Exile Chapter 81

That night, at the end of the day, Jiang Mao couldn’t do what he wanted. In the first place, Su Caicai was sleepy, but after Jiang Fanfan came in, Su Caicai couldn’t sleep. He squeezed into Jiang Mao’s bosom and twisting around. Who knows why he was twisting around and stayed awake.

It was late into the night when the two small ones were coaxed to sleep, and Su Qingbai had already went to sleep.

Jiang Mao slapped Su Qingbai’s butt with red eyes, and then ran to the next room to take Jiang Fanfan’s crib.

The next morning, Jiang Mao was awakened by Su Caicai’s urine. He opened his eyes in a daze. Su Caicai was nestled in his arms, sound asleep. His hand even grabbing at Jiang Mao’s sleeve. Jiang Mao got up helplessly, stripped Su Caicai off and threw the smooth boy into Su Qingbai’s arms.

In the dream, Su Qingbai was stuffed with a soft and warm pillow. He hugged the pillow in his arms with his hands and feet, rubbed it with satisfaction, and then a drop of saliva flew out of the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Mao looked at this sloppy mannered wife. He suddenly felt a little disgusted. He raised his hand and wiped out the saliva on the corner of Su Qingbai’s mouth, but Su Qingbai raised his hand and swatted his hand away.

Jiang Mao gritted his teeth, couldn’t resist to reach into the quilt and kneaded Su Qingbai’s butt.

After tormenting somebody, it was almost time for Jiang Mao to go to the Imperial Court, so he didn’t lay down anymore and picked up his clothes before putting them on.

After getting dressed, he got out of bed. When he passed the crib beside the bed, he found that the person on the bed had woken up and was looking at him with black grape-like eyes; neither making noise nor trouble by himself.

Jiang Mao looked at him like this and couldn’t help but pick up the little person and kissed him.

After walking out of the door, Jiang Mao closed the door gently, turned around and left, full of happiness.

Su Qingbai didn’t wake up until after daybreak. When he saw the smooth Su Caicai in his arms, Su Qingbai’s heart went moe. He immediately turned into a queer uncle and drew the little person into his arms and rubbed againts him.

Su Caicai was probably unable to endure being rubbed, as Su Qingbai hugged and rubbed  against him, he then urinated.

While holding the still groggy Su Caicai, Su Qingbai wiped his small body, and even wiped his small butt and birdie.

All of a sudden, Su Caicai woke up. He was still somewhat shy and was looking around in confusion to divert his attention. Having not deceiving Jiang Fanfan’s eyes, which were looking over, Su Caicai, who was a person with a strong sense of shame, whined and buried his head into the quilt, not coming out. 

Su Qingbai witnessed this, and simply pulled him out and habitually gave him a light spank, papa-ed on his small butt.

Su Caicai was taken aback by the spanking. He hadn’t been spanked for a long time.

Jiang Fanfan saw it at the side. Who knows where did it poke at him but he, who was very reserved all of a sudden, giggled.

Su Caicai didn’t want to cry at first, but when his little brother laughed, he suddenly felt wronged and then cried out.

Su Qingbai looked at the two goods; one was crying and the other laughing, and he immediately got a headache. He looked at Jiang Fanfan, helplessly. His big brother didn’t like him very much, and he even laughed at this time.

Fortunately, after washing face and mouth and getting dressed, Su Caicai stopped crying as soon as it was time to eat.

Although Su Qingbai had two children, but he was still not very patient. Once they were done with breakfast, he teased the two brothers and only then threw them to the maidservant to take care. He slipped out by himself.

At this side, Jiang Mao went to the Imperial Court. Previously, the power of Fifth Prince and Sixth Prince was evenly matched. Faintly, Sixth Prince had gained the upper hand and took advantage of this time to draw a lot of people, making his power even bigger, so much so that he even suppressed the power of Fifth Prince. Sixth Prince was so proud of his success that he couldn’t stop drinking a few cups of yellow wine and lost his head. Under the influence of alcohol, he took liberties with the wife of one of his capable subordinates, which led the capable subordinate to turn his spear and the power turned one-third. Fifth Prince made use of this as a pretext to make a fuss. Today, it was quite bustling in the Imperial Court.

Jiang Mao and Jiang Jun, as usual became the flies on the wall until the Imperial Court session finished. Those two people were so busy fighting that they seldom bothered Jiang Mao.

“This Imperial Household is a mess.” After the Imperial Court session, as soon they went out of the main hall, they heard some people talking about it, peculiarly.

Jiang Jun guessed that these people probably supported his third elder brother.

The third prince was superior to the fifth prince and sixth prince, but at least on the surface, he was a modest gentleman. He would not tear each other apart like the fifth prince and sixth prince did during the Imperial Court session.

After all, Jiang Jun was young and when he heard that, he curled his lips. Jiang Mao went on as if he didn’t hear them.

But then, he heard that person continued to say: “The pendulum has swung back. Who would have thought that not long ago the incomparable and well-regarded Sixth Prince would be such a scoundrel, huh! Moreover, look at Prime Minister Su, who was powerful during those years, doesn’t he relies on his youngest son’s husband to live? Sixth Prince and Fifth Prince are so unbridled, sooner or later…”

Before the person finished speaking, he was suddenly knocked to the ground with one blow.

“Yue Wang?” Looking at the man who had brandished his fist on him, that person felt somewhat inexplicable. Just as he was about to say something, Jiang Mao’s fist kept smashing at him.

The movement here soon attracted many people’s attention.

“What’s going on there?” The Fifth Prince gained a capable person and even slapped hard on the face of the Sixth Prince. Today, he was very happy.  As soon as the court session finished, he walked out surrounded by a group of people, and saw a group of people nearby circled in a bustle. Therefore, he asked.

