Exile Chapter 85

Su family moved home, but Su Qingbai didn’t go because he had a waist injury. When he got well, it was several days later, and the smell of new year was almost gone.

In the early spring, it was still cold. Su Qingbai wrapped himself and Su Caicai tightly before they set off.

Unlike a month ago, these days Su Qingbai accompanied Su Caicai almost every day and Su Caicai was no longer so afraid of him. However, compared with Jiang Mao, Su Caicai was still a bit afraid of this dad, Su Qingbai.

Su Qingbai got on the carriage and sat with Su Caicai in his arms. Su Caicai was a child less than three years old and having sat in Su Qingbai’s arms for too long, he couldn’t sit still and his small twisting. Su Qingbai didn’t expect him to have more self-control. Once Su Caicai twisted, he would hold him in another position.

When they got to the Su House, Su Caicai was asleep.

Su Qingbao carried Su Caicai to cross the door and saw Su Lingchuan come out. There were two people coming together, old and young, which he didn’t recognize either.

Glancing over the two people, Su Qingbai didn’t wait for them to stop. He hurriedly called Su Lingchuan, “Dad, where is the bedroom? I’ll put Caicai to rest.”

Su Lingchuan pointed to a building in this peasant’s small courtyard. “He’s asleep? Take him in quickly and don’t let him catch a cold.”

Needless to say, although the farm manor was a little crude and simple, but it had many rooms. Su Qingbai entered the room and put down Su Caicai. Then he took off his son’s overcoat and covered him with quilt.

After that, Su Qingbai left the room, turned around to go to Su Lingchuan’s place.

Su Lingchuan was still chatting with the guests. When Su Qingbai came out, he smiled and said, “This is my youngest son. He was holding my little grandson just now.”

He also said to Su Qingbai, “This is Zhou Qing, the son the old general Zhou Qiu. Your Zhou Dage.”

Su Qingbai didn’t know who were these people in his dad’s mouth, but his dad asked him to call, so he called.

After that Zhou Qing’s response to Su Qinbai’s ‘Dage’, he suddenly patted the head of the little boy standing beside him and said with a laugh: “hahaha, with the grandson of the old prime minister, my little boy can have a playmate.”

Su Lingchuan nodded. “Just right. The two children are about the same age.”

Hearing that, Su Qingbai looked at the boy who was at least six or seven years old. He said in his heart: it’s too much different (in age).

Su Lingchuan didn’t know what Su Qingbai thinks. He pulled Zhou Qing out to talk about the same thing in the countryside, leaving only Su Qingbai and the little boy Zhou Hong. With no other option, Su Qingbai took him out to Su Caicai’s place. He took Zhou Hong’s hand as he said, “let’s go and see if little brother wakes up, and let him play with you when he wakes up.”

Su Caicai here woke up not long after su Qingbai left.

He had moved houses many times in his two-year-old life and also followed his father to run around all over the place, so even when he woke up in this strange place, he didn’t cry. He rubbed his eyes and got up. Before he could think of his father, he was attracted by the things in the room.

The bedside cabinet was close to Su Caicai. There were several paper packages on top of it. One of them was even suffused with oil. Su Caicai’s eyes spun around and his heart had a guess about the paper packages. Then he very slowly climbed up and stood on tiptoe with that body of his to reach out. Almost as tall as the position of the paper packages.

After getting one of them, Su Caicai sat on the heated brick bed with legs crossed, trying to open the paper package. His fingers were fleshy and a little clumsy. He couldn’t open them for a long time, therefore he just used both hands and feet.

After exerted himself physically, Su Caicai’s puppy’s teeth immediately opened the paper package, which contained tea. The tea suddenly flowed out and spread on the bed mattress. He grabbed several times with his small hands, and finally only caught a few tea dregs.

All this happened to be seen by Su Qingbai and Zhou Hong. Su Qingbai got a headache. The little brat was finding trouble for him again.

Then, Zhou Hong all of a sudden walked up to Su Caicai, reached out his hand and slapped him on his paw. “You are a bad guy, you have ruined the gift that daddy prepared for Grandpa Su.”

Su Caicai was taken aback by the slap, and the next moment he reacted with a loud cry.

Su Qingbai was immediately distressed. He was going to walk over and rub Su Caicai’s paw to comfort him, but he saw Su Caicai felt his tears, reached out his hand and hit Zhou Hong back.

Still unwilling to get the worse out of it.

For a while, the two children made a scene. Su Qingbai hastily stepped forward and separated them in a flustered.

Su Caicai suffered a lot and was full of anger. He bowled very loudly. Soon, attracted by the noise, two people, Su Lingchuan and Zhou Qing, came here.

Su Caicai didn’t get hurt at first. It was only because he was a person who didn’t suffer loses too often, he had to bawl and double the hit back when he was beaten by the other before he let the matter dropped.

It took three adults a long time to pacify the two children.

After the two children stopped their tears, Zhou Qing hurriedly took Zhou Hong away for fear that the two children would fight again.

Merely a few steps, Zhou Qing got Zhou Hong home. It was a very crude and simple small farmhouse. Inside, a gentle and beautiful mistress came out and handed him a sealed letter, “My husband, this is a letter from the capital city.”

“What?” Saying that, Zhou Qing received the letter and read it silently. When he read some, he was not calm anymore. As he continued to read it, Zhou Qing became more and more emotionally stirred. After he finished reading it, he couldn’t help patting on his leg and laughed heartily, “Great, great, His Majesty woke up.”

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