Exile Chapter 79

The house was a little remote and far away. After a long trip, they arrived. It was not early when they arrived.

After getting off the carriage, the family barely reached the house entrance and before they entered the door, they heard a burst of laughter. When they went in, they found that the person who came was Zhang Su’s father, Zhang Jing.

In the past, Zhang Jing and Su Qingbai practically received letters from Zhang Su.

Zhang Jing had only such a son as Zhang Su. At the beginning, he learned that Zhang Su took Xu Qian to the border town. Zhang Jing was worried at home every day, for fear that when Zhang Su and Xu Qian were caught by the imperial court. He had been worried for more than two years.

Now that’s over; after receiving Zhang Su’s letter, he was so happy that he immediately packed up his things and came here. In passing, he was going to see Su Lingchuan, a former colleague and old friend.

“Dad, Uncle Zhang.” As soon as Su Qingbai went in, he took the initiative to greet them.

“Qingbai.” Zhang Jing and Su Qingbai were very familiar with each other. Before the fall of Su family, Su Qingbai, the little brat, always wanted to invite his family’s Zhang Su to go out to play when he had nothing to do. However, his invitation was not a good thing; going to dining, wining or gambling. He didn’t want Zhang Su to play with Su Qingbai, but Zhang Su was so stubborn, he couldn’t stop him.

At the sight of Su Qingbai, Zhang Jing immediately thought of the past and was alert. Although his old friend’s family was fine, which made him very happy, but Su Qingbai, the restless factor, also came back, which was not a good thing.

While they were talking, Jiang Mao came in with Su Caicai in his arms.

“Your Highness, Yue Wang.” Zhang Jing was very surprised to see Yue Wang here. He got up to salute after being surprised.

“Grandpa――” Su Caicai in Jiang Mao’s arms didn’t care about these adults. He hadn’t seen grandpa for nearly two days that he was in a panic and wanted to hug him with his paws outstretched.

Su Lingchuan took over the big plump grandson, squinted his eyes and hugged the plump Caicai happily.

“You came. Sit down, sit down.” After taking over the grandson, Su Lingchuan greeted the two.

It’s not convenient for Su Qingbai to say more words with Su Lingchuan when Zhang Jing was here, so he didn’t say more after a few words.

“Dad, where’s my Niang?”

Su Lingchuan was teasing Su Caicai in his arms and replied, “your Niang was a little sick when she got home yesterday. She might be lying in the room?”

“My Niang, is she alright?” Su Qingbai worriedly asked.

Su Lingchuan kneaded Su Caicai’s fleshy small paws while he said, “it’s no big deal. It’s just old age and being tossed around the whole journey, her body’s a little uncomfortable. I’d invited a doctor and the doctor said that she will be fine after a proper rest and supplement the body.”

“Then I’ll see my Niang first. You and Uncle Zhang talk.” Su Qingbai took Jiang Mao’s hand and walked to the inner room.

Watching Su Qingbai who was familiarly pulling Jiang Mao away, Zhang Jing asked: “when did Qingbai get in touch with Yue Wang?”

Regarding this affairs of Su Qingbai, although Su Lingchuan had no objection to it, he was still reluctant to tell others. He could accept it himself, but others might not. And here he was worried about the two men, but they didn’t worry about it at all. These every and each moves between them hardly covered up their intimacy.

At this time, Su Lingchuan looked at his old friend―who he had been friends with for many years― with lips pursed, then looked at the baby egg in his arms before he opened his mouth to say: “Qingbai….. and Yue Wang are living together as partners.”

“Living as partners?” Zhang Jing’s eyes were even bigger. He couldn’t believe it. He had been watching Su Qingbai grew up since childhood. That shameless brat, how could Yue Wang fancy him?

At a glance, Su Lingchuan saw what Zhang Jing thought. He suddenly blew his top and stared, “what do you mean by this?” How bad was his son?

Zhang Jing dry coughed and shifted the topic, “this man and man… how long can it last? It’s hard to say. How can you agree?”

Su Lingchuan knew that he didn’t mean anything ill. The affairs of Jiang Mao and Su Qingbai were already a foregone conclusion. He didn’t have to worry too much. But at the thought of Zhang Su and Xu Qian…..

With Su Qingbai Jiang Mao as a past example, he could somewhat see that something was fishy between Zhang Su and Xu Qian.

Su Lingchuan looked at Zhang Jing and said, “I didn’t agree with this at the beginning, but I couldn’t stand my child to wear down, and the two had a good relationship. Later, I figured out that as long as my child is happy, so be it.”

Zhang Jing snorted twice, “that’s because you have a good temper, so you can talk!”

“What if it’s on you?” Su Lingchuan asked him.

Zhang Jing blew his top as he said, “You don’t have to talk about it. You have children and grandchildren, but I only have Zhang Su as a son and still hope that he can carry on our ancestral line.” As he finished, he stopped talking about this topic. He bent down and kneaded Su Caicai’s soft paw, who was sitting Su Lingchuan’s arms. “Where do you get such a big baby? There is no news about it from your eldest son’s family and second son’s family.” Zhang Jing eyes turned greedy. “After this, I will get Zhang Su married a wife and let him have a grandson for me.”

Su Lingchuan looked at Su Caicai, who at the moment was fishing tasty food from inside his dōudou, and he pinched Caicai’s face. “He’s Qingbai’s son.”

Zhang Jing’s eyes were wide open. This was even more incredible. Forget that Yue Wang took a fancy to Su Qingbai, but he could even agree for Su Qingbai to have a child of his own?

“This, how did this come out?”

When he said Su Qingbai, that’s because the two were so sticky that they couldn’t hide it from others. He might as well directly said it. But when Zhang Jing asked about Caicai, Su Lingchuan refused to say anything.

The two chatted happily in the room, but they didn’t notice that Zhang Su was listening to them from outside.

Zhang Su smiled bitterly. Yes, he was an only child in his family. He also wanted to carry on the family line. What’s more, his dad wanted to have grandchildren.

When he thought of Xu Qian, he smiled bitterly again. He didn’t expect that his dad was so conflicted that he didn’t even want to talk about it.

Zhang Su looked up to the sky and sighed. Fortunately, he hadn’t promised Xu Qian.

Speaking of Xu Qian; at present, Xu Qian had been angry with him and hadn’t talked to him for a long time.

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