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Exile Chapter 84

After the New Year, Jiang Mao handed over the account book for requesting to establish heir. It had been a few days yet there was no news.

Jiang Mao frowned. He was aware that someone had deliberately pushed down the account book. He waited patiently for a few days. He went to the Imperial Court on time every day, leaving early and returning late.

In the past few days, he handed over the account book every day, and didn’t expect it to elicit no response all along.

At the same time, the Su family also made a major event. Su Lingchuan decided to move to a farm village in the countryside after taking back his lands.

In the evening, the two of them came to Su Caicai’s room to coax him to sleep. When they talked about Su family’s move, they all forgot to coax his son to sleep.

While talking, Su Qingbai lay down and said to Jiang Mao, “fist-massage my back.” The two children were really tormenting him. They made a lot of trouble for the whole day and he was too tired.

“When is uncle going to move?” Jiang Mao kneaded Su Qingbai’s shoulder while asking him.

“The day after tomorrow.” Su Qingbai was lying in bed and comfortably humming, “my father plans to visit his old friends to say goodbye in this period of time tomorrow before moving.”

Su Caicai was playing at his feet, bare butt. After finished saying, Su Qingbai used his calf to press Su Caicai and even scratched at him.

“Then I’ll make some time after tomorrow to help.”

“No need, my parents just came to the capital city, so there’s not much luggage. I’ll go with few older brothers and we’ll be able to move it all in one trip. Your official business is more important, no need to delay it.”

Hearing that he disagreed, Jiang Mao kneaded the tender meat on Su Qingbai’s waist while he said, “how can I do that? Everyone will go, how can the daughter’s husband not go?”

“Daughter’s husband? Daughter’s husband, your mother’s leg.” Initially, Su Qingbai was listening to him with his eyes narrowed, but as soon as heard this word, he exploded.

Daughter’s husband? Did Jiang Mao regarded him the same as those married girls?

At once, the two words ‘daughter’s husband’ stabbed at Su Qingbai. After saying that, he got up all of a sudden and straightened up his body abruptly, supposedly wanted to make Jiang Mao, who was sitting on his waist, to fall off.

The next moment, after the sound of bone crack, Jiang Mao didn’t fall down, but instead he was thrown on the bed again. Su Qingbai quickly supported his waist and cried: “Owowow, my waist.”

Su Caicai was so scared that he fell on his butt on the quilt. Jiang Mao hurriedly sat up and asked him while restraining his laugh, “are you alright?”

Su Qingbai was so annoyed that he gave him an elbow and said, “get out.”

Jiang Mao really got out. He went out and called Liu Yuqing in.

Liu Yuqing looked at Su Qingbai’s waist with profound eyes. Su Qingbai turned even more annoyed. However, in the presence of Liu Yuqing, he still took care of Jiang Mao’s face and didn’t get angry with Jiang Mao.

Liu Yuqing looked at the injury on his waist and said it was alright, so they let it go.

After twisting his waist, Su Qingbai did not dare to make any more trouble. He lay on the bed, holding Su Caicai in his arms, said: “what should I do? My waist is twisted.”

Jiang Mao poured him a cup of tea, “just as I said, I’ll go and you have a good rest at home.”

Su Qingbai took over the tea cup and drank it. “That’s the only way.”

In the evening, Jiang Mao helped Su Qingbai wash, and then the two men were lying in bed while talking.

“We’ve been together for years.” Su Qingbai suddenly thought of one thing, looked at Jiang Mao as he said, “it’s strange that you call my dad uncle.”

Jiang Mao touched his waist and stood up and said, “I’ll change my wording as soon as I see uncle.”

“Change your wording?” Su Qingbai asked him with interest, “what the change?”

“Change to wife’s father…” Before he finished speaking, Su Qingbai’s hand moved towards his waist, trying to wring him. Jiang Mao had sharp eyes and agile hands, hurriedly hugged Su Qingbai. “Of course, it’s not suitable.”

Su Qingbai nodded with satisfaction and let him go. He didn’t talk about it with Jiang Mao any more.

On the third day, Jiang Mao really made time to help Su Lingchuan move.

Now, Xu Qian was the only one in his family. He didn’t pay attention to fame and wealth, nor pursue a rich life. Xu Qian planned to settle down in a farm village outside the capital city with the Su family.

Early in the morning, Xu Qian got up early with Su Qin in his arms. He was looking after Su Qin while watching the whole family went busy.

As soon as Jiang Mao arrived, Xu Qian, who was holding Su Qin to play outside, saw him. He hurried back to inform the others, “Uncle Su, the carriage of Yue Wang Residence is coming.”

Su Lingchuan, as well as Bai Canning, Li Jing and others who came to see him off, got up to welcome Jiang Mao.

Su family didn’t have much luggage, and so Jiang Mao didn’t have many people with him. He came here mainly to substitute for Su Qingbai conscientious.

Jumping out of the carriage, Jiang Mao looked at the fully piled carriage and thought that he was late. Su family had finished packing and so he hurriedly walked in.

Upon seeing Su Lingchuan come out, Jiang Mao paused, then cupped his hands in obeisance: “Dad.”

Cough, cough, cough…” Su Lingchuan was shocked by his sudden call of dad and coughed several times while holding onto Bai Canning.

Not only Su Lingchuan, but also the rest of the people were shocked. Fortunately, they were afraid of Jiang Mao’s status and didn’t want to offend Jiang Mao, so they didn’t bother about it.

After some packing up, Su family’s luggage were more or less packed. Su Lingchuan took his family to see off their colleagues and friends. At last, only Bai canning and Jiang Mao were left.

“What about Qingbai?” Su Lingchuan then asked Jiang Mao.

“Qingbai had twisted his waist, so I came in his place.” Jiang Mao replied: “but don’t worry, he’s fine.”

Su Lingchuan nodded and said to him politely: “now we’re almost packed. Hurry up and go to do your proper business. Don’t delay your business because of my little things.”

Jiang Mao aggreely withdrew and left a few people to help.

Looking at the distant figure of Jiang Mao, the emotion in Bai Canning’s eyes was complicated, “Teacher, you and Yue Wang…” What was the relationship? Made him run around for the Su family, but also because of this very minor move to a new house, he especially came for a trip?

Su Lingchuan then told him the relationship between Su Qingbai and Jiang Mao.

Hearing this, Bai Canning’s attitude towards Jiang Mao had changed greatly. Instead of being an unrelated Lord Wang to him, Bai Canning regarded him a ‘daughter’s husband’ who had a close relationship with his teacher.

Su Lingchuan didn’t know what Bai Canning was thinking, he sighed: “I was used to being a countryside man. After coming back to the capital city, somehow I can’t get accustomed to it. Being cleared from the Imperial Court things, now I can leave at ease.”

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