A particularly attentive person went to see it and reported back to the Fifth Prince, “it’s His Highness Yue Wang. He’s fighting with people.”

Hearing that, Fifth Prince was interested. His fourth elder brother had always been very good tempered.

“Fourth elder brother, what are you doing?” Fifth Prince’s expression was serious. “Beating the Imperial Court’s official in the palace, it won’t be pleasant to hear once it was transmitted out.”

Jiang Mao heard that and looked over and said a sentence, “he has offended this Wang.” Then he ruthlessly kicked the man’s stomach for a few time before finally left a sentence, “Accumulate more virtue in your mouth.”

Jiang Mao didn’t make any effort to deal with the man. He only gave him a few beatings, not because he was magnanimous, but because he believed that as long as the words he just said were disclosed to the people with aspirations, there would be people to deal with the man.

Looking at the wailing Assistant Minister Li on the ground, Fifth Prince clenched his fist. In front of the cabinet ministers, Jiang Mao didn’t give him face. He had came over to soothe Jiang Mao, but Jiang Mao actually dared to continue using his title in front of him.

When Jiang Mao got out of the palace, he told Hu Hong, “go and find out where the man I just beat, got those stories he spewed out from.”

Jiang Mao went home with a belly of anger.

When he got home, Su Qingbai was not there. Two little ones were playing by themselves at home.

Jiang Mao walked directly to the room of the two baby sons. He looked around as he opened the door and saw that Jiang Fanfan was lying on his crib, his head was twisted left and right while his eyes were looking around. Meanwhile, Su Caicai, like a mouse, grabbed a small stool and thump thump walked here, and again thump thump walked over there until finally he moved the small stool to the side of his little brother’s bed. After huffing and puffing, he stepped on the stool, leaned forward on the side of his little brother’s little bed and sniffed at his little brother’s sweet milk fragrance body.

Jiang Mao walked in laughing. Then he picked up Su Caicai, took off his shoes, and put the little person in Jiang Fanfan’s crib.

“Dad~” Upon seeing that it was Jiang Mao, Su Caicai hugged him and gave a coquettish cry.

Jiang Mao kissed his face and said, “play with your little brother first, dad is going to change clothes and will come back.”

After changing into simple clothes, Jiang Mao saw that Su Caicai had been pasted on Jiang Fanfan. From the perspective of Jiang Mao, the two people were extremely intimate.

As soon as Su Caicai saw Jiang Mao coming, he quickly opened the distance with Jiang Fanfan and pretended that he was playing there alone.

Jiang Mao didn’t understand his son’s mind. He sighed. It was clear that the two brothers had a great relationship, but Su Qingbai still so worried all day long; always worried that the brothers were not harmonious.

Cleverly pounced into Jiang Mao’s arms, Su Caicai’s meaty paws held Jiang Mao’s clothes, acting spoiled.

Jiang Mao found it funny and supported his son’s butt under his palm. Seeing his son behaving like this, there must be something. “Caicai, what’s it?”

Su Caicai was a little embarrassed, and finally whispered, “want to drink milk~”

Jiang Mao was surprised that Su Caicai, who always liked meat, would want to drink milk.

Su Caicai saw his dad was stunned in place, shyly opened Jiang Mao’s lapel and buried himself in. He was already a big boy but still wanted to drink milk. So, he was a little embarrassed.

Although it was a little uncommon, Jiang Mao agreed and ordered the chef to heat up a bowl of milk that day.

Su Qingbai came back after the father and sons finished eating. He bought a lot of things; firecrackers and food.

Su Qingbai put down the things and pounced onto Jiang Mao’s back. “Jiang Mao, I want to eat dumplings today.”

Jiang Mao held Su Caicai in one hand and propped Su Qingbai’s butt in the other, “Fine fine fine, I’ll do it for you.”

Said to make dumplings, and Jiang Mao really did make dumplings.

Jiang Mao remembered that the last time the whole family made dumplings together was in the previous life. Although everyone was busy, they were very happy.

Jiang Mao suddenly was in mood. He took Su Qingbai and Su Caicai into the kitchen, and gave them a dish, saying, “pick the vegetables.” In fact, the vegetables were already picked, but after a long time, they would inevitably be wilting. However, in the winter, wilting and yellow leaves were very few, and also very easy to pick.

Sitting on the stool and watching the busy work of the father and son, Jiang Mao smiled softly.

“Come and help us.” Su Caicai just came to make trouble. Therefore Su Qingbai hurriedly called Jiang Mao who was sitting there while he sorted out the vegetables that Su Caicai pinched into unrecognizable state.

This time, Jiang Mao was not considerate at all and said, “I’m going to chop the meat. Hurry up.”

It’s dark when the family finished preparing their meal.

They brought the dumplings to the table and was just about to eat when Jiang Jun suddenly came.

Initially, Jiang Jun had something to tell Jiang Mao, but he got hungry when he looked at the many dumplings on the table. Then he went to the kitchen to get a bowl and sat next to Su Caicai.

Su Caicai, who looked like the house’s owner, grabbed a chopstick and pointed to the dumplings on the table, saying, “I made it.”

Having heard that, Su Qingbai smiled at Jiang Mao. “Why is he suddenly shameless?” Obviously he was just making trouble.

Jiang Mao laughed and thought that his son was very good like this. He hurriedly invited everyone, “eat quickly, don’t let it cold.”

So four people all held out chopsticks towards the dumplings.

Unknowingly, many dumplings were poked onto the table by Su Caicai. Su Qingbai finally couldn’t bear it anymore, pointing to him and said, “Su Caicai, put down your chopsticks for me, and eat them with a spoon.”

Su Caicai looked towards Jiang Mao with some grievances.

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