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Exile Chapter 80

There was no need to mention Zhang Su’s entanglement. Su Qingbai walked out of the drawing room, leading Jiang Mao into the bedroom to see Madam Su. He knocked on the door and pushed open the door only after hearing Madam Su’s invitation.

“Qingbai?” Madam Su was very surprised upon seeing Su Qinbai and hurried to sit up.

“Niang, don’t get up.” Su Qingbai went to the bedside to press and hold Madam Su down, so that she wouldn’t get up.

Madam Su was uncomfortable and didn’t insist on getting up. She lay down again, looked behind Su Qingbai and said with a smile, “Jiang Mao is here, too?” Madam Su was not like Su Lingchuan who was used to view Jiang Mao with a certain degree of awe. At this moment, she treated Jiang Mao as if he were the younger generation.

Jiang Mao hurriedly came up and called out Aunt Su before asking how she is doing.

Madam Su responded with a smile. Only, she was not too willing to be called Aunt by him. These two people had been together for years, already.

“By the way, where’s Caicai?” Madam Su thought of her baby egg. They had only been back for one day and she was worried about him, afraid that his son and Jiang Mao would ignore the big one because of the small one.

“In the drawing room, dad is holding him.” With that, Su Qingbai handed over a cup of warm tea.

After a moment’s hesitation, Madam Su asked about her youngest grandson, “what about the little one?” After all, Jiang Fanfan was her grandson, and she had been looking forward to meet for a long time.

“It’s so cold, I didn’t bring him, he was left at home.” Speaking of Jiang Fanfan, Su Qingbai said with a smile to his mother.

Madam Su pulled Su Qingbai to talk about parenting and the mother and son were talking for a while. Upon seeing that it was late, Madam Su suddenly got up. She said to Su Qingbai, “it’s late. It seems that you can’t go back tonight. I’ll let someone clean up a room. You can stay here overnight.”

“No need, Niang. I’ll go myself. You have a good rest.” With that, Su Qingbai pulled Jiang Mao out.

As soon as they went out, they saw Xu Qian holding a child outside. Su Qingbai was stunned and walked up to him, “haven’t all your family belongings been returned to you? Why are you still staying with my family?”

Xu Qian gave him a look and took care of him lazily. He hugged Su Qin tightly in his arms and snorted, “if you have the ability, make your niece not stick to me.”

“Hey!” Xu Qian didn’t like Su Qingbai, and Su Qingbai didn’t like him either. So after he heard such words, he rolled up his sleeves and walked forward.

Terrified, Xu Qian watched him and stepped back. “What are doing? You want to fight?” He looked around before he said, “your dad’s still here.”

Next moment, Su Qingbai reached for Su Qin, “come, uncle hug.”

Su Qin glanced at him, then turned around and plunged into Xu Qian’s arms.

Xu Qian suddenly got smug. See, this maiden cherished him more. Holding Su Qin, he kissed her on the forehead several times. Finally, it’s not a vain to love this little thing these days.

Su Qingbai gave him a look and then took out a piece of candy which was prepared for Su Caicai. He clapped his hands to Su Qin, “Come, uncle hug.”

Su Qin’s eyes fixed on Su Qingbai’s hand, unmoved. This time, practically without thinking much, she reached for Su Qingbai.

After putting the candy in Su Qin’s hands, Su Qingbai held her and smugly smiled at Xu Qian. Who knows, the next moment Su Qin grabbed the candy, she pounced at Xu Qian.

Immediately, Su Qingbai was angry, and he patted Su Qin’s small butt without the anger.

Su Qingbai and Jiang Mao didn’t stay in this small house much longer. First, Jiang Mao was busy and couldn’t stay here all the time. Second, he was not at ease leaving Jiang Fanfan alone at home.

Before they left, Su Caicai was holding his little sister and reluctant to let go. It was Jiang Mao who carried him away. When they were leaving, he cried out. That shout was miserable. If not because he didn’t shed tears, Jiang Mao would believe it.

When he got on the carriage, little sister was nowhere to be found. Su Caicai was still crying out loud without tears.

Su Qingbai suffered double blows. “Is Caicai so reluctant to go home with dad?”

Probably because Su Caicai understood, he was stupefied. During that time, his melon brain turned around and he carelessly said, “little is fragrant.”

Little sister is fragrant, so he likes little sister. Little brother is not fragrant, so he doesn’t like little brother.

Although that’s true, little sister was only a small part of the reason. The real reason was that the new home made him felt very unfamiliar. The only familiar Dad (Jiang Mao) was not always there. The other dad was fierce and didn’t like his appearance very much. Other people were more stranger to him. By comparison, he preferred to stay in the Su House.

Su Qingbai didn’t understand the child’s mind, but took Su Caicai’s words seriously. He stared blankly. Evidently, because it was very cold recently, he didn’t dare to bathe Jiang Fanfan. No wonder Caicai didn’t like his little brother.

That night, Su Qingbai grabbed Jiang Fanfan as soon as he went back. He wiped his hands and feet, changed him into a beautiful and clean little clothes, and finally came up to sniff at him. He smelled nothing but milk.

In fact, such a small child, whose little body was often wiped, what smell could he have?

Jiang Fanfan, who still couldn’t turn his body over, opened his eyes wide, watching his dad tossed his body side to side in a daze, before he was carried to his big brother’s place.

Su Caicai’s interpose seriously affected Su Qingbai’s and Jiang Mao’s marriage life. Jiang Mao had came back for several days, but Su Qingbai had yet let him taste meat. Jiang Mao was very dissatisfied. At present, he asked someone to clean up a room for Su Caicai.

In the evening, Su Caicai couldn’t go to sleep by himself. Jiang Mao was lying in bed with him and telling a story, intending to coax Su Caicai to sleep before he leaves.

Just then, the door was opened.

Jiang Mao and his son looked over and saw Su Qingbai holding Jiang Fanfan.

“Dad~” shouted Su Caicai timidly.

Su Qingbai smiled gently, like a loving father. Then he kicked off his shoes, opened the quilt and went onto the bed. The family lay on Su Caicai’s bed.

Su Caicai was sitting in Jiang Mao’s arms. Jiang Mao propped up his little butt and asked Su Qingbai suspiciously, “Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to wait for me in the bedroom?”

Su Qingbai smiled at him and handed the little Jiang Fanfan to Jiang Mao while he said to Su Caicai, “does Caicai think little brother is fragrant?”

For the sake of the brotherhood harmony between Su Caicai and Jiang Fanfan, Su Qingbai took great pains.

As soon as Jiang Fanfan was squeezed into Jiang Mao’s arms, Su Caicai could smell the milk. This was undoubtedly a kind of attraction for Su Caicai, who had been weaned not long ago.

He just took a glance at the fatty, who forced his way in, and thought of the past incident between them. Tsundere Su Caicai pouted and buried himself in Jiang Mao’s arms. He refused to answer this question.

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  1. Haruki Natsuyu

    Wuwuwuwu poor Zhang Su. ???? before i thought it’s only one-sided on Xu Qian’s part. But now i read his monologue. Waaaaaaaa my heart!!!! ?????? star-crossed lovers!!! ?????? but… if Zhang Su would be forced in the end to marry a girl, and become a bisexual (since he’s still in love with Xu Qian), it’s better for Xu Qian to be with Su Qingtong then. but the premise is that Su erge would be bent ??????

    Or if there’s still a chance for Zhang Su and Xu Qian, maybe Su Qingtong – if he won’t remarry and end up single, make Zhang Su and Xu Qian adopt Su Qin. ????