couldn’t do anything about him, so he took a piece of noodles with chopsticks.

Su Caicai opened a row of small white teeth and bit into Jiang Mao’s chopsticks.


As Jiang Mao had worried about, as soon as Su Caicai licked it, he cried loudly because of spiciness.

Jiang Jun was also worried. “Little Caicai, are you alright?”

Su Caicai’s tears came out and he kept crying.

“What’s the matter? Caicai is crying?” Hearing the noises, Su Qingbai pushed open the door and came over.

Upon seeing Su Qingbai, Su Caicai was taken aback and his crying came to an abrupt end. At the next moment, he cleverly brought over the bowl of porridge and took a few small sips.

From Jiang Mao’s point of view, he could still see Su Caicai holding back the little tears that has not flowed down, rolling in his eye rims.

Looking at the incomparably harmonious three people, Su Qingbai let go of worry and walked away.

When Su Qingbai was far away, Jiang Jun suddenly clapped on the table and laughed, “Caicai is not afraid of you, but Su Qingbai.” It’s quite unexpected. It looked like Jiang Mao was better than Su Qingbai.

Jiang Mao felt that Jiang Jun expressed amazement due to lack of experience, so he ignored him and lowered his head to stuff Su Caicai’s mouth with a candy.

In the afternoon, Jiang Jun was sent away. Jiang Mao took Su Qingbai and Su Caicai to see Su Lingchuan and the whole family. Jiang Fanfan was too small to carry out, so he was left alone at home (with maid).

Sat in the carriage while holding Su Caicai, Su Qingbai, with nothing to do, talked to him about his little brother, saying, “does Caicai like little brother?”

Su Caicai, who was radiant with delight talking with Jiang Mao, abruptly stopped talking and even his small face stiffened.

Su Qingbai didn’t understand. He turned to Jiang Mao and asked, “It can’t be that he still doesn’t know what little brother is, right?”

Jiang Mao smiled and patted Su Caicai on the head. “What doesn’t he know?” He smiled again and looked up at Su Qingbai. “This little thing knows everything. Look at this little expression, obviously he doesn’t like his little brother.”

Su Qingbai came closer to him and asked him what?

Su Caicai frowned and didn’t speak, but thought of his little brother’s farting.

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