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Exile Chapter 86

When Zhou Qing received the news, almost all other cabinet ministers received it.

Back home that day, Su Qingbai was told that Jiang Mao was discussing official business with his subordinates. It was the first time he failed to see Jiang Mao immediately.

Holding Su Caicai, Su Qingbai went to Jiang Fanfan’s room.

Jiang Fanfan was lying on his small bed. Today, he didn’t fall asleep. Su Qingbai took Su Caicai to open the curtain and saw him huffing and struggling to turn over just like a caterpillar. During that time, the fat butt twisted and twisted, the four limbs disorderly flailed. Su Qingbai felt unbearably wore out.

With great difficulty, Jiang Fanfan successfully turned his body into a semi reclining position, and Su Qingbai suddenly looked forward to it, standing by his little bed and waiting for him to continue.

Unexpectedly, Su Caicai, who was climbing on the stool, looked at Su Qingbai, and then looked at his little brother’s hard working manner, and his rare conscience was discovered. He reached up to help his little brother. He stretched out his short, fat finger, and poked at his little brother in the stomach, and Jiang Fanfan was easily pushed over by him.

“Wuah, wuah――” It was rare for Jiang Fanfan, who had always been calm, to be angry and crying. But when Su Qingbai thought about it,  he could understand. The child had expended a great deal of effort to turn over, and almost succeeded with great difficulty, but then you poked him to turn back with a finger. Moreover, Jiang Fanfan was much fatter than Su Caicai that it was not easy for him to turn over.

Su Qingbai quickly hugged the child into his arms, patted his soft little back and wiped his tears.

Su Caicai was also a little confused. His little brother cried so badly, which he had never seen him do before.

“Little brother is crying, what to do? Does Caicai want to hug little brother?”

Feeling helpless, Su Caicai ate his finger and bent on the stool as if he had done something wrong. It wasn’t until Su Qingbai suddenly held Jiang Fanfan in front of him that he reached out his hands with a strange face and held his little brother.

Undoubtedly, this was right for Su Caicai to say it was very strange. There used to be a little sister, but he merely just walked with her. No one dared to give her to him to hold.

He immediately felt the burden on his shoulder was heavy. He stretched out his hand and intended to hug his little brother with all his strength.

Su Qingbai saw that Caicai wanted to hold his little brother and he simply picked up Caicai’s clothes at the back of his neck to carry him to the bed. Then, he also put Jiang Fanfan on the bed and let the two brothers take their time holding each other.

On the other side, Jiang Mao came out of the meeting hall and looked somewhat deeply worried and sick at heart. When he heard the crying of Jiang Fanfan, he was surprised. He put down his worries and walked towards the room of the two brothers, Jiang Fanfan and Su Caicai.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Mao was a little surprised to see his youngest son crying so miserably. It’s rare. Seeing Su Qingbai standing aside calmly, he didn’t worry too much, but stood aside with interest.

Su Qingbai told him about the matter between the two brothers. Jiang Mao could not help laughing. At this time, Jiang Fanfan stopped crying. He was extremely uncomfortable being nestled inside his big brother’s soft arms. On the other hand, Su Caicai even wiped his tears for him.

Jiang Mao was in a good mood when he saw these two round meaty little things, and got closer to tease them.

At noon, after serving two young ancestors to eat lunch, Su Qingbai pulled Jiang Mao to sit and have lunch together. 

Jiang Mao liked noodles very much. He had to eat noodles every few days.

According to Jiang Mao’s instructions, the kitchen had made two large bowls of noodles, on which there were several kinds of extremely fresh vegetables chopped into small pieces, as well as some shredded red peppers and carrots, and then poured with some special sauces. Jiang Mao liked so much. He always had to eat a large bowl, sometimes even two bowls.

Su Qingbai mixed his noodles with some hot sauce, then sat beside Jiang Mao, eating while talking, and could not help but put something in Jiang Mao’s bowl, “I don’t eat green vegetables and carrots.”

Su Qingbai didn’t eat these, Jiang Mao knew, but he always ordered the kitchen to put them in.

