Exile Chapter 82

Jiang Mao had a funny look at the two people, reached out and held Su Caicai in his arms, saying, “Dad feed you, all right?”

Jiang Jun looked at the family and his heart gave birth to envy. Su Qingbai could get along so well with fourth elder brother’s children. However, it was understandable because fourth elder brother even magnanimously allowed his own son to be following Su Qingbai’s family name.

At the beginning of the meal, Su Qingbai talked over with Su Caicai either to use chopsticks or spoon, which proved to be redundant after the event. Because later, Su Caicai did not use chopsticks or spoon, but used his paws directly. Inevitably, Jiang Mao was also smeared with a lot of oil stains.

After changing clothes, Jiang Mao and Jiang Jun came to the drawing room and watched Su Qingbai light candles before he leaves. Jiang Jun then said to Jiang Mao, “fourth elder brother, do you remember what happened after today’s court meeting?”

Jiang Mao frowned and nodded. “Naturally.”

Jiang Jun approached, “the culprit is Sun Zhe, who is under third elder brother.” He looked askance at Jiang Mao as he said, “he didn’t dare to offend you, so he spread rumors to destroy Su Qingbai’s reputation.”

After that, Jiang Jun, who didn’t know the inside story, sighed, “although the Sun and Su family aren’t relatives by marriage, there’s no need to be so cruel.”

Jiang Mao chuckled and said he was aware of the situation, conveniently avoided these matters and talked with Jiang Jun about other things.

A few days later, the structure of the Imperial Court undergone great changes.

There used to be a lot of Third Prince’s henchmen. Fifth Prince and Sixth Prince didn’t dare to alter too much as they were afraid that too many vacancies in the Imperial Court would cause chaos.

Recently, several big people had been ‘accidentally’ turned over with several kinds of criminal charges in succession, including Sun Zhe.

After the discussion in the Imperial Court, considering that the involvement was too wide and the number of people involved was large, the punishment was lenient to dealt with the offenders. Except for those who were guilty of great crimes, other people’s punishments were removal from office and confiscated their family property.

Close to celebrate theLunar New Year, the snow was swirled in the air and every family was closed in their nice and warm home to welcome the new year. But in this cold winter night, the Sun father and son were cutting a sorry figure, went to join Sun Yun’s current husband’s home. ――The both of them were the kind that hate to lose face. Nowadays, being in a difficult situation like this, they dared not appear in front of people in the daytime.

Sun Yun’s current husband was a very stout and short merchant. In the past, he used to bend his waist and smiled when he met both Sun father and son. Today, when he heard that they came to join his family, he only sent a maid to welcome them in. Meanwhile, he sat in the hall and waited while drinking tea.

When Sun Zhe came to the drawing room, he saw the man’s attitude had changed greatly. He was furious and pointed to scold the man for being ungrateful and leave one’s benefactor in the lurch.

The man stood up, and after Sun Zhe was done scolding him, he gripped Sun Zhe’s hand, with disgust on his face. “Ungrateful and leave one’s benefactor in the lurch? Sun Yun had been married to me for a few months, what did your Sun family help with and give to me?” With a cold smile, the man continued, “not only didn’t help, didn’t give anything, but also regarded Sun Yun and I as shame, because of Sun Yun’s second marriage is with me.”

After that, the man turned to leave the drawing room and left a sentence before he walked away: “people under the eaves must have the consciousness of being under the eaves. You can stay, knowing your place. If it weren’t for Sun Yun, I won’t take you all in.”

“You, you, you…” The lame-legged Sun Zhe pointed to the figure of the leaving man while trembled in anger. He had never been so insulted.

How dare this man, a humble merchant, treated him like this?

Other courtyard of Jiang Mao.

With just a few days to go before the Lunar New Year’s Eve, Consort Lou sent people to call Jiang Mao back.

Su Qingbai was very worried when he thought of Consort Lou and that Lou Jingyu. After the people of Consort Lou left, he asked Jiang Mao about his plan.

Jiang Mao’s plan? This even needed to think about?

Who was willing to spend the Lunar New Year with that bad tempered and violent old woman and listen to her chides when there was a wife and baby sons here?

Jiang Mao thought like that, but Su Qingbai didn’t know. He didn’t know the contradiction between Jiang Mao and Consort Lou. Merely when Jiang Mao and Consort Lou had a little contradiction, he thought that other families also had contradiction and they would always be mother and son connected by flesh and blood.

“What else can I plan?” After hearing Su Qingbai’s words, Jiang Mao looked up at him and said, “of course, having our family together.”

In Su Qingbai’s mind, the family in Jiang Mao’s mouth included Consort Lou.

But Consort Lou had intended to match Jiang Mao and Lou Jingyu on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Such a good chance, would Consort Lou let go?

At that time, she would casually poured some wine to Jiang Mao, threw him on the bed, and then Lou Jingyu would join him for a tumble. The matter would be done.

Su Qingbai was worried, and decided to keep up with Jiang Mao on Lunar New Year’s Eve to prevent him from being taken advantage of. In this way, Su Qingbai completely forgot that he was still hiding from Consort Lou. How could Jiang Mao let him celebrate the new year with Consort Lou?

On Lunar New Year’s Eve, Su Qingbai had been preparing uneasily. Meanwhile, Jiang Mao slowly packaged two red envelopes, changed his clothes and walked into the kitchen.

Su Qingbai looked distracted and inexplicably followed.

Knowing what Su Qingbai was thinking, Jiang Mao smiled and said to him in self-reproach, “The family I said meant the four of us…” He sighed, “as for… Consort Lou, a lot of things have happened. We don’t insist on the mother-son relationship. The rest is only the tacit interest relationship. I understand and she understands. “

After dinner in the evening, Jiang Mao coaxed the two small ones until they were asleep, and then took out two small clothes and two red envelopes and placed them on their headboard.

“I’d prepared, too.” Su Qinbai quickly took out two small clothes, which were green. He had it prepared a few days ago.

Jiang Mao smiled and took the clothes prepared by Su Qingbai. “Had better use mine, mine is jubilation.” His were red, deep red.

After finishing these two things, they moved quietly and closed the door carefully. A few days ago, Su Caicai moved to this room. Jiang Mao simply moved Jiang Fanfan to his big brother’s room for company.

The bed was big enough for Su Caicai and Jiang Fanfan.

On Lunar New Year’s Eve, Jiang Mao held Su Qingbai to stay up late on New Year’s Eve until midnight, during which they had nothing to do, so they did something to pass the time.

In bed, Su Qingbai tightly hooked Jiang Mao’s neck and let him gallop in his own body.

It was a spring night.

Before dawn the next day, Jiang Mao was awakened by the sound of firecrackers from his neighbors.

He kissed the tired lover beside him, put on his clothes, and went out into the room of the two sons next door.

After Jiang Mao entered the room and opened the bed curtains, he saw the two brothers were in an affectionate roll position. Su Caicai’s short legs were on his little brother’s legs. Meanwhile, Jiang Fanfan was frowning and even gently put his hand on Su Caicai’s back. He seemed to give people a very helpless look and could not do anything about this big brother.

Jiang Mao separated them, dressed them in red, one by one, and put them on the bed, side by side. They were lovely like dolls in New Year’s pictures or a couple.

Su Qingbai woke up only when Jiang Mao finished sorted out people on this side.

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