“Don’t give me all of them. How about, I help you eat half of them…” As Jiang Mao said this, he put his chopsticks into Su Qingbai’s bowl and pressed back the vegetables he was going to drop into his bowl.

However, Su Qingbai’s perseverance in this matter was amazing. He promised to do well with his mouth but as soon as Jiang Mao took away his chopsticks, he quickly threw the vegetables he didn’t eat into Jiang Mao’s bowl.

Jiang Mao had no choice but to go out with his bowl. It was cold at this time. There was no mosquito or insect. Today, there was no wind. He sat outside to eat.

Su Qingbai also followed to get up and chased after Jiang Mao to give him the vegetables.

Jiang Mao was forced to move places while digging big mouthful of noodles into his mouth. After a few mouthfuls, he stealthily finished the noodles and quickly gave the bowl the maidservant in the courtyard, “sent it to the kitchen.”

It had been ages when Su Qingbai finished eating his food honestly. He caressed his stomach and belched as he leaned against Jiang Mao’s chest.

Jiang Mao looked at the man in his arms, smiled, and then stretched out his hand to rub his stomach, “full to the bursting point?”

Su Qingbai buried his head in the hollow of Jiang Mao’s neck and nodded a little.

Jiang Mao hugged him into his bosom, then continued to deal with the official business on the table.

Su Qingbai stretched out and reached out his hand to turn over the papers on Jiang Mao’s desk. “Why are you so busy today?”

“Hmm.” Jiang Mao took a look at him and did not hide as he said, “I have an iron mine in Cangzhou, and I plan to mine it in past few days.”

Steel. In ancient times, one of the biggest demanding places was weaponry manufacturing plant.

Su Qingbai didn’t understand, so he didn’t continue to ask. He was a little sleepy just after having lunch.

“By the way, the old emperor woke up.” Jiang Mao suddenly thought of it. Then he said to Su Qingbai, “I will probably go to the palace frequently in the next few days.”

Su Qingbai knew that Jiang Mao had a bad relationship with the old emperor. Hearing this, he immediately lost his sleepiness and looked at him worriedly.

Knowing what he thought, Jiang Mao went brushed his hair as he said. “You can rest assured that I won’t break the law or do anything wrong. It will be fine.” After a pause, he added, “Then, after we established Caicai as my heir, we’ll go back to Cangzhou.”

Although Cangzhou was the same as the border town and adjacent to the enemy country, Jiang Mao was rest assured because it was his territory and guarded by heavy troops. Moreover, under his rule, public security was also very good.

“By the way,” Jiang Mao suddenly said, “what are your two older brothers going to do now? Are they planning to enter the Imperial Court as officials? “

Su family’s two older brothers used to be officials. Now that Su Lingchuan’s matter was over, it was time for them to return to their original positions.

Su Qingbai said: “Dage intends to go back to work as an official, but he plans to deal with the matter of Su Huai and Su Ni first, and then only plan to work as an official. And by chance, he plans to use this time to learn about the power in today’s Imperial Court.” Separating the clothes, he fitted snugly on Jiang Mao’s body and rubbed against him. He continued, “As for Erge, maybe because the previous events had a big impact on him, so he didn’t have the idea to be an official for the time being.”

Jiang Mao listened to Su Qingbai and said nothing more.

In the next few days, Jiang Mao often went to the palace.

Su Qingbai was a little worried about him, but judging from Jiang Mao’s expression, it seemed that the situation was not very bad.

Jiang Mao was still quite calm and collected as he looked at Su Qingbai’s worrying appearance. Although the old emperor woke up, but his health had suffered many setbacks and had been severely damaged. Even if he woke up, he had no ability to deal with government affairs. Moreover, since Jiang Mao came to the capital city, he had been doing things in a low-key manner, and the old emperor also couldn’t find his fault… except for Consort Lou.

Time passed in between Su Qingbai’s worries.

After a month, Jiang Fanfan was able to go out for a walk occasionally in early spring and the old emperor’s health had been a little better.

There was no bad news for Jiang Mao over here, but for Zhang Su over there, it was heard that his father found a marriage partner for him, and he would soon get married.